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  • It is definitely something to look at. I kinda like the idea of giving our hippo Rage.

  • Notice none of the 50x75 mounts have Mounts Protection.

  • DE LAB updates

    echoCTRL - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from Madsvg: “Many of us have noted that we're interested or hesitant when it comes to how the damage mitigation without extreme movement speeds, armor, magic protection or special rules is supposed to be played out. One of my fears is that we're just going to end up being a "Rush" army where all we want to do is get into CC as quickly as possible, which leaves little to no room for navigation or strategic lining up, unless against other cc specialists. I hope they manage to find a solutio…

  • ID General Chat

    echoCTRL - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from Traumdieb: “@echoCTRL This is a box of pandora. Others would be siege engines vs. infantry or Chaffing in general. I don’t know if 2/3 hits without hard target would be more realistic and an improvement for the game. ” The 2x1 mechanic already is pandora's box. Do you want 1x2 Lances?

  • ID General Chat

    echoCTRL - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from Traumdieb: “Quote from echoCTRL: “2x1 is wider not deeper. Which doesn't really interact with Skirmish units as I would hope the weapon would have. ” Why? Model is broader than the gap between skirmishers so it should still hit twice. Or did I miss something? ” The whole purpose of skirmishes is to simulate being harder to hit with broad area attacks. Testing of historically Blunderbuses found that depending on shot to powder loads they had similar spreads to modern Buckshot, which at…

  • ID General Chat

    echoCTRL - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    2x1 is wider not deeper. Which doesn't really interact with Skirmish units as I would hope the weapon would have.

  • Congratulations on getting your book out. I really like that much of this can be layered directly onto existing games and doesn't need different lists created just to use this book. Including The Weaver as a bound spell and Arcane Collaborators was a great move.

  • Would it be possible to have permission to source some of your ideas for my own adaptation to 2.0?

  • The army really needs some outside players to sanity check it. especially because the army goes so hard into a very different play style than is normal. Need to work on fluff snippets for 21 more entries. But, 8 entries are done.

  • Awesome, I had some epiphanies last night. I finally figured out what Counting Coup should do for the army. Coup was not an honor system, it was bragging rights, and that is what I was failing to understand. So with that in mind a designed a system that empowers characters who have earned. It isn't as powerful as previous versions because it is rarer to earn and not predicated on building up power. I moved Headdresses into Army rules where they serve as substitutes for Banner Enchantments and ca…

  • Quote from Altao: “Is there something about DE guidelines that you could share with us @echoCTRL? (Hope that could quit previous discussion ) ” guidelines are published on the first page. Something that has been a challenge is ballancing the army performance around not having much in the form of protection. We want to preserve tactical play as much as possible. We continue to work on these things.

  • That doesn't mean never apply again. It just means that the teams you applied for either are full, or are not in a position to add people. Layout and Art seem to always be valuable.

  • Okay, I played with it more, and like things much better. I altered the way Spirit Chiefs and Spirit Tribes work. I am not fully satisfied with Totem Warriors or Counting Coup. But those will wait for another revision. I hope to receive some feedback

  • Was making further adjustments today. I am still not happy with Counting Coup, am open to suggestions. I am thinking of going back to handling the Spirit Chief like WDG handles to Exalted Herald, and then making an individual entry for each of the four Spirit Tribes. I might swap Pyromancy for Druidism on Changing Sister. I am thinking this might be the way to go.

  • @IntrigueAtCourt None of these posts you are generating have anything to do with the topic of DE's RT Guidelines. There are already many threads given to what you are talking about, please go join one of those to discuss how you feel the Project should be run. Any comments about DE Guidelines can be posted here by you or anyone else. I want to read input about the DE LAB and these off topic posts detract from that. You are thus actively distracting from what you want to achieve. I spend about 60…

  • Quote from IntrigueAtCourt: “Man this ain't no laughing matter. As a member of the HBE community I'm trying everything I possibly can to reach out and offer my help on these (in my opinion) crucial stages. I've messaged everybody I know, I just cant seem to pierce the veil between regular players and the design team. I don't even know the names of the people that make up the team so to offer anything I have try to go through @Just_Flo just to get a messaged passed along. @DanT I think expressed …

  • Updated the Book. Lots of improvements and adjustments. Welcome all feedback

  • Frankly, if BLT was still around and controlling pricing as they did previously, I wouldn't even bother with a reduced price strategy.

  • Quote from Ludaman: “2 variables you haven’t accounted for: 1. Your cost is hypothetical, you may not get what you want from the RT. 2. You have no Aegis save, meaning you’re taking more wounds in return. I’d rather have tangible bonuses to my damage output rather than the equivalent of goblins on horses with 2+ saves, Cost of units is the one thing out of a designers hands and it’s the one thing your entire army is relying on. Maybe they’ll get the cost right 3 versions from now... maybe ” LAB …

  • Some fun comparisons Min Unit of Highborn Lancers = 78.49580138736765 Min Unit of Knights of Ryma = 49.35404267673102 Min Unit of Knights of the Grail = 66.93440428380187 Min Unit of Barrow Knights vs Standard = 40.96385542168675 (Lethal Strike also not taken into account) Min Unit of Vampire Knights (w/out BotD) = 60.48289543717037 Min Unit of Vampire Knights (w/ BotD) = 51.93464621538362 Min Unit of Warrior Knights (w/out Marks; w/ Lances) = 55.6772544724352 Min Unit of Electoral Cavalry (with…