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  • @Peacemaker only 5!?!?!!!!! I wants moar!!!!

  • Lol! That is the most epic response I’ve ever seen on the forums since day 1... brutal.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from Fleshbeast: “I’d have to see a pretty big benefit to lose a character to it. If you have a close game and this mechanic takes the last wound on your geared up general... well there is 600+ points that your opponent didn’t have to do anything to get. ” Then take the other clan character out of the unit.How ever it's designed, it should be heavy around the player choice. ” so I now need to run my other character out of my general’s unit while it’s in combat so I …

  • I’d have to see a pretty big benefit to lose a character to it. If you have a close game and this mechanic takes the last wound on your geared up general... well there is 600+ points that your opponent didn’t have to do anything to get.

  • I was looking at the map pack earlier and was thinking we should have an optional misfire table similar to the mysterious terrain. So you can agree with your opponent at the beginning of the game which table to roll from for the game. More fun and materially balanced but don’t have to be as particular about it.

  • CC Heavy VS

    Fleshbeast - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Quote from youngseward: “Have you given any thought to a doombell? A mate of mine is running one with an army that includes: Chunky block of plague monks 2 x 7 vermin hulks 2 aboms 2 x 6 jezzails Its a pretty close combat focussed list but with enough ranged he doesnt have to go for broke every game. The doombell giving essentially a 36” bubble of +1 to hit for friendlies and -1 to hit for enemies is huge. ” how do you get to 36”? Just clipping units for full effect?

  • Quote from DanT: “Interesting. So it seems whilst there is some support for the "tree anvil and elf shooting" amongst the early responses, there is also a strong contingent of something like "run around quickly, make the enemy try to run in every direction and then pounce on isolated parts". One further flavour question: What should be the circumstances under which SE lose? (From a flavour/big picture perspective still; e.g. for EoS my answer would be something like "when the battleline gets dis…

  • I not really a fan of letting my opponent have control of my army and specifically decide on stuff which will screw up my plans. Blaming the dice gods is one thing, but having a casual game where your opponent screws you with your own army is another.

  • Quote from matrim: “@DanT I just saw this thread so may be missing some stuff... I envisage elves and treekin to be allies but do not fight together always. I think treekin would only join the fight if they belive in the need for the fight. But otoh elves are the less capricious of the too (would you belive that ) and help trrekin whenever they can. Let's say treekin are the indigenous of the forest who allowed elves to live in their land. To that extant there is a power gap (socially speaking) …

  • I’d say we’re agreed on the bow construction rabbit hole... I too know bugger all about the subject so we can probably leave it here until a master bowyer walks by.

  • There is also the conceptual issue of why "lives in a forest where short ranged weapons are inherently more practical" means "longest ranged small arms in the game"? @DanT (Summon as didn’t insert quote) Correct me if I’m wrong but I just assumed that we got the longest range not because we used it day-to-day but because it took a bow with a high pound draw to deliver the necessary force to take down a large buck or forest wyrm (insert magical creature with appropriate carpace). The range was mo…

  • Occultism - sacrifice one of your characters for a bugger boost.

  • Tunnel Gunner Logo

    Fleshbeast - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Maybe just a bunch of bullets flying through the air? A target as though looking through a scope but aiming at a silliuette of a rat?

  • Tunnel Gunner Logo

    Fleshbeast - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    I would be keen for something more like a rotary canon or something that says “weapons team” more than laser pistol. The new logo looks like the gun the engineer in Is of Blood set is carrying.

  • Wow, brutal... thanks for posting.

  • Adam Battle reports

    Fleshbeast - - Battle Reports


    Quote from Math-CD: “thanks for the explanations @Adam . Don't you think that thaumaturgy works better with wildheart lists? This is what I usually use for such lists due to the following reasons: - we already got ambush with Kin Eater so totemic is maybe less impactful - thaumaturgy provides good range damage (+ chaff cleaning possibilities) - I love the synergy between smite and 2 Scratapults - giving breath weapons to hunters is very interesting - wrath of god is so good ” I’d argue that tote…

  • I’d laugh if the Dux’s special skill amounts to mind control. Giving one of his stats to a character or casting through them...

  • I feel like clipped wings is probably more linked to weapon type and fluff related rather than a tweaking option for adjusting damage.

  • Shameless self quote to move the post to the mechanics thread. Quote from Fleshbeast: “I think we could do a VS twist to the manifestations mechanic where the Dux gets a different set of special rules based on which supporting character you have as his second in command. It aligns with the character synergy and allow it to support multiple build types. As an example, you could have a base Ld stat being the 2IC+1. This would immediately counter any chance of a base Ld10 issue like we have now. Th…

  • I’m against reduced magic item allowances. It unbalances the core items too much and kills a lot of build options. Limits our own item selection also.