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  • Invisible upgrades

    EdSteiner - - General Discussion


    I have found the best way is to clearly show and explain to your opponent which unit has which and write it down on your sheet. The unit with the Red Banner or the Bolt Thrower that has the crew captain with the eyeglasses or clipboard blah blah blah.

  • Quote from Frumious: “Prophet Choices appear to be set at 0-1 models per army, book says 0-2 ” Odd, DL 2.55 again and see if that fixes it. I might not have listed a revision as active

  • Quote from Ugrush: “ID: Disciples of Lugar shall not have limit 0-2 Fixed Infernal Bastion mount armour disappears when prophet selects shield. (Should do nothing) Fixed Mask shall be Suit of Armour enchantment, does show on characters without armor as Prophet of lugar. Mask also is unavailable for Tower presence, old visibility limit still left on the item. Fixed Armour save of Prophet on Kadim Chariot doubles up, prob missing a call Arm0. Fixed ” DL 2.55 again

  • Quote from Frumious: “Infernal Engine should be 0-2 ” It is correctly set to 0-2

  • All users should DL 2.55 again, I I forgot to update some beta cost/name tags to the final values

  • Quote from Frumious: “Lamassu appears wrapped upped with the infernal bastions 0-2 limitation. ” Fixed, DL 2.55 again

  • Also special shout out to @Ugrush whom did the heavy lifting to get this product out so quickly.

  • New ID book

    EdSteiner - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from Tyranno: “Quick thing, the Rocket Battery is 0-2. You can have 2 on Gunnery Teams, or 2 on Infernal Artillery, or 1 on Infernal Artillery and 1 on a Gunnery Team. But no more than that. ” Don't forget the Engine could carry one of the 0-2 choices too

  • Mid-May '20 Release (Infernal Dwarves) Be sure to print or remember your roster builds as many saved rosters will not work. You can of course re-create them, unless they were illegal builds and I finally caught them with rules validations. Release Notes: - Infernal Dwarves. - Typos and other minor things. Known Issues: - Aegis (+1, against Flaming Attacks) does not correctly stack when added to a existing source of Aegis against Flaming Attacks. (New code required, requires a lot of thinking abo…

  • Quote from squalie_SK: “Assuming the new ID book could take a bit as it's not a simple update? ” Expect file to drop Mon/Tues

  • I wanted to share that i have used the feedback reported here and several PM play testing submissions and want to share the beta 3 update. A complete change log can be located on the last page of the book but here are the highlights Grand Companies of the Mercenary States 2020 beta 3 2020 beta 3 Veteran, unit champion can gain +1 Health Point to a maximum of 3. Commander Veteran Campaigner special rule, renamed. Guild Wizard: – Mystic Mastery modified. – Emissary of Shadow, Attack Value is set t…

  • Independent Mercenary States

    EdSteiner - - New army books


    If you have any questions drop me a PM. I'd love to get your feedback. Too bad we just can play in person, stupid virus.

  • Independent Mercenary States

    EdSteiner - - New army books


    Post #1 has been updated with the Beta 3 version of the project.

  • Quote from Donotask: “In EoS Army Builder tells us that we cannot take more than one unit of state militia irregulars. Nothing indicates this in the ArmyBook. ” Fixed, DL 2.54 or higher again. I wonder when they removed the limit on it, oh well fixed now

  • Quote from Warchariot: “I submitted this in late February: I found under Undying Dynasties, Terracotta Army, that the Sand Stalkers still list "Light Troops" when I print out the army list. I believe this is incorrect as the army losses Light Troops and Underground Ambush for non-flying models in the army and cannot gain it back in anyway. I'm I wrong? As it was not fixed this time around. ” DL 2.54 again, i must have not marked that as active. Fixed.

  • April '20 Release (Bug Fixes) Be sure to print or remember your roster builds as many saved rosters will not work. You can of course re-create them, unless they were illegal builds and I finally caught them with rules validations. Release Notes: - Several Bug Fixes. - Typos and other minor things. Please if you find a bug or text error please try and cite the error and provide a book page reference or in the case of FAQ errata, cite the army FAQ and so forth. If you find a programming error, IE …

  • Quote from Chronocide: “It's like armybuilder is doing heavy math in the background and is delaying the update every so slightly. Don't know that it matters, but it's an interesting quirk. ” ArmyBuilder is doing just that since Armour is revalued every time it get adjusted it, so has to do the math to get the correct ending value. And since it uses logic scripts it has to first off get the value from the options choices turn them into the logic code then assign then the raw value i.e. 'numbers' …

  • Quote from Druzi Darkfist: “Skink Braves with a javelin and shield are not counting as jungle guerrillas, Cheers! ” Fixed for next release Quote from klairuhnz: “Hi Noted in SE that Blade Dancers are coming up at 223 pts not at the 220pts. ” Delete and reload unit Quote from klairuhnz: “Also the in O&G Feral Orc Mammoth staber cost is @ 25pts should only cost 20pts. ” Fixed for next release Quote from Chronocide: “Might be overlooking something, but Undying legions Skeleton chariots should h…

  • Quote from Prophecy: “Mercenary Ogres 3 for 160pts + 50pts/extra model...YES Mercenary Ogres Veteran option 42pts/model...YES The Norse Chieftain only has the light armor as an option...why? Can we get a heavy armor option? Dismounted Stradiots should be 5-15 Flying Stradiots 5-10 No reason to have 9 Norse Berserkers have no veteran option or banner? Why? Sell Swords 10-20 15? why? ” I think we can give the Outlander Chieftain - new name to clear up the Norse issue heavy armour. Dismounted Strad…

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “You realize the restrictions a Queenscavalier imposes on all other chars if he is on a large model, do you? ” That what the validation is reporting the error as all Character must be on a certain mount when a QnCav is on a Large or bigger mount. If the bearer’s model is Large or Gigantic: The limit of Ancient Allies is increased to “Max. 25%”, Characters is increased to “Max. 50%”, and all Characters in the army must be Large Cavalry or Gigantic Beasts. Dragons and Ancient …