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  • So...I'm scared

    piteglio - - General Discussion


    ...and it only gets worse when you start pondering on the economic consequences of all this. but then it gets better when you remember that we humans are fragile, ok, but we're also quite adaptive and resilient. history is full of dark moments, but they tend to be both preceded and followed by better times. let's hold on, and weather the storm. "keep calm and play the ninth age" : )

  • Quote from Little Joe: “The Daimyo is good. ” ehehehe, i think that @Caledoriv is soon gonna receive a gift from the Arena players: a nerf bat : D

  • 38. April update - download the new free Arena! dear all, i just uploaded the new version of the Arena to the TabletopSimulator workshop on Steam. it includes a new warrior: an Iron Orc Warlord with Omen and Destiny's, represented by a Shieldwolf miniature. it also gave me the chance to update the "Patreon shrine" - that niche in the Arena with a floating card containing all of your names. the update was triggered by some more good news: a friend from the T9A staff just joined our team! thank yo…

  • Quote from YeahGucciFrisur: “that is really good to know. so far i too thought you were only working on the arena version. the thing is, i think most people would be only interested in a finished version, that allows you to play real t9a games. yea we´re spoiled ” ehehehe : ) i look forward to releasing the fully playable version too... the problem is that, as you said, it's a lot of work. way easier to do with many people playing and testing and downloading and commenting on the arena. so, to y…

  • 37. the World Cup goes on! plenty of news this week! a new gladiator, the upload of the new version of the Arena, a 50% off limited sale for Tabletop Simulator, some 3D printable goodies.... but first things first: tonight we go live on our youtube channel for a livestream of the Germany vs England worldcup match! subscribe the channel, activate the notifications and join our two teams: Proxy Table Gaming (HyperG and Lucky Sixes) and die Avras Buben (Adaephon Delat and Lich King). the-ninth-age.…

  • Universal Battle Howto

    piteglio - - UB-League


    gosh, these videos are beautiful, great work Math-CD! if you want, i also made a few videos in the past, when i still was developing stuff for UB, before moving to the 3D version in Tabletop Simulator. in case anyone's interested, here they are (apologies if my accent isn't remotely as endearing as MathCD's!) : D

  • thank you @Casp ! so glad to have you on board. do you want to start a team France for the Arena world cup? : ) yes, i will make my intentions clearer and use more explicit communication as soon as i have enough material for the "big" game. as you see from the video below, we're already ready to go with 4 factions using QuickStarter armies. so things are advancing quite fast: @Shukran - yes, that's the best approach, i've already benefited from some help from Little Joe (who…

  • Quote from Casp: “What is exactly your intention pit ? Ad the end, we would be able to play on tabletop simulator a real T9A game like on UB ? And all army would have all their entry numerised ? :p ” yep, Casp, that's the plan. but i need models, so i must convince many miniature companies to donate them for the videogame. and i can only do this if many people use / like / watch / comment / share / hype the videogame and help out with our Patreon campaign. so yeah, that's the plan, and it will h…

  • good call - there's even a 50% off promotion these days. i suggest everybody to buy one, or even a 4-pack, it's incredibly cheap. and yep, as you can see in the spoiler below, it does look a tiny lil bit better than UB ; ) (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Marcos24: “New version of my army is coming along. Since I can’t sculpt and print at the moment I may as well paint ” yes please, painting and taking pictures, im game! : D i might have missed it, but why no sculpting? computer problems?

  • as for the game getting traction, i dont think it's a problem of miniatures (there's proxying) or of quarantine (there's TabletopSimulator, even 50% off now). the problem is the same i have experienced with the Breach and the Quickstarter and the Arena: with a dozen exceptions, T9A players either only love to play *4500pts* games, or they only love *talking* about growing our hobby. we could use the Orc olympics to teach the game via internet to our bored friends but no, "if it's not the full 45…

  • Quote from Garboq: “@Little Joe @piteglio Would this guy be alright? ” thank you for pointing me to Artel, i really like this Elven Adventurer! i've contacted the company, hopefully next week i'll know more. in the meantime... (Hidden Content)

  • 36. the Orc Lobby has spoken! poor @Klepa, it's a Goblin's fate to be crushed by them big dumb Orcs! it seems like the Orc Mob has won again, by simply shouting louder and "voting stronger". we've just now finalised the details of our new Arena gladiator: an Iron Orc Warlord with Omen and Destiny's, represented by this flavourful @Shieldwolf Miniatures model:…1001c1040c233c7b4da8dae42 our Patreon supporters (and our facebook followers) have first voted for the fact…

  • yes, thank you, it's good to keep an open eye on all this. in the meantime, for those of you who (1) are looking for fresh sylvan archers and (2) have a 3D printer, i just spotted these beauties from @Crosslances - here and here. (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Also because the Duke has 525(?) points to spend and some of those were spent on a barded warhorse @piteglio if I had one on foot to send I would, but you’re right it wouldn’t be KoE without the horse ” nah, dont bother with that, your contribution to the Arena is huge enough as it is... but... if i'm allowed... with three pictures of a damsel, a realmknight and a grailknight, we would have a full-Marcos KoE quickstarter army... just sayin'! ; )

  • Quote from Shimsham: “My general is almost always... I know you said on foot, but why does the Duke get a barded warhorse? ” i like your build! a pity it only came in once the poll was closed. i'd say you should join our Patreon page to be always notified about the new polls, but that'd be quite some cheesy advertisement, wouldn't it? ; )…1001c1040c233c7b4da8dae42 as for the mount, the answer is both easy and boring: miniatures! for KoE, i could use a miniature kin…

  • thanks WCB, this is a very neat collection. however, as has been mentioned, i look specifically for T9A names - even if i agree that the title might have been misleading! i indeed meant ages 1-8 from our game. the GW intellectual property is something i tend to keep at least at a 6 feet distance (and not only during pandemics times) : )

  • yes, i agree, and i'm sure the topic is of no relevance here, so i would also be happy to move on : )

  • learn T9A the easy way

    piteglio - - For Beginners


    Quote from Garaz Zaki: “ Any plans to complete those or fully focused on this for now? ” dear GZ, thank you for the message! sadly i had to stop developping material for UB. i think our players should not pay to play T9A, so that creates a bit of a problem with the commercial model of UB. also, i asked Lorenzo (the UB developer) if he would let me upload all QS armies in the free part of the game, but he said he couldnt. i very well understand his reasons for it, so i'm not accusing! but i still…

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “swDjfqL.jpg ” what are you talking about?!? he walked all his way to the Arena. no way we're sending him back. he's here to stay! qFhzzP5.png