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  • Hello, I subscribed to the tournament on t3 but I do'nt see my name in any groups. cheers, Logick

  • Could someone explain me whye rymas are less expensive Thane realms? (Ppm of course)

  • Could someone give the reason why se pay their horses Lesse expensive than us?

  • Btwe I didn t remember that you won that much at wtc (or it was an other tournament ?)

  • Not mye kind of liste unfortunately

  • @Klexe 1 model is NOT an alternative for 5 models. Even less when you don t have enough points in characters

  • @DanT For instance the question A. Yes the army perform correctly (by correctly I mean being around 7-10 points / 20 average) but it s due to the mighty duke combo. Now that it has been removed (as expected so no issue with that) and that nothing else has drastically changed the army will probably not perform well. And in the point balance nothing has been made (correctly at least) to allow that to change. We will not fire more knight on the table, the only possibility is to replace Knights by p…

  • @DanT If they do the balancing like that, I clearly don t understand their choices at all.

  • @Klexe tIt depends do you check the Belgian tournament list? Most of the time no because there is only 1 koe player -> me. Like do you check the France tournament ? Most probably not because they have they own forum and post everything there. So you lack already lot of data (and we both agree that this work is way to big to be done alone) I can ask you the same for Spain, Luxembourg, Danemark, Germany etc ... (Btw if you need help to record data feel free to ask )

  • @Klexe I will elaborate more when I will be home and after making some lists and checkong all the possibilities. But my opinion may not be important since "most of us are not considered as good koe player" even when you do good results in big tournaments hehe

  • @Ludaman I will answer here since other topic is closed. It s funny to speak about tournament people helping to solve issues etc... I have been playing koe for 10 years most of the time on tournament in Europe for the past 5-6 years and I have been winning almost all my games (even at etc or wtc etc...) So when you speak about good player I think you can include me into those one. Regarding the list I wasn t playing the mighty duke on pegasus except for 1 tournament because my team asked me to d…

  • I wil start by saying that I m disappointed with the changes in our book. Because most of them have note been done correctly. We expected much from balance team and all the others in charge and once again you failed and keep failing. Regarding UD overall it s better than before so don't speak about nerf but about beeing better

  • @Marco24 : It s not because it s cheaper that you can play it ;). You know something about internal balance that has been completely laking in our book since hummmm the beginning? Indeed most of the thing got points drops but this is just a facade. Since the points drops concern almost only things that are not played. For instance Alle the peasant had a drop in points. So you open the meta for a good full peasant list. But why? I mean that s wrong! Regarding other points drop just a small exempl…

  • Cosmology!

  • @WhammeWhamme In my opinion I feel like we miss Cosmology and that Divination or Druidism is not really the path we should have. (Btw are divination and cosmology not related in a certain way?)

  • My personnal undestanding is that nobody care about the KoE book (except true KoE player themselve), just about the mighty duke (at least atm)

  • @Folomo I don't said we don't need to get a counter. Jsut that when the whole army is toxic. You just pray, twice, and still die :D. Everything has VS is anti-KoE and anti armor indead, but unfortunatly, as other armor army we don't ahve numberous knights and we don't have res4. that make the difference.

  • Quote from 00TnT00: “Can we stop with the might duke already? There are other pressing matters to the army. We are a combat army, not avoidance, so @Kapten Kluns what is the idea you have for us to kill GD without the might duke? What are our alternatives? Because we don't have cannons or other options, we are a combat heavy army, so we need options to take down this type of menace in combat. Can the ACS tell me what is going on internally so that we, that have the oh so powerful and invincible …

  • @Just_Flo You are boring, reading only what you want to read without listening to people. I NEVER said that the might duke wasn't to strong. I only said and it seems that any guys with yellow and red title don't understand that. That u should correct what need to be corrected and not "just" change the points. @Kapten Kluns As Banik already stated you don't see that much GD in competitive list neither Dragon. Maybe you need Klexe to point you that by analizing all the list for all the books? Rega…

  • Quote from Kapten Kluns: “What I am saying @Logick is that the GDs that I field are scared shitless by the might Duke, according to what KoE should be able to they should have a 50-50% chance to go up against these characters if they are kitted against character hunting? Is the might duke only good against characters is my question, and is the might Duke at a 50-50% chance of winning on the charge against GDs currently, while being cheaper? ” Indeed the duke is trong but against as saif already …