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  • i re-tuned after 3 month to the forum just to see what's happened with the de xbows... still nothing sure, just the usual chatters ... i'm thinkin'to stitch them beards and use them as dworfs.

  • Langley miniatures. It is (except the tail) the old gw metal manticore with the necromancer on top of it. (maybe gw bought the model and changed part of it, or other way around langley bought from gw, idk) otherwise try to assemble plastic toys parts. I've seen various ID monster made this way.

  • Kislev and dogs of war being the most expensive models on ebay tickled gw spider's sense for money. imho expect a recast of everything, at an insanely high price. start saving now! i hope for tuttifrutty skeletons, those guys with leopard skins over their heads, marksmen of mitragliando, dwarven onepiece, and at last vespro assassins creed.

  • Quote from RHworldbuilding: “only brilliant women and girls will like/understand the game ” A.K.A women and girls on Keto diet.

  • gw has made wh world bg in many years. mostly playing games for fun or testing and balancing. the records of their games became the bg backbone. later they begun to have writers write novels about their imaginary world. t9a is a distributed association. there is no HQ where to play casual games for bg creation. who would be the player whose games should ascends to official bg? sort this by lottery? have a statistical collection of games results? (like the gw's albion campaign in the past). host …

  • those will be exactly as they said. a chemical wonder that will make life easy to the majority of gamers uninterested toward painting, people that want stuff painted fast. at the price of a globally standardized look of the minis. killing the amateur painters in the middle of the quality scale and the "no airbrush yet" pro painter. it is a "middle class killer" crisis.

  • sorry for the OT. could someone into the copyright fetish explain me how is possible that the word Regeneration is copyrighted? there are a lot of uses of the word regeneration: d&d, almost every fantasy videogame, sci-fi and fantasy novel since the early '50. i dont get it.

  • owl swarms. bears. owlbears. mushroommen(seems there are no more orcs-fungi, so why not move fungi to SE). mould elementals. gigantic moss and rock elementals sleeping and waking up when a declared unit suffer enough losses. but above everything dont forget to scream clear and loud... JUMANJI!

  • Burning phoenixes in a wooden creatures' army seems a bit dangerous. in the '90 there was a game of cards with lands of five colors and a lot of iconic rapresentations of forestal fantasy creatures. maybe the bg team can find better inspiration from other games. or from camping in an actual forest.

  • ked Wheels Scholars believe that people of the steppes—a wild grassy plain running from Hungary to China through Central Asia—domesticated the horse and created the first spoked-wheel chariot around 2000 B.C. North-south trade routes brought both horses and spoked wheels to the Near East cultures of Mesopotamia, Iran, Syria, Persia and Egypt. Spoked wheels were a major improvement on the heavier solid wheels, allowing a lighter, speedier vehicle. Uses of Chariots on the Battlefield Different arm…

  • For one thousand years, chariots rolled through the Middle East, terrifying armies, destroying infantry lines and changing the face of war. Sumerians used heavy battlewagons with solid wheels drawn by wild xxxxx around 2600 B.C. Until the innovation of spoked wheels, the weight of the battlewagons hindered their utility in war. The domestication of the horse inspired further chariot innovation as horses increased chariot mobility and speed. Drawn by horses, with lighter carts and spoked wheels, …

  • (early) chariots = war wagons (late) chariots (schyted or not) = missile: the drivers often jumped out of chassis and let inertia do the work.

  • often i'm missing few point and have to cut off something from the list. we should get "bad skills" to get those 5/10 pt. example: crippled arm, -1 off. -5pt from the model cost. (or leg. or eye. or random sneeze that hinder magic casting.) these skill should give less points than the real value of the reduction. to prevent abusing. here you have a way to a deeper customization.

  • Legions from the frozen wastes

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    the old name of the feldrak elder is feldrak. with time he became elder. if you wait some more he will become ancient.

  • Quote from Squirrelloid: “You know, the easiest solution to characters is probably ban non-wizard characters, and then introduce the following rules: Wizard characters may not take any options besides upgrading to Wizard Adept. Any unit champion may be upgraded to the general of the army for +X points. It gains +2 HP, Discipline +1, and Inspiring Presence. Any unit champion may be upgraded to the Battle Standard Bearer of the Army for +Y points. It gains +2 HP and Rally Around the Flag. My guess…

  • @Squirrelloid the manacled hulk hogan should be a dacian. they really had t-shirt. i painted one of them as magic johnson (sleeveless shirt. warlord miniatures) (sorry no photo. that phone is gone)

  • units of 2 trolls, or brazen beast riders, or whatever on 40mm+ bases.. why field 2 of them. just remove them. so the player can focus on core troops and get 3000 pt faster adding big guys at the end.

  • i dont say your proposal is not good. i say: can a novice player (12-15 yo, i hope) start by downloading his army book and,checking your table (wich is perfect as it is), make all the modification? isnt making a specific book simpler? like: "this is your book until you gets 3000 pt of minis".

  • what means "to learn"? do you memorize every profile and try to get every combo before the game starts? do novice players that needs quickstarter are born as ultra competitive tournaments maniac? dont an entry level book give extra longevity to the game? dont a "items and combo free" environment reduce frustration? ever played casually against an hardcore player? less complexity could be an addition of complexity that needs to be learned for being forgotten?

  • quicker to use certainly. as a player i dont like the current way of customization of armies. an example: 3 of "a strong monster" ( giant. cyclop. chimerae etc ) even 2 of them are too much. i have seen something like 3 (vc) arcane machines in an army . or a beastmen army with 18! razortusk herds (2x9). even the use of magic items is against my taste. heroes have a better profile and that should be enough to represent the might of the hero. if a book of reduced army choice, and nerfed to the bon…