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  • There is a Giant Supplement that introduces a variety of Giants to many armies that haven't had access to them before. As far as an army consisting entirely of Giants is very unlikely. The entire reason we have army categories is to prevent things like monster mash and an all-giant faction would just break that. Ogres is probably the closest you'll get. That being said, there's nothing stopping you or anyone else from making a Homebrew Book and post it, see what people think

  • Fantasy.....

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    Overall, T9A's setting and philosophy on this works because technology isn't a game changer in this universe. In real life, new tech changes the way wars are fought. You started with sticks and stones. Then, someone attached a rock to a stick to make a heavy club, dealing a lot more damage than sticks! Then, someone made a shield which offered a huge advantage against clubs! Etc and so on... Basically, you had to keep up with the arms race or be left in the dust. T9A doesn't work like that becau…

  • Fantasy.....

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    Historically speaking, crossbows are waaay older than most people think they are.

  • Quote from Empire AB: “Death Warrant Enchantment: Hand Weapon. ” So yeah, can't use this with paired weapons.

  • T9A @ Spiel 2020

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    What was the level of experience/knowledge of the general crowd last year? I'd imagine that in this kind of event, saying something like "spiritual successor to Warhammer Fantasy" would be enough to get the message across effectively in a single sentence. Basically, if you were ever interested in that thing you already know, you will probably like our thing.

  • Quote from fjugin: “ Quote from skipschnit: “Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “Quote from Cosmology Spell Command of Continuity: “Choose a spell with duration One Turn that wassuccessfully cast during this Magic Phase and for which the target of Command of Continuity was a target. The effect of the chosen spell lasts until the start of the next friendly Magic Phase. ” I, ehm... what? ” Casting the Command spell allows you to copy another spell that you have already successfully cast that magic phase.…

  • Quote from Cosmology Spell Command of Continuity: “Choose a spell with duration One Turn that wassuccessfully cast during this Magic Phase and for which the target of Command of Continuity was a target. The effect of the chosen spell lasts until the start of the next friendly Magic Phase. ” I, ehm... what?

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “ He can be a good caster and fighter. Adept is not bad! Ogre Khans are not bad! He just can't be top tier in both, because VS aren't supposed to be a super-elite army. ” I think that's fair, although I'd very much like for there to be some sort of customization to the entry. Not necessarily having access to a range of weapons and magic items like other character but at least something.

  • I posted this in a previous thread but since it came up: Please put the Dux on a normal base like 50x100 (gigantic) or 50x75 (large). No more silly 75x50. It's really hard to fit a larger model onto a base like that unless you have the GW Vermin Lord.

  • Quote from KhaN9292: “Imperial guard have parry with more Armor? And more damage output, and is not even that more expensive. ” They're about twice as expensive per model. But sure, they're good and obviously better damage dealers. But if I want a good anvil that's always steadfast, I'm going for 40-50 Heavies rather than 20-25 IG. And again, IG are not support units. So you're losing out on counter-charge flanks, combined rank bonus and all the other awesome things that brings to the table.

  • Quote from KhaN9292: “Why would you as an EoS player take Heavy infantry if we could just take more Imperial Guard? ” Because Heavy Infantry gives you a lot of ranks with parry for cheaps. Also, support units.

  • Like @Casp said, EoS heavy and light infantry and also Electoral Cavalry. With parent/support roles plus and orders they can fill pretty much any role and outperform the toughest of enemy specials. I played a newbie at a tournament once who had a large block (horde formation) of elite Lion Guard with a general and BSB. Formidable stuff indeed but (because he was a newbie and I wanted to help him out and have a good time) I specifically told him that - due to imperial tomfoolery such as orders an…

  • Quote from Ungrik: “T9A is doing a nice job with the scroll, but I rarely register something on their FB page (there was this question for some bloggers to review the ID book, creating a buzz, but that was the first time in forever that I saw something from them). As for the scroll, the fact that I need to click click click and download to start reading it, well that is just to much effort in this time and age. But buzz, T9A needs buzz, accessible buzz. ” We've made plans to achieve exactly what…

  • Quote from Norbaminiatures: “…22a901d4862cc79558b9b79bb In the next kickstarter we will have more than 100 riders, I will show you the first one ” Not bad at all. I especially like the horse on this one. However, one thing I'd change is the amount of feathers on the wing. Having only one feather one after another makes it look kinda scraggly. If I was to purchase this model as-is I'd substitute the wings from another manufacturer, like these ones.

  • Aweomse, I've been looking into battle reporting and streaming recently and I'm curious to see your setup!

  • Here are some of my VS (Hidden Content) And heck why not a few EoS also? (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “Would @Hombre de Mundo be the man responsible for uploading the Spanish translated documents to the portal ? ” lol I'm not even Spanish

  • Quote from Eldan: “What's the rule on symbols copyrighted by GW, like the hammer? ” Can't imagine it'd be a problem. I mean, all models are technically under the copyright of the person who designed them. So, for instance, if you were to be in a picture holding the GW rulebook that has copyrighted logos on it, that's not an issue. But for T9A we obviously don't want to show logos from other companies since that might cause confusion as to what game we're featuring... so it depends on how you fea…

  • Quote from Remy77077: “I just want to check this is for the main website, not the Gallery section of this forum, right? ” Correct! And good stuff! Again, we're looking for a variety of images so do keep submitting

  • Hey, I recognize these images @Karanadon do you work with 3D modeling software at all? Or thought about getting into it?