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  • Quote from Clangeddin Silverbeard: “Only 2 units of chosen and 3 units of CKs is a disgrace. I feel like chosen and CKs should be the iconic flagships in the army (and not 25 freaking feldrak elders). Keep not fielding chosen and CKs, so that they will hopefully get some kind of discount in december... ” The Feldraks don't have a huge showing because they're POPULAR, (or so I'd assume from previous data and all the complaints about them)but because there's a new book out, the new book is powerfu…

  • UD tournaments 2.2

    Palmu - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    I suppose the nerfs to Divination are finally paying dividends, unsurprisingly the army that suffers most from its popularity would rise in numbers when Diviners fall in popularity. UD's fall in numbers may have something to do with it as well, having been a pretty horrible match-up for Daemons beforehand.

  • UD tournaments 2.2

    Palmu - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Huh, didn't expect DL to have such high numbers, actually. Pretty interesting.

  • There's been enough feedback and testing for the first round of changes to get underway. The first round is always undertaken quickly, especially if there are obvious contenders to work on.

  • Well, it doesn't matter WHO the enemy shoots. The point is that you've got healing, and they don't. Thus in a war of attrition, they're already at a disadvantage. Healing is also why undead shooting units can't be too good, because they CAN be returned to the board, making them a very difficult target to remove or reduce to numbers where their shooting isn't an issue. Compare and contrast with dangerous shooting units like Reiters or those HBE shooty gals, that have nasty damage at range but die…

  • Time manipulation was one of the things that was largely buried in the previous work, but which I would really want to see brought to a higher level of obviousness in the book. It's something of high importance in the background, but not something that could be really brought forward within the limits of the previous design phases. Some here might remember that the original name for the Ark's "Well of Souls", was named "Temporal Flux" when it was first teased, and was built on the idea of carele…

  • There's a good question there, still - Would the Steeds be better as a medium price enchanted item, or as an expensive banner? It is my assumption, that being tied to a characters magic item allowance makes a buff item remarkably cheaper than it would otherwise be.

  • Ah, the old guard returns. That's some wonderful news, even if there isn't that much to do at the moment.

  • Well, it's all hypothetical. What really matters, is that the roles of the monsters are properly fleshed out and made appealing in their own ways. We see a much larger amount of Sphinxes over Colossi due to their multipurpose ability and over-all greater reliability, but also because the role of a Colossus in the army is not quite clear enough, I believe. It's a bit of a jack of all trades as far as monsters go, but that's an issue when the Sphinx is much the same. Personally I'd prefer to see o…

  • Stubborn, in-built Regen, higher Rsr, things like that.

  • Quote from Garboq: “I mean I knew I'd be going vs HBE and I've not had much luck getting the catapult to actually hit. I thought with mid armor and low res I'd be fine with archers but… point taken. So if I'm understanding correctly, it's best to just avoid archers altogether? ” Every time I play without archers, I end up missing them. They don't do much, plink a few wounds there, maybe finish off the last wound from a fast cavalry unit there...It's not much, but it stacks up. Sometimes, instead…

  • There's also to consider, the Colossus itself. Comparable per-turn damage to the Sphinx, but much less resilient, and with a price tag that's a bit too close to the fat cat for comfort. Being on a 50x50 base is a nice thing, but...Only really does anything when you misplay the heck out of it. An even bigger question than 'what to do with the soul colossus', is what to do with the colossus? Though, I suppose that's neither here nor there. The Soul Colossus could also feasibly nick an upgrade from…

  • Poor Soulossus is damn near guaranteed to get a large-scale rework the second UD's turn for a LAB comes, and the main question would indeed be 'how'. I happen to be a fan of this style of 'larger than life' support focused monster style as well, like the Idol of the OnG work. During the last design process of UD, we were already toying around with moving the soul colossus back into its own entry as 'Divine Idol', but it didn't pan out back then.

  • If I recall right, access to Cosmos requires acceptance of both Order and Chaos as equally important parts of magic, or the universe. Because of this, WDG who only accept Chaos are unable to use it, and similarly SA who only accept Order are unable to use it.

  • One of the big questions in the LAB work will probably be, what should there be more of? Units, special rules, mounts, effects and so on. What would serve the book the best? Given the uproar against the DL-levels of complexity in the ID book currently, I have doubts that such a slew of *stuff* will be allowed in the next projects. UD has the benefit of being fairly deep into the LAB pipeline, so the system in making them will be honed by the time it happens.

  • On-foot Lords will likely never be popular, simply because of how weak they are to so many things in the game. Immobile, stompable, doomed to having worse saves than other Lords...In the arms race of Lords, on-foot Lords are on the lowest rung, and in general - Being cheap enough to be a good foot lord means you're also cheap enough to be spammable, which means that the price must be pushed out of that range, which means the character is again not worth considering. But since infantry blocks wit…

  • Catapults are skelliebased yes, and there can be a whole two of them on the field. Not quite in the amounts I'd prefer. Having a shooting variant of NG like @imperialengineer alludes to would be interesting, or an outright new sort of unit.

  • When juggling core options, I constantly find myself wishing I could get infantry-based shooting from somewhere other than archers. It's a mild annoyance that all shooting outside core is construct-bases, when I'm trying to play skeletal legions.

  • Yes - The model chosen as the Hierophant, gains the Hierophant special rule.

  • Well...Yes. The rule only affects R&F units in general. It would be strange for Terracotta Pharaohs to pop up to OS/DS 8. The Harbinger can benefit from UW, however - Its rules state that it counts as a R&F model for the purposes of Undying Will.