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  • Quote from Promet: “gentlefolk! Where do you get your magnetic bases from? Preferably EU based, thanks! ” Buy a pack of shim steel (really thin gauge and not stainless). If it is thin enough you can cut it with regular scissors. Then I just buy 100 or so magnets from Amazon and glue them to my bases. Glue the steel to the inside of my movement trays and presto! Magnetic movement trays.

  • Nice work! I love the old metal dwarf models. My dwarf army is comprised of all old metal, they have so much more character than the new plastics even though the army weighs a tonne! I do like the use of the new shields though, its a nice touch.

  • Quote from Agrem: “Really well done and especially the stygiosaur is ace! Just one question, how do you transport these? ” That's the $1M question. Truth is, I haven't tried yet. The army isn't done yet and I have yet to play a game with them. The plan is to find a box and magnetize the bottom and figure out a way to fit everything in Tetris-style and then mark how everything fits. All the units are magnetized so as long as I can get them to fit they shouldn't move around. Once I get to that poi…

  • As promised, photos of the stygiosaur and taurosaur:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b The stygiosaur's rider need a bit of repositioning but other than that they're done. Now I just have caimans left to paint and I don't own the models yet so this …

  • I've had a decently productive month. I painted up a Taurosaur and assembled a Stygiosaur which is now on the painting table. I'll post pictures when the stygiosaur is finished. I also backed the Lost Kingdom kickstarter and patreon so I'll be printing up more models for the army soon.

  • March update

    Hillbilly Carl - - Painting League 2020


    2 units of Skinks and a Caiman Ancient:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b

  • Thanks for the kind words Promet, I finished off the second Caiman Ancient:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b Here he is in the unit:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b And I managed to get a semi-decent group shot:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b The sharp-eyed among you may notice that I also printed and painted …

  • Is there anything from 40K that could be converted? Or you could try Mierce Miniatures, they’ve got some cool bug-type models. love the feldraks, they’re looking great!

  • Quote from Kdownunder: “Great work! Any chance for family shot. ” I’ll take a group shot once the army is done. I’ll have to figure out a good way to take a big group shot with enough light though, even these ones turned out a bit dark.

  • Here are some better photos of everything I've got done so far: Skinks:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b Skinks and Caimans:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b Ramphodons:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b Chameleons:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b Stygiosaur:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b Caimans:…

  • Well, one good thing about this Covid-19 thing is that I have more time to paint! I finished off the last of the skinks yesterday and started on the Caiman Ancients. The ancients have a lot more detail on them so they'll be a long project. I got the base blue and red areas blocked in last night. Tomorrow I'm going to set up my light tent and try to take some proper photos of the army, stay tuned for those likely next week. In the meantime I'll continue painting on the Ancients. At this rate I mi…

  • When I say "only 15 skinks to go" I really just mean that I only have to paint 15 more skinks. I've got a taurosaur and a stygiosaur to paint still and then 6 caimans and my characters too. Still, you're right the end is in sight.

  • Finished off the first unit of 15 skinks last night:…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b Only 15 more skinks to go!

  • The tree leaves are some plastic ferns from the artificial flower decoration section from the local craft store. The bushes and leaves on the ground are from a plastic grass 'tile' from the same place. The pink flowers in the middle are some model railroad flowing bushes (its just colored flock basically). The trees are just branches cut from my Lilac and cherry trees. I've coated them in glue to hopefully increase their durability and then painted them. Links Below: Ground cover bushes: michael…

  • Haha, I'm a slow painter. I've got 10 skinks painted now, 5 to go on the one unit and I won't have a chance to paint for a few days here. My kids both play ice hockey and they are getting into playoff season so most of my spare time is spent at the rink these days. I think in the next 5 days there are 7 hockey games. Doesn't leave a lot of room for hobbies.

  • New Dinos

    Hillbilly Carl - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Any of the above could be substitute models for a taurosaur, carnosaur or stygiosaur. Honestly, I think we could use skink cavalry and the big feathered snake model for new stuff and then revisit the caiman ancient rules to make that character actually useful. As it stands now, the obvious character choices are a saurian warlord on a carnosaur and a cuatl and you will always see one or both in every list. I'd love to see some different character options which are actually viable.

  • No photos yet but I'm still making progress. I've got 6 skinks painted up so far. I think I've turned the corner with the skinks and I'm getting about 2 skinks painted per painting session. I've got 9 more to do for the current unit and then 15 more for the last unit. I'm going to try to hold off on painting the characters until all the skinks are done so I don't lose any momentum. My submission for March will hopefully be both finished skink units.

  •…7935914b754d1c6045b1da71b Skink and Caiman Unit

  • Small progress update: I've magnetized the skink and caiman units and started basecoating the skinks with black last night. I should be able to finish the basecoating tonight and then I can start painting skinks again! I'll post pictures once I've made some real progress.

  • So Lost Kingdom miniatures is one of the companies making really nice caiman models, unfortunately they've been out of stock forever. I just read on facebook that they will be making their 3D models available for patreons on a monthly subscription basis. I think this is great news. It might be somewhat expensive in that I'll need to buy myself a SLA printer but ultimately it'll likely be a cheaper option for me to be able to print as many models as I need.