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  • You’ve got a solid list. I’m not sure a lot of people have to much experience against the new ID. One of the biggest things is you will put range him with most of your shooting. If he doesn’t run alchemy, your knights and steam tank will be tough to handle. The imperial guard with great weapons could be a good unit to put up against the dwarves where magic could change how the fight ends up. The cannons will need prioritize between the death train and the flying bull. I would say it depends on i…

  • Quote from Grinning_Giant: “The Varkolak is done, also my Necromancer is all painted as per previous post. So that's my 400 points done and dusted.…1f22df82d09b5512ce5f5cbef…1f22df82d09b5512ce5f5cbef…1f22df82d09b5512ce5f5cbef Ill be using this next month to prep the Barrow Guard ready for phase two, muck about with static grass and also experiment with MAGNETISM baby!! Been meaning to get my movement tra…

  • Quote from Scottish Knight: “Couple more things finished off: Kin-Eater which I tried to make different by adding in a slightly gruesome prop. I may return later and add in the horse body.…1f22df82d09b5512ce5f5cbef ” Love the Kin-Eater!

  • Nerding with Nero

    SadlerCPII - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)



  • Quote from Eleanor: “This is my EoS army, after somo changes to cavalry i will finish some bases. After that im done with it, dont plan to play it anymore, so i will star a need army soon, probably WDG or OK ” I’m also looking at starting OK. I’m still painting my EoS though!

  • Evershade Gaming

    SadlerCPII - - Battle Reports

    Post Well! It’s been a minute but the lads at Evershade Gaming made a review for the new Infernal Dwarves LAB. Enjoy! more content to come!

  • Nerding with Nero

    SadlerCPII - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)


    Excited to read more!

  • Quote from micdicdoc: “But Orders can only be given to units of standard height - the second last sentence of the Orders paragraph reads: "Only models of Standard Height areaffected". I overlooked this too ” Woof. Why they do dis to us?

  • Quote from Fthunder: “I just wish it could be given orders! ” it’s a support unit under Giant See, Giant Do!

  • Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “The idea of a giant with a volley gun is giphy.gif Aside from not benefiting from engineering rule it really bypasses the main issue with volley gun: Range too short and too prone to be killed super fast by enemy archers. EDIT: And it doesn't even count towards Imperial Armoury? M888888888888! ” Why would it not benefit from an engineer? Also since its a support unit it can get an order right???

  • I feel like the Minotaur warlord should be on the list. The potential for battle focus is swingy.

  • I love these ones!…troller=product&id_lang=5

  • I have my limits to sci-fi and fantasy having a healthy distance. In this case, it feels so good. My favorite is the speeder bikes as rieters and the Steam tank and as AT-ST.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Debating the idea of buying a bunch of Star Wars Legion models to make an Empire army... Light Infantry with handguns:…/91XJUw0zsYL._SL1500_.jpg Reiters…/91ou89yfTSL._SL1500_.jpg Imperial Guard Steam Tank…/91IbColUaNL._SL1500_.jpg Knight Commander on Young Griffin/Knig…

  • Empire of Dannstahl

    SadlerCPII - - New army books


    I’m glad the Inquisitor Angry Mob rule is being reconsidered. I’d love for there to be some way your could have an Inquisitor as a general. It feels fluffy and fun. It doesn’t seem like it would be overly powerful either because the lack of order which are real good and the low discipline on the model. All in all, incredible work and concepts. EDIT: the more I think about the Arcane Engine the more I like the change. It helps everything (except mounts) hit better in the game. Flags hit better, I…

  • Playing against BH mongrels

  • Quote from Kuyp: “ ” this was a crushing one. You put opened the grave my friend.

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Additionally I finished a somewhat generic character from the Dragon Empire, called Raion. He'll be used wherever I see fit…1f22df82d09b5512ce5f5cbef ” I see the character working well as a Prelate or an Inquisitor! Incredible work!

  • Quote from YeahGucciFrisur: “Right after 9 hours of playing wont be the best time to review how about sunday? which timezone are you in? ” I won’t be available Sunday. I’m in the eastern United States time zone.