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  • Quote from Little Joe: “Digital with licenced print shop options ” Sadly I can't find these OnG models in those print shops yet. But hopefully one day!

  • Quote from Varek Thug Life: “ The bases are not finished. Indeed I still hesitate for the color of the grass (desert or rather green), and also for the outline of the bases (balor brown or mournfang brown? My current favorite would be for the latter). Ditto for the eyes, rather green, yellow, or red? Do not hesitate to suggest your ideas to me. See you soon! ” Good stuff! I won't comment on bases as not everyone likes mine anyway I love the extra fur trim - I do the same How did you do it? Also …

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “Great Gnasher Dashers! Had not thought those different editions would look so good next to each other. It add variety and character! ” Cheers! One day I will add some even newer models to both the Gnashers and the Gnasher Dashers too I generally have stuff from all ages so I try to mix them together and hopefully painting can tie them together at least a little bit.

  • More happy Goblins! These were SO much quicker now I already knew my paint scheme and wasn't experimenting and repainting a dozen times Also, I reckon "Gnasher Dashers" is just a perfect name btw, inspired. 49956177916_b2c5a7f844_c.jpgDSC_0199 by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr

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    Remy77077 - - Quick Starter Edition


    Quote from piteglio: “ Trak is already very busy with list reviewing. so i'd ask: @Remy77077, @Lich King, @Eru, @Grahf, @Chack, i know you're all very busy with very important tasks, but... how long do you think it'll take to put together a regular army template like the one below? i mean the general page composition + the empty unit entry template. we can then take care ourselves of filling in each entry and each army-specific rules box in a separate tex file. ” For me - that's way beyond the l…

  • Quote from mograine: “Don't know if it's been posted before, if so i apologize. Found this on thingiverse: A great green idol 3d file. ” That looks great and I've never seen it before. Shame there's no way for me to actually get it! * sigh *

  • These lil buggers took me ages do, had to strip someone else's paint off some of them first and there were many attempted and abandoned colour schemes too before I settled on this. My first Gnashers! 49945046623_45b8c460db_c.jpgGnashers - right side by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr

  • Quote from Little Joe: “It's a great model for sure, totally unbelievable but interesting and fresh. ” But it is powered by sheer BELIEF!

  • I know many pages back I brought up my issues/ideas with Goblin Raiders, but a related thread made me think about that again, so I thought I'd add it back in here for reference in the future (long term I know!) Unit cost balance : electoral cavalry (empire of sonnstahl) Quote from me: “ Surely there would be a way to implement both types of unit in an army book though? This reminds me closely of my issue with Goblin Raiders in T9A OnG ALWAYS being Light Troops pretty much designated to a chaff r…

  • hahaha, yes don't worry I completely understand. But still worth stating my POV in any case (and whilst I am staff, obviously this is completely unrelated to things I know about and work on!)

  • Quote from DanT: “ FWIW, my own personal view is that the points are mostly right, but I think they should come with more equipment as standard and start out with a unit size of 10. This is what I do in my homebrew EoS (see signature if you are bored ). This will mean that pricing will be more suitable for them as a fighting unit. The flip side is that some people will be sad that they have lost cheap 5 man fast scorers/chaff. Swings and roundabouts as always haha! ” Surely there would be a way …

  • I'll be adding all these to the Miniature Library too as soon as I get the "All Green" to go and do it... Thanks @collectinggreen for all the great posts!

  • Wargamers love to throw around and misuse the term "broken" so much... But here I feel it maybe applicable!

  • Well... Very good post, but, there's a lot more to this when it comes to games. You sound a bit like an Agoner! But a true Aleatory player LOVES those totally random effects that don't really require any decision. They just want to play on a slot machine. Here's a starter on these terms btw But it goes deep into game design & game studies...,_Play_and_Games (cake)

  • This does sound like a very bad set of circumstances @Kronos ! But at least it should be fairly unusual - and yeah, lots of options to try to play around it once you know it is something that could happen, as others have posted. But first time around this would annoy me as much as it did you I reckon. I do find the 'Combat Reforms' 15.I rules to be a bit odd, as they are pretty complex, but don't seem to actually solve some of these situations that you would think they are intended to 'solve'. V…

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    Remy77077 - - Quick Starter Edition


    Quote from piteglio: “thanks Remy - if you think it would be useful, i can try and do the same for DL, who were probably not updated since the new book came out. ” Yup, feel free! If no-one comes up with anything better for DL or other arguments, then we will go with your suggestion I don't (can't really!) have any strong opinions about any of this since the only army I know anything about full rules wise is OnG anyway. EDIT: I see you've already done this now above. Cheers! Quote: “as for the r…

  • QuickStarter in 2020

    Remy77077 - - Quick Starter Edition


    Just to re-assure you, I am not gonna rest until we have QS Basic and Premade lists completed. I really like those ID list suggested changes @piteglio - unless anyone comes up with anything better for ID Premade, I will implement that As for QS Advanced & Regular and Themed lists and suchlike - it's unfortunately far outside of my realm of expertise & interest for now. But useful ideas here for whenever someone can pick that up! Good work Something that is currently in discussion is whether when…

  • Forum search didn't help me here, so I'm going to ask this. If both sides have unengaged characters in a combat (unlikely as that may be!), and they both want to use the "Make Way" rule (pg104 slim rulebook), in what order are the characters moved? (I couldn't find this in the combat sequence on pg. 67 or the Make Way rule) Example. Units A & B in melee combat. Both have characters marked "C" that are currently unengaged: Source Code (4 lines) Would the rule 2.A.c (pg.5) for Simultaneous Effects…

  • Good stuff and very useful for new-ish-comers like me I think, so a very good idea to post it here I've watched most of these before, but I definitely plan to go back through some of them again later, esp. when I'm painting of course!

  • Quote from Vulgarsty: “ok its more of a halfway house. People who dont obsess about balance like hardcore tourney nuts, but don't want broken stuff either, do care about official fluff and yes Maybe the ETC tail should adopt chess and stop wagging the rest of the community dog by reducing us to just 32 pawns per side to achieve their all important ‘balance’ ” Just as a personal reference to this point, I've never played in a miniatures wargames tournament. I didn't know tournaments for this kind…