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  • I finally got time again, to paint a model, so here is a bruiser, with painted base and all. I did also create 7 other bases, while I was at it.…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445

  • Ogres, swamp- and half-things

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    Do you have enough models to fit 2 on one base?

  • New ID book

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    Quote from Pellegrim: “That seems to be the new direction of the game (see DL). It is designed for and by players that are really deep into the game. Very, very high relative complexity, even for a game that was complex already. It will be interesting to play but requires a fair amount of study time. 9th Age has chosen who it wants to cater and it doesnt want to cater. ” Eh, no. DL was allowed to be complex due to the nature of the army, afaik. Both DL and WDG were considered special in regards …

  • I just want to clarify, I haven't used BS/GS with BS. I just sculpt a lot

  • BS is quite similar to GS. I personally prefer BS, since I find it slighty less sticky. So I dont see much of an issue.

  • 13 books in 4 years? I dont believe you

  • Baby arrived this morning. We're all back home and together again @Henrypmiller Oh, that sounds interesting

  • So.. My girlfriend is in the hospital. She's pregnant and little sister don't want to come out. I've been here for almost 24 hours and nothing, even with pills to kickstart things.. It gets kinda boring, but I did manage to sculpt one arm. I have something funny cooking and I think this next ogre will be great and fit in perfectly. It's uncertain how much I'll manage these next days. Due to the corona virus we also have the oldest kid (2 5 y/o) home and not in day care, so any spare time will li…

  • Another bruiser finished. This guy has a book, I imagine he's slighty more religious than the rest of his murderous unit. He may not be able to read, but he's very fond if the pretty pictures and he knows how to swing his 2-handed hammer!…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445

  • Quote from strauss: “Hey ! First of all - super nice job ! I like what your super heavy converted ogres ! have you considered using giant GW ghouls with the head of their fenrissian wolves ? That could be a good compromise, while offering a lot of re-usable bits (wings, wolves bodies, etcs) and will only requires to add here and there a bit of fur. However, I fully appreciate that it is not the cheapest option. ” Hi Thanks Your idea is actually not bad. It's not as cheap as buying a single box, …

  • Seems like they're at £20 each. Thats still a considerable amount for 3 models, but great to know any decent alternatives or at least where to get inspiration.

  • Regarding the kin-eater: The kin-eater is based on the WHFB Gorger unit, which has a somewhat fitting lore attached to it. The kin-eater has none of that (from what I can remember), but I’ve tried to summarize the characteristics: - Kin-eater suggests it is either a cannibal of its own kin-eater race or it is related to ogres and occasionally eat an ogre. - It has ambush, so it sneak up on its prey - It has no armour, but rather a fortitude save, so it can take some punishment, but also gives me…

  • Quote from BondageGoatZombie: “Isnt there a paymaster among the old man-eater models? ” Do you mean this guy? There's also this guy:

  • Thanks for the replies guys The sniffle squigs see rather small as far as I remember. I actually have one for my first Hunter concept

  • Hi guys So an update regarding my ogre project: I’ve sculpted 2x3 tribesmen units, with musician for each. One has been painted. I’ve fully sculpted 6 bruisers and I’m almost done with the 7th. One has been painted, but needs to be painted more in line with the tribeman. No biggie. I’m saving musician and champion for last. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what instrument the musician should have? I already have a drum and a horn (tribesmen). Variety doesn’t hurt, but neither does replicat…

  • I supppse you're right you're right haha. Big feathers for big boiz

  • 2 more bruisers ready for paint. One of then have a companion Top picture needs a feather, but I've run out of plastic feathers, so I'm making my own feathers.…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445

  • Quote from TobiasP: “Awesome!! How many you got sculpted? ” 6 tribesmen of which there are two mucisians. 4 bruisers if which I'm doing some things to the banner guy. So I got some way to go

  • Finidhed with another ogre. This time it's a tribesman. Shield acts as ironfist.…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445…d1f56261c5888c5e64414a445

  • SA design guidelines

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    That could be fun