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  • Quote from Arturiki: “Could you please clarify what the correct answer is' I didn't get it with so many questions. ” Everything Would the rule for Simultaneous Effects apply? Yes So if that rule applies here, in that case the Active player would have to decide to use Make Way or not first & resolve it first? (and so be at a disadvantage essentially if they wanted to get their character into the combat, but avoid the enemy character's attacks on their character potentially) Yes

  • Quote from Remy77077: “Forum search didn't help me here, so I'm going to ask this. If both sides have unengaged characters in a combat (unlikely as that may be!), and they both want to use the "Make Way" rule (pg104 slim rulebook), in what order are the characters moved? (I couldn't find this in the combat sequence on pg. 67 or the Make Way rule) Example. Units A & B in melee combat. Both have characters marked "C" that are currently unengaged: Source Code (4 lines)Would the rule 2.A.c (pg.5) fo…

  • Quote from matrim: “This keeps popping up with different armies parking their wm on a hil.To me below applies when shooting wm on a hill *units on the same hill with WM are considered to be elevated too *therefore they may contribute to cover for the target *check the wm's and intervening models' height, and apply normal LoS rules for shooting. So in above example I'd say KoR would block LoS. As bolt throwers are standard size and stuck behind tall. @Eisenheinrich ?? ” If you have multiple units…

  • Quote from Shino: “text about not needing to roll to wound is exclusive for poison. Other similar effects like light of sonnastahl or hasten the hour do not specify that the roll isn't needed, but only that it autowounds ” Autowound still wins over everything else. There is no difference between Poison and Sonnstahl

  • Quote from “How does UD sandstalkers Petrifying Gaze work vs. WotDG Symbol of Slaughter weapon. does the wielder have +2 always or only in combat or how does it works? ” He only has +2 when using the weapon.

  • Quote from Arturiki: “Similar question to the one with scarification, there is this discussion in Infernal Dwarves LAB FAQ with discrepancy of opinions: Quote from zaraki001: “I would like to know the interaction between new immortal special rule whispers of the mask and things that autowound (poison, sonstahl etc). Do these things still need to roll a 4+ to wound? ” Quote from Firthundands91: “No, they autowound. ” Quote from Shino: “I believe that order of modificators makes it 4+ to wound, du…

  • Quote from Xarkhotep: “Is there a downloadable FAQ document? I have several questions and it would be a handy reference. I can't find one anywhere. ” Alot of stuff is explained in this document.…les-explained-in-figures/

  • Quote from Danimoth: “@Lagerlof *just look at GW FAQ, stats differ depending on whose turn it is..? Really? biggrin.png* Which FaQ is that? I need to go, read and laugh at their expense. ” It's an old one, something with DE assassins and their poisons. 7th or 8th edition maybe

  • Quote from Nasion "Demon": “This is kind of shade rules interpretations i dont like about ninth age. It is not friendly game to newcomers and rules like this are hard to tech unles u seen it somewhere. I am kind of new(1,5 year in game) so I have learned fresh rules but "loops around" like this are one of reason why many players feels so overwhelmed by game and if something liek this happen to you in tournament it never feels good. Problem isnt player who use this rule and problem isnt on side o…

  • Quote from skrak: “Can I do that combat reform?…4014b0f032f6431fba162dbd5 Thanks ” Yes. You have atleast the same number of models engaged, and the exact same enemy models.

  • Quote from lasitus: “My character is in combat with enemy unit and he is only in contact with the enemy champion. Could he attack other rank and file miniatures in the enemy unit or he should attack with all his attacks the champion of the enemy unit? Thanks ” Only champion

  • Quote from Arthur: “Does a unit that has both fly and frenzy have to use Flying Movement? Frenzy forces us to use the advance value associated with Fly, but it doesn't seem to force the unit to actually use its Flying Movement, which would allow one to use ground movement and find ways to block one's charge. ” You have to declare if you use Fly when declaring the charge. And you have to declare a charge if you can. So if you are already blocked by a unit, you have to declare the charge with Fly.…

  • Quote from Orion: “So you dont need LoS or front arc either? wow... ” And you can do it out of combat ;D (only the enemy has to be unengaged)

  • Quote from Firthunands91: “Sun Tablet + Crown of Wizard King. Bearer can choose any spells from the randomized path, right? If so, WHOA! ” I guess. 1 spell and can not chose Spark. Quite expensive

  • Quote from amplebob: “If you charge a unit and it flees off the table, and your failed charge move takes you into contact with the board edge, do you leave the table? ” No

  • Quote from youngseward: “Forgive my ignorance, but I couldnt find where behind is defined (even with the ol ctrl-f of the rulebook) ” 20.A.c Covering Terrain Like models, Terrain Features may contribute to Cover when obscuring a fraction of the Target Facing or the TargetPoint from the enemy’s Line of Sight (see “Cover”, page 62, and remember that Cover modifiers only apply if morethan half of the Target Facing or the Target Point is obscured by Cover).For the purpose of counting as Cover, Terra…

  • Quote from youngseward: “Is “behind” in terms of terrain interactions defined anywhere? Im specifically thinking of cover granted from a wall that is reliant on being behind and defending it - to defend you need to be in contact. My understanding is that behind and inside are different things (as forests for example specify they are cover both for units inside or behind them). Based on that I would think the only way you could ever benefit from cover from a wall is if you were in contact but not…

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Double checking, Supernal on the Exalted Hero means he can't join any other units (because the WDG don't have other units with unstable), right? I suppose I could attach two Exalted Heroes together... Anyway, pretty sure I got it right, just making sure I haven't overlooked something very key. ” Correct, unless they have Towering presence

  • A question about shamans

    Lagerlof - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Quote from KhaN9292: “Sooo usually people play a single master and not 2 adepts? I guess its a bit cheaper but seem more risky too lose ur entire magic phase in a bad miscast/panic/shooting? ” Dying to miscast is extremely rare, unless you 5 dice. Dying to shooting seems hard unless you run around alone Panic can happen to everyone, not that often it does if you play smart.

  • A question about shamans

    Lagerlof - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Tip of the day, casting frenzy on the opponents outside of BSB. The games I have won with that... ;D