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  • If I could I'd remove favours. I would try to have the sin theme approached in the other way, having effects on the enemy units that are about to turn to sinners. Feldraks could use a BSB option, Path of the fallen and Irredeemable are nice. I think warriors / barbarians is where our book lacks some fun, marks are a heavy mechanic but do not really bring something to the game; those were just a protective approach for the players used to that mechanic.

  • Quote from Nasion "Demon": “If guys has mark shrine doesnt benefit from it witch is fair, but for lust mark for example it start preventing units from feign fly witch is bit problem. ” Actually the unit gains the rules as soon as more then half of it has the favour, 2 warriors are enough to allow the shrine to feign flight... it does not get strider however.

  • Biggest problem I see in our book are favours. It is too hard to balance them and make them all attractive. Some are not played, other are pretty common. If I had one proposal to do, it would be to get rid of those. And bring some units to show the presence of the sins among the army (characters, shrines, and some options for particular units). Like Forsworns could have a sloth option, chosen Knights Wrath ... But the thing is that our book is now gold, so it is not gonna happen soon... And agai…

  • Quote from Shukran: “I just reiterate, im not screaming at balance and opness. I am sad for lies about complexity budget, lies on special rules, book writing methodology that was abandoned after wdg book for a better one(stated when DL released). ” I totally understand what you mean, and was claiming that yeterday to a friend. The WDG was at the extreme limit of the "complexity budget", new books actually seem more complex. To be honest, it is sad for us but a great thing for other armies. The R…

  • Hello guys, I'm creating a small post to gather your feedback as WDG players about the ID book. Try to be constructive

  • Wastes of Wasteland

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    Those guys look great ! Hope you recovered well and wish you the best Happy ! Stay healthy and keep on with the great army project

  • It is clear in the rule, you get the attack value without any modifier, so you just check the attack value mentioned on the unit's profile. You do not get the grinding attacks, or impact hits, those are special attacks, not regular ones. Forsaken ones has no Attack on the profile, so you gain nothing fighting it. Meanwhile... Abomination has 3D6 attacks... you'd get 3D6+1 total.

  • If you win a melee combat and the enemy has more ranks then files, you may decide to immediately make a second turn of melee instead of having your opponent roll a breaktest, if you do so there is no breaktest afterward. Would that help to handle steadfast units that rely only on their number ? Yes Is it the best way? Probably not... Might restrict it to R&F only, characters do not strike a second turn and cant be the target ...

  • All things wargaming

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    That is part of the Girlfriend List... and to be honest, I did not sculpt that one, girlfriend did I am only sculpting the small beasts ^^.

  • Had a blast at the Bash Master, here are the results: 1. Lost 3-17 vs Fredrick and his Daemons, objective (Hold the ground) lost. MVP: Wretched Beasts - LVP: Warriors (but mainly the way I throwed that game...) 2. Won 19-1 vs Godtbil and his WdG, objective (Flags) won. MVP: Mage twins - LVP: none 3. Won 19-1 vs Denis and his UD, objective (Spoils) won. MVP: Wretched Beasts - LVP: Forsaken One 4. Won 18-2 vs Ukrainian and his DE (New team), objective (breaktrough) won. MVP: Mages twins - LVP: Wre…

  • The result for the # of hits is the difference between the 2 rolls. If you want to reroll it both players roll again.

  • Quote from Gajal: “Hi, it is possible to use vanguard move to pass within 12 " of enemy model if the move finish out of the 12 " range. In the French version, translation authorize this but it s not so sure with the english versio. ” Agrees on the translation issue. This move cannot be used to move within 12″ of enemy units. This is decreased to 6″ for enemy units that have either Scouted or Vanguarded. The translation says "A vanguarding unit cannot be within 12" of an enemy unit at the end of …

  • Also, things did not change this year... When a book is in LAB process it is in beta, the previous rules are still available as an official balanced book. Then it is the captain's choice to select which one will be used for the tournament, like they did last year for DL iirc. It is not only an ETC thing, for any tournament TO chooses the ruleset like do they allow supplementary armies or not. It is the same here, except that ETC chose to put that power in the hands of the captains. Imho we shoul…

  • The caster would need to roll a 10+ to cast the spell (because after RM it will be 7+). That final number (after MR modifier) is the goal that the defending player needs to reach to dispell. Example: - Casting value 7, needs a 10 on the dice to succeed - roll 12 => 12-3 =9 spell succeeds - defending player needs a 9+ to dispell

  • Yep, imho both charge are possible using the blocked path rule. It just is not possible to do it without that special rule.

  • Quote from Aeon: “Ok but even in the figure 21 the unit B can declare a charge on C by wheeling. So i don't get it. ” By wheeling it would impact A, and if it wheels the other side there would be no room for C to wheel.

  • In this case I believe you are able to charge the lonely unit and cannot use the blocked path rule. p46 If, after declaring a Charge, a unit is unable to complete the Charge solely due to unengaged enemy units that it could not Charge (normally), or due to the combination of at least 2 unengaged enemy units and one or more Impassable Terrain Features, it can make a special Charge Move as described below. So you can declare a charge on the single model unit then if it flees you can try to redirec…

  • @Wesser Sure, but those would be fun things, and do not forget the possibility to cast the hereditary on your units and move forests ... Also was thinking about units ambushing out of forests ... or maybe a SI allowing to cast the shamanism beast spell out of it... But I do agree 100%, SE should not rely on forests only... Wildlife units would also be a thing, bears, wolves (like real fighting wolves not chaff ones), ... could also be interesting.

  • I would like to see more "forest interactions". I see sylvan elves as ambushers, coming out of the woods and surprising enemies. Ideas about it: - 5+ Aegis for infantry elves in the forest vs ranged attacks (shooting and spells) - +1A / 2M for Trees if they start or end their move in a forest - reroll charge range for cavalry models when charging out of a forest - Models shooting out of the forest measure their range from the forest boarder More ideas can be found, I would not go for the "distra…