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  • I really like renown. You pay 65 pts. This the quintessence of KoE. This is test of your faith (it actually could be named Virtue of Faith) You know you are better in fight. You have 65pts worth virtue and you are the god damn KoE knight and watch the battle from back of your horse. Peasants.... You charge. Knight always charge. On flank. Sometimes. Rather on front You fight. Your test as the true hero of equitanian land has began. You are on your knees. You dont remember how this happened, but …

  • Quote from Folomo: “Quote from Honeym: “Quote from tulmir: “Don't forget that we are not the only one received nerfs... Other armies and other armies had nerfs too, which will help us to perform better ” That’s true... if they bring the overall power level down I for one is planing on infantry and two flying dukes ” At least UD got nerfed to the ground. ” I would rather say some builds of UD were grounded. Don't worry they still has many builds that are in top tier About the Mighty Lord - I dont…

  • michael-jackson-meme.png

  • Please check our latest project. Zombie pirates converted and painted by us. Hope you enjoy! Arrrghhh!!…7c5d7673f6a9f7641c577ea16…7c5d7673f6a9f7641c577ea16…7c5d7673f6a9f7641c577ea16…7c5d7673f6a9f7641c577ea16…7c5d7673f6a9f7641c577ea16…7c5d7673f6a9f7641c577ea16…7c5d7673f6a9f7641c577ea…

  • Careful Game of Thrones season 8 spoiler!! (Hidden Content)

  • Hello, We are professional painting studio from Gliwice, POLAND and we declared war to unpainted minis on your table We offer: -painting in 4 different levels -cleaning and assembly of your models -conversions -remove of old paint We do our job on time and in fair prices. If you would like to contact us: - - - Please check our gallery below Cheers!…7c5d7673f6…

  • I'm not sure I was sharing this fellow with you You will be able to see him on WTC (I will be there) and buy it, if someone want…7c5d7673f6a9f7641c577ea16…7c5d7673f6a9f7641c577ea16…7c5d7673f6a9f7641c577ea16

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Klexe: “Oh haven't seen that too. Most likely a mistake @Eisenheinrich @Lagerlof Can someone of you tell us if this was intended? ” It's just to make sure all R&F models in the unit choses the same weapon in that round of combat. Characters can still use it, same as before. ” Thank you for answer, on last master in Poland I wanted to be fair and I haven't use bastard sword as a spear, but I understand that I still can

  • @echoCTRL Are you a person who can initiate process of changing this (i hope) mistake

  • It would be nice, if they could do it before WTC

  • Quote from Klexe: “It did? can you link it to me. ” Attacks made with this weapon gain +2 Strength, +2 Armour Penetration, and always strike at Initiative Step 0(regardless of the wielder’s Agility). In the First Round of Combat, it all R&F models in the unit (all of them ornone) may instead be used use it as a Spear if they are wielder is Infantry or as a Light Lance if they are wielderis not Infantry. A Bastard Sword can be enchanted as if it was a Great Weapon…

  • Anyone knows why Bastard sword was nerfed in last errata??

  • Thank you. In next episode: how ten teutogen became an equitainian knights

  • First ten Forlorn Knights ready to fight! Hope you enjoy! (Hidden Content)

  • Sure. Not a problem. Some of my conversions of Questing Knights 201902081_qwarses.jpg 201902081_qwarsea.jpg 201902081_qwarseq.jpg 201902081_qwarswp.jpg

  • Thank you. These ones are for me. If you are interested in any conversion, I'm opened for commisions. I won this miniatures on Master in Świdnik (Poland). I'm very happy that companies like Norba exist and support our hobby. I like that these miniatures are "heroic 28mm" and fit to Games Workshop knights and peasants. Unfortunatelly miniatures in some places were badly casted. I swap heads, add cloaks and my own shields. I imagine forlorns as knight with incommodius past who are on journey and l…

  • Hello Nobles, please find my last work. I'm preparing models for my forlons. I couldn't decide what models should I use, so I convert norba knights on foot. Hope you like them. (Hidden Content)

  • T9A in Poland

    windsower1 - - Poland


    IMO One of our strength is we have a lot of volunteers. A lot of members of our community has a role which fullfill. Sometimes it is just a small things. For example, one time per month or two I organize painting competition for players. You have about a month to paint your miniatures, community is voting and you can win small prize. This encourage people to paint their armies. Almost every weekend in Poland we have local tournament, sometimes two or three. All this work is done by volunteers. S…