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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from piteglio: “Quote from Haemoglobin: “I like the idea of the dice; but I would really doubt how "accurate" self printed dice would be I could look at having a print of them going; but I am not sure how well they will print on my Elegoo Mars (resin printer). The Elegoo Mars has a bit of a firmware issue that can warp the first couple of mm that is printed. It is usually not a problem because you will generally just print your model with supports (and the warping is basically on the suppo…

  • Mighty fine!

  • Quote from Sander: “Resinwarfare on Etsy has some splendid dwarven models. Had contact with @Zamo and according to him the mini’s can be bought at 28mm too. ” Digital opens up new options for customers, smaller print shops allow for communication and custom prints. The future is interesting.

  • Drum and flute would be time appropriate: 1200px-Pieter_Bruegel_de_Oude_-_De_drie_soldaten.jpg Sounds like you have a vision and a good plan. If you want to use squigs then the sniffle squigs might make decent sabretooths.

  • The Daimyo is good.

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

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    This is just for looks or also to rethink DL and what you want?

  • Makhar Discussion

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    Shame on them. There seem to be many UB tournaments, just join another one. Live your dreams!

  • It's a long road but I am proud and happy to see someone that is not me working on a legal version to play. The intro game and arena are also great to have to get new players interested. UD works perfectly fine, the only issue I have with it is the level of abstraction. Not everything works like the real game. TTS makes that possible, any real world tool we use can be made and the game will play exactly like the real game. This will open the world for your personal gaming experience and will all…

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

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    Quote from Chronocide: “Spun this non-daemon related talk into another blog (see signature or click link here: Chronocide's Tanks and such (EoS) ). Not done with daemons, just distracting myself. It's just an 8 model converting/painting thread. I think the larger issue is working on an army that I can't play in the near future (thanks to Corvid19). ” Does your gaming group consider UB2 an alternative? Why not play online?

  • Hmm, medical equipment must be certified. While such test can be done relatively fast, I do not think it will work out in time. Anyhow, better something than nothing and I have seen a few printing channels on YouTube also running the printers hot for things that will be needed soon. Thanks for the terrain links, I always love to look at the mesh to learn.

  • That's quite a stunning sight. So much work.

  • Updated lexicons

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  • Quote from Shukran: “the model is beautiful. very. but if i can give my opinion: some of us, let's say just me and another couple of players, prefer when the model stay entirely inside its base. those wings are wonderful, but in case of multicombats they may bother contact. if u please, if i can, well, stay inside the footprint it would be awesome. anyway , since im thinking about a new EH to add to be lakor . .im interested ” I like this as well or things sticking out to be above 60mm to avoid …

  • All things wargaming

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    Something new and unexpected every week, nice.

  • Quote from greentide: “They both look very greek/spartan and at closer look my reaper one looks a bit too nordic/Viking-like. But a bit of greenstuff and conversion duty should do the job. ” I picked the look for the light armor. Of course @Klexe needs to pick a Serf version just because of the "Help! Help! I'm being oppressed"-rule and his signature. I tried to find larger knight miniatures than 70mm, they exist, but they are way out of scale and cost a fortune. Maybe there are suitable toys ou…

  • Quote from Umbra: “New photo's of North Star's new unarmoured elves. Assembled and painted this time. Photos from On Table Top. Elf-Light-Infantry-Painted-Oathmark.jpgElf-Light-Infantry-Unpainted-Oathmark-1024x768.jpg ”

  • Lubart Miniatures Colossus: photo_2019-09-24_12-20-58-4.jpg The shield and not full plate is the hard part. You can find quite a few 70mm knights that could work with a few bits, they would be small-ish, but not impossible (example). Or this: D&D Storm Giant Alternatively a huge clear resin water elemental with a lady inside?

  • A new blog on the matter by Mantic: Renders just seem to be heroes. Flaggit.jpg Biggit.jpg mounted-wiz.jpg Luggits look interesting, some heavy infantry goblin axe-wielders: Luggits-unit-B.jpg Rank and file: Goblins_Showcase_Mixed-1024x640.png Goblins_Showcase_Bows-1024x640.png goblins-rob.jpg "The 10-goblin sprue comes with the parts to build Rabble, Spitters or Sharpsticks." Which is a vast improvement on the old sprue, and if they also loose the round tabs ...

  • A good image of the first miniature of the ratkin army by Mantic: Warlock-1.jpg Looking at it and the Veer-myn, this is a very different direction. Hopefully a full range.

  • Quote from piteglio: “Quote from denelian5: “Well, I have some Confrontation Daikinee Archers but sadly they are not painted yet ” innnteresting... do you mean these ones? daikineearchers_copy.jpg seems like they are not available anymore on the website (from my personal point of view, this might actually be an advantage!) i hadn't seen them in the library before - tagging @Little Joe for info (and for a general opinion on how viable these miniatures would be, IP-wise) ; ) ” The Confrontation IP…