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    Have to agree to the streak comments, they somewhat spoil otherwise proper and well-worn shields. But the main thing is- you have to like them, not us Colours, uniform and detail are just great once again

  • My home head is my castle comes to mind

  • Mad 'At's EoS Blog

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    At first I thought, the ogre was standing there alone. But the big guy did not only block the sun but also a fellow swordsman

  • Quote from Remy77077: “5 wide would be a bit of a shame when paying for all the poison, spears & maybe a banner enchantment etc - but to make the best of a bad situation where you wish they were just "normal" Goblins that would make sense to do sometimes as well. ” Right, 10 wide wouldn´t be totally useless. Like 5 wide. With spears and greentide banner that´s 20+ attacks with poison. 8 wide or 10 wide means no ranks, which can be a bummer. I guess 7 wide w/spears and greentide banner brings the…

  • Quote from Remy77077: “But I have that metalised 10-wide tray for a KoW "Infantry Horde" unit size for now ” I got those too In a wonky way, they work now for my equitannian lances though. Quote from Remy77077: “One of the downsides to T9A for me is that offering so much flexibility with unit numbers and formations means I'm not really sure what model counts and formations I will want to use ” Yeah, I see. For the forest Gobbo horde I´d use just two variatons: a five wide regiments base(bus) and…

  • What Wasteland Warrior says, they look awesome Why ten wide, isn't horde formation unwieldy enough?

  • Maybe it´s just an excuse to field fancy pike models? I could see them with even higher Agi than spears though less AP or something like that. Since there is no mercenary supplement in sight, pikemen could be an option for future EOS supplements if not for the FAB.

  • "Don´t charge those pointy ears. They are our trustworthy allies and we can rely on them!"

  • We´re collecting ideas, but the EOS FAB will be done after some other books with higher priority (due to worse internal balance like Vermin Swarm and Kingdom of Equitainne).

  • Great news from the giant front, thanks a lot

  • I love it but have no clue how to fit it on a 9th Age base. Maybe he´ll act as a Great Green Idol. It´s the first GW release in years I like(including the wolf riders). Funny they now allow a giant in every AOS army three weeks after 9th Age did it

  • Fantastic scrap wagon, need two of those awesome devices

  • Well, in contrast to their tibet-style elfish giant Cow, it´s a partially decent looking model. In this meeting there were more reasonable design ideas mentioned, after some converting, I like that witch idea.

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    Neat collection Mostly Perry and some GW and other stuff? Looks like all-cav is more popular again

  • Glad to hear that

  • Just received my money back although I didn´t cancel my participation until that deadline ran out. Not dramatic for me personally(won´t make it in September) but my team mates would like to go and keep the ticket. Any easy solution apart from buying a ticket once again?

  • Quote from DarkSky: “If it isn't supported, we might look into giving it the same treatment as the Nippon homebrew book. Which would mean you still could get them. However, I'd need to figure out how to "splice" the giant book entries into all of the army books they enhance, without having to touch the original files. ” That would be great, but maybe it´s not neccessary and giants receive their proper status, fingers crossed

  • Maybe @Blonde Beer can help us out. Will the giants get a similiar treatment Like Makhar or Asklanders, so it's worthwile to implement them in battlescribe? Would be great news for model converting nerds and local TO's who give it a try.

  • Hey guys Would it be possible to implement the giant options for all armies? With the new supplement, they are ready to go for friendly games and can be allowed in local tournaments. This is probably tedious work, but would give us fantastic list building possibilities in otherwise depressing times.. Cheers, greentide

  • Quote from Marcos24: “I really hope magic becomes an official explanation to the tank and helicopter... ” You know that guy da Vinci already invented tanks and helicopters way before they were common (as we know from his drawings), in the 9th Age world a similiar person just had access to better material and some enthusiastic friends in Sonnstahl edit: @Ivar K ninja´d the italian genius moments before me