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  • If I recall right, access to Cosmos requires acceptance of both Order and Chaos as equally important parts of magic, or the universe. Because of this, WDG who only accept Chaos are unable to use it, and similarly SA who only accept Order are unable to use it.

  • One of the big questions in the LAB work will probably be, what should there be more of? Units, special rules, mounts, effects and so on. What would serve the book the best? Given the uproar against the DL-levels of complexity in the ID book currently, I have doubts that such a slew of *stuff* will be allowed in the next projects. UD has the benefit of being fairly deep into the LAB pipeline, so the system in making them will be honed by the time it happens.

  • On-foot Lords will likely never be popular, simply because of how weak they are to so many things in the game. Immobile, stompable, doomed to having worse saves than other Lords...In the arms race of Lords, on-foot Lords are on the lowest rung, and in general - Being cheap enough to be a good foot lord means you're also cheap enough to be spammable, which means that the price must be pushed out of that range, which means the character is again not worth considering. But since infantry blocks wit…

  • Catapults are skelliebased yes, and there can be a whole two of them on the field. Not quite in the amounts I'd prefer. Having a shooting variant of NG like @imperialengineer alludes to would be interesting, or an outright new sort of unit.

  • When juggling core options, I constantly find myself wishing I could get infantry-based shooting from somewhere other than archers. It's a mild annoyance that all shooting outside core is construct-bases, when I'm trying to play skeletal legions.

  • Yes - The model chosen as the Hierophant, gains the Hierophant special rule.

  • Well...Yes. The rule only affects R&F units in general. It would be strange for Terracotta Pharaohs to pop up to OS/DS 8. The Harbinger can benefit from UW, however - Its rules state that it counts as a R&F model for the purposes of Undying Will.

  • Nein - To quote from the rule itself, the following are exempt from gaining the UW benefit: " Characters, Beasts, models with Ensouled Statue, and model parts with Harnessed are not affected by Undying Will." In Terracotta, models that GAIN Ensouled Statue can benefit, however.

  • Well, that certainly solves that particular conundrum - Only Branded units can take that banner anyway. The banner can actually really ruin VC's day if they want to cast healing auras, but I doubt it'll matter to UD particularly much.

  • Two reasons I see - Difficulty of use, and difficulty of survival. Typically, you DON'T want your elite units fighting along your garbage units, because you risk losing the fight simply because the opponent draws free combat resolution from murdering those garbage models over your hard-to-kill elite models, unless that garbage unit can go into the flank or you can pull some good corner clipping shenanigans (and ID does not seem like an army that can easily decide what combats happen and where). …

  • Quote from berti: “what downside? Having MR also on buff spells for own unit? Hmm....the ID player doesn´t need to cast on his own unit....there are ways he can easy get all the flaming synergy without casting spells. ” Very simple - Banners are bought on units you use, never on units you just toss away, you want to keep those units cheap. Here, you buy a banner, on an unit you use, that makes that unit WORSE. Augments are the most powerful spells in this game, and you make it harder to cast the…

  • Seems like a fair cost to me, a notable upside combined with a notable downside.

  • Mummies are rather powerful fluffwise. The better the burial ritual, the more powerful the resulting undead form, which is directly seen in the UD units, with the complexity of the burial rising up from Skeletons to Charioteers to Necropolis Guard to Harbingers to Pharaohs, with resulting physical advances to each step. It does mean that the UD Skeletons should probably be a bit more powerful than VC skeletons, which don't get any rites to begin with.

  • Unwise to use a beta book as a guideline. Once it's gold, then it becomes a source of influence, as of now it's in a constant flux.

  • Seems more like something I'd love to see in the background rather than in the field, a Pharaoh that rules eternally over living subjects, but only uses the dead to fight their wars. Or even the closest thing to an Utopia where the dead do all the harsh work while the living focus on arts, sciences and such, and are conscripted to serve after death. An undead kingdom that keeps on growing. Of course, since its soldiery wouldn't ever see battle until they die, it would fluffwise be an army focusi…

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    Lots of pages here, not sure if this has been pointed out or asked about, but I'm curious... The Vassal Slingshot has flammable. Makes sense, the thing shoots flammable things at the enemy, so they must be stored nearby and thus easy targets for the opponent to set alight...But in this vein, why don't the Vassals, carrying their oil skins, also have Flammable?

  • Well, a Sphinx that's been made flammable has just as high a chance to take 0 wounds than it has of taking 2. It's just 3 hits, after all. Although a Sphinx can pull off both Armor and Regen against a WoG, true enough. The spell is directly comparable to WoG, but indeed, it's a WoG that you can cast with 2 dice. That's not too shabby! Time will tell how well an ID army can push all their synergies into the same list, at the moment it seems that they can mix and match a whole lot, though.

  • I do not like that Hereditary spell, it's essentially a reverse Wrath of God where it murders blocks and does nothing to tiny units. And heavily background-driven design is great, but there's such a thing as going overboard on pushing the narratives in units.

  • Overall it feels like the match-up became notably worse, ID has a very strong combination of high-AP ranged attacks, reliably-wounding ranged flaming attacks and worst of all extremely powerful defensive options that can't really rushed down either...Spears, Pistols and two anti-charge rules. That is a tough cookie, all right. Train with Parry makes Chosen cry. However, this is all on paper, not in a list - Time will tell if ID needs to focus on one or two aspects or if they can mix them well en…

  • Hardly rushed, but sadly WDG work had two big issues: It suffered from being the very first LAB, and thus all design rules were still in their infancy and yet to be tested, and have been updated and changed since then, evolving through experience and feedback. And perhaps more importantly, the game was under different leadership at the time, with a different vision for the game. Much has changed since then, the book was a product of its time.