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  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

    Chronocide - - User Blogs


    Sure is easier to buy models than it is to motivate myself to actually paint or assemble them. And on that note, ordered some grey aliens....

  • I could be wrong, but I think rules described are supposed to function as you described.

  • Quote from Kronos: “ This situation warrants its own special rule. ” How often is this coming up for you? Anyway, your sloth block either needs to be wary of it's positioning, or it needs to be able to cope with this situation. Sounds like the dwarf player outplayed you. He got your sloth block trapped between an unmovable object and an unyielding force.

  • The giant personally benefits from less opposition, but the giant is just as stuck as the warrior block, so the benefit is for either player, provided the player actually wants the unit stuck there. And it sounds like your warriors need more punch. Or a support unit to charge what charges them. Or magic. Or whatever. My point is that you have options.

  • Quote from Kronos: “Greetings! An unbreakable dwarf giant charges my warrior block, but can only make contact at the very corner due to interfering units. My warriors are next to impossible terrain, so they cannot typewriter shift sideways to combat reform after the round of combat. The next round of combat I win due to good armor saves & ranks + banner, but the giant is unbreakable and thus doesn’t budge. I still can’t combat reform due to the impassible terrain next to me. It’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4…

  • Quote from Ehakir: “ On another note, if at all possible, it would be highly appreciable if some daemon units could drop in 5-10 points to get them to the 200 pts cap (core daemon 10-squads, titanslayer chariot) just so you can summon them for 1 veil token and summon 2 units in the first turn of the game. ” Rather than adjusting points, what about adding a veil token summoning cost stat to each unit? Then have the stat increase when models are added to the unit. Basically the same thing as prese…

  • Fire Arrows? Really?

    Chronocide - - Background & Stories


    If I wanted realism in a fantasy game I'd go play battletech. T9A entirely lacks realism and that's okay.

  • Grumbling on new ID book

    Chronocide - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Spear + pistol is amusing. But T9A doesn't care about realism with regards to switching weapon loadouts between the shooting phase and the Melee phase, so I guess there's nothing wrong with it.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “ @Chronocide How vague would you want factions and units and terrain to be? ” Like the basic terrain types in the rulebook, each player should have some degree of choice of which are on the table, without having to use a supplement. Supplement faction terrain isn't really what I am looking for. Like DL faction terrain is an impassable monolith (veilgate). It's a little too specific to be in every game. I just want a basic hill or water terrain feature. It doesn't feel unrea…

  • Quote from Vulgarsty: “Maybe the ETC tail should adopt chess and stop wagging the rest of the community dog by reducing us to just 32 pawns per side to achieve their all important ‘balance’ ” Alot of my nerd games of old have been ruined by people trying to play them like chess or MtG. But each has at least an equal right to enjoy the game how they want... sometimes I suspect it's a side effect of getting old, watching the new blood ruin my hobbies.

  • Quote from Nasion "Demon": “Yes but it fit hardly to 50/100 base, needed some cutting, modeling and elevated base to fit inside unit if needed .) ” might fit better as a behemoth.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “We have the faction specific terrain supplement which is pretty cool ” The faction terrain bugs me. Like our rules for it, not the concept. Seems to go against the model agnostic approach to have a specific required terrain type per faction. I'd like a broad faction terrain range.

  • AoS rules now have all cavalry at at least 2 wounds. Doesn't seem to affect saves.

  • I'd always pick 25mm over 20mm bases. It's a modeling thing. More space is better. Additionally, 25mm is what Oathmark uses and what wdg barbarians use, so has more compatibility. Regarding the rules for cultists, I've never even considered the 20mm ones to be real options.

  • Oh, for things to incorporate. GW has been making really cool terrain sets that can be bought with the army....I keep telling people that we should have more control over terrain.

  • I love that squid tower. Throne of everblight is an awesome model.

  • Models for the Beast Herds

    Chronocide - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Quote from RHworldbuilding: “Quote from Chronocide: “Those are awesome. If I want non-patreon versions, how do I get them? Not a huge fan of the overarching patreon company. ” Thanks so much Chrono! Sorry, somehow I missed this comment. Currently my Paper Minis are ONLY available on Patreon. I’m sorry you’re not a fan. I can see where you’re coming from, but it is a great way to support artists and creators. Even if you don’t decide to subscribe, I appreciate the support! ” Is what it is. Thanks…

  • Quote from Kapten Kluns: “But perhaps this is an actual problem for DL? Since the faction in itself is so model agnostic there are little room for companies to try and cater to the DL playerbase and gauge what they would want. Compared to armies with a really solid identity (even if they arent in FAB even) we have KoE, HbE, DH and ID for example. Ive seen discussions done between their respektive communities and the Company where things went down to the most miniscule details. About position, si…

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

    Chronocide - - User Blogs


    Bits arrived today. In the mess of a broken PC I forget I ordered these. Quite a nice surprise and they are perfectly sized.

  • Quote from Kisscool: “I understand a bit better me feelings. Browsing again the thread more carefully. It is Chronocide spamming this thread with every models he finds on internet as a daemon models, aesthetic completely the opposite of my tastes. Even a buffoon and a ogre banker. And a duke chariot somewhere. ” I guess I could stop giving model suggestions.... Then again, aren't you kinda being the prude about this? I don't post things that don't fit the DL rules or the T9A rules. And this is a…