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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • News GW giant : 0323.jpg 0425.jpg 0510.png 0126.jpg

  • Quote from Bad: “I'm not a very skilled painter but the overall effect is nice i think. Just need to do the banner now ” Very nice you mean! Good job!

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Quality, love the red icons! Do you have pics of them with the rest of your army? ” I don't have any recent pic of my army, but here is one taken 3 years ago. (Hidden Content) A lot of things have been added since, you'll see some in my gallery…p?image-list/&userID=2164

  • I just finished my boars riders! Take care guys! 200411115228776757.jpg

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Light Infantry updated, please have a look and let me know what is missing. And if you feel like helping with the library, let me know! EoS needs someone with more knowledge to update the last 3 years. Quote from SenecaJr: “I'm using some Perry Miniatures to start a new EoS army. What do you guys use to represent repeaters or long rifles used in Light Infantry upgrades? ” While updating light infantry I found these: Lead Adventure BRU-54 Long Rifle Sharpshooter Team 1 (2)…

  • Quote from WoeRie: “Quote from aus_lo: “Recieved my two boxes of forest goblins and some characters from the kickstarter just before new years. No time to build them yet, but quality of the plastic sprues look very good. Nice detail and many options.Hand weapon, shields, bows and spears. ” Lucky One... mine is still on "Status: Processed" ” Same. Cant wait To have mine!

  • I already tought too of a long rifle spam, but using the whole potential of enginneer : with lith infantry and war machine. Here is a list with 6 long rifles. (Hidden Content) ... And another one with even more. (Hidden Content) Volley gun may be remplaced by a mortar.

  • Models for the Makhar

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    Quote from Yilmi: “Quote from Alexbbr: “I have some and l confirm, the plastic is not soft and easy To paint. Scale is good. These models are great! ” The scale is 35 mm like stromcast Ethernal from GW, so a little bit big compare to our 28 mm game. Still can fit but there is a difference, ok for some and not ok for others (hobby point of view) :). ” Hm definetly no 35mm. 32 mm, and still, not sure. GW is not a good reference because their 28mm is heroic size. Check out my image, I have lanniste…

  • Makhar Discussion

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    Quote from Ghiznuk: “Someone told me they're not the right size ” If I may. Someone is wrong. I have some ice and fire models and the size is great. The difference with GW models is minimized. Here a picture of mine to show you (the champ in middle is GW, others are ice and fire) : (Hidden Content)

  • Models for the Makhar

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    I have some and l confirm, the plastic is not soft and easy To paint. Scale is good. These models are great!

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Nice, great to see them fit on the bases well. Any trouble ranking them up? Great work on the painting!! ” Quite difficult to ranking them up actually (because of the sword and the way they hold it). We have to be smart on the positionning. You can see on the picture that I put some group of 3 models on a 40x40 mm base (count as 4 guys). This way they are easier to ranking up and save me some models (they are actually 27 models in this unit and not 30).

  • I just finished my 30 imperial guard with sword and board. The figures are from Cmon : a song of Ice and Fire. They are lannisters guardmen. 190804082703830631.jpg 190804082703172012.jpg 190804085840727267.jpg 190804082702354493.jpg I recommand you their models, very nice and easy to paint, compatible with GW models in term of scales. A big part of their range is useful for an Empire of Soonsthal army.

  • Kdown's Chronolog

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    Look so cool! Great job!

  • A new giant for our greenskins : Krunk-6.jpg

  • Quote from Ondjage: “Does anyone have a reccommendation for Imperial Guards with sword and board? I have been looking around but not found any good options. ” I use Lannister Guardsmen from Cmon game : A song of ice and fire Here is the first one : 190628094227206588.jpg

  • Just finished my Inquisitor on horse! 190624085243299956.jpg 190624085242367651.jpg

  • @Little Joe : Awesome painting! Love this spider force!

  • What a topic! So inspiring! I love the attention of the details. Your building are gorgerous. If you like medieval city, please let me show you some cities that we have here in France, hope it will inspire you work as it inspire me. (Hidden Content) And more and more... Keep up the good work!

  • Troll plastic kit from LoTr. With kind of Wurzzagh mask? Really nice!

  • Thanks Bloody sergents ; yes, models are from C mon, ice and fire game. There is a lot of cool minis in this game than can be use for an empire army. Here is another picture with a champion GW model. We dont see clearly on this picrure, but cmon model are little taller than gw ones, but not a big deal at all.