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  • Quote from subspace: “Quote from albertoalter: “If a unit with strider flee through an Impassable terrain, does it have to take DT test? ” No, they don't take DT tests thanks to Strider. (Also the guy above me is wrong.) ” Strider auto-passes such tests, but yes there is a test there. Not sure when it would matter, the distinction that you do test for Dangerous Terrain and auto pass Versus ignoring the tests, but the distinction is there.

  • Totally joking here: Look, two hope harvesters (with engine of destruction)……12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 Really amusing to me when I realized that this guy would fit on two 150x100 mm bases. Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Reminder: I *like* your sci-fi armies ” linking you here....

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “OMG, how I managed to miss it? ” It's kinda hidden, all the other DL units get 1 manifestation, so you don't look for it.

  •…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 Comes on a 40mm base, but I've seen it in person and if you ignore the spear hanging off the side, it would easily fit on a 20mm square with room to spare. Model would make a great vampire. Really cool looking.

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

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    Picked this gal up at severe discount: JAIMs.jpg That's a 40mm base. Some tweaking of the pose and basing. I think I'm going to run this as Kuulima's Deciever. Hard to tell from the picture, but the model is abnormally tall, which is good to represent a Res 5 deciever that fits on the same base as our Res 3 core units. A very powerful woman in a powerful pose. I really like it.

  •…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 Went back over the models with the blue outer color, now the white squad markings are cleaned up.…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 Touch ups again, this time red…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 These guys are done, so "saved progress" again with the gloss spray.…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 On left, little highlight on eyes of jack and gems on squad lead. On right…

  •…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 Then I "drybrush" over the rust with "oilly steel"…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 Brown for robes and "wood/leather" A brighter blue laid over the dark blue…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 A bright red laid over the darker red…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 At this point, a few bits are finished, so I "save …

  • Okay, so a buddy was being pesimistic about painting, so I made up a "step by step" of my imperfect paint scheme. Models are Privateer Press Protectorate and aren't really T9A, but could potentially be Forsworn: Step by step of Reckoner and Cinerators (with really scaled down resolution):…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953…12275c3b32c4b71a901394953 So that's the models when I started. I decided that the ebay seller's paint job was thin enough …

  • Unconventional Beasts (BH)

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    Keep forgetting to post the updated bear:……12275c3b32c4b71a901394953

  • Another:……12275c3b32c4b71a901394953

  • Quote from Chronocide: “My buddies have gotten into Warmahordes, and some pressure got directed my way, long story short, my WDG is going to gain some dual-game models. ”……………12275c3b32c4b71a901394953

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Quote from Thannak: “(Hidden Content) ” HP. Wounds is another game.

  • As long as you are redoing the layout, any chance you could rename the Engineer to Dwarven Engineer(or something like that)? It's one of the only unit names that's also a universal rule, which makes for a very weird lexicon.

  • Unconventional Beasts (BH)

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    Huh, haven't been able to get the eye pupils to turn out on those cyclops models. Do you think leaving them white would work? Also, third cyclops isn't arriving. I have to reorder, shipper decided it wasn't worth shipping what they said they'd ship so I got a refund and wasted a month waiting for nothing...

  • Quote from Krokz: “Quote from Squee: “You rework the function of the altar to no longer be a non-game threat (the only times wrath of god is worth casting over other things have been when the opponents deploy 30"+ away from you and don't come forward). That would make sense if you are trying to encourage the cultists to be aggressors by taking away their incentive to castle; but then this piece is a basically static warmachine and unlikely to have any extra reach compared to your wizards - so it…

  • Quote from Nicreap: “Quote from dan: “Just as an aside, I don’t consider any unit with a single character to be a Death Star. In my opinion a Death Star actually needs to meet two criteria: 1) The unit is unassailable without a disproportionate investment in resources. 2) The total points for the unit/characters are high enough that you can’t win the game without dealing with it. In other words a true Death Star presents opponents with a catch 22: in the simplest of oversimplifications, you’re u…

  • Quote from Little Joe: “I did a quick update on the steam tank library. Please have a look and tell me what to remove or add. ” I think this one is out of place: It's the horses that don't fit, as EoS has other units that are constructs and do have horse components. Also, that model is on a 120mm round and is hanging off the base... Or is the idea that you assemble it without the horses? Privateer Press (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from greentide: “The mortar and the volley gun equivalent look fine, the steel cannon is just so WWI- for me it would never fit into renaissance style empire gun emplacements. ” They are all kinda WW1. And you could assemble the model without that gun shield, if you want a more "pirate ship cannon" look. I guess if you've decided that your empire is of a particular real world time period, should stick to that. EoS could represent any number of eras in real history, especially if you don't …

  • @Little Joe I really like that metal sculpture.

  • Chronocide's Tanks and such (EoS)

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    Not tank related, but EoS in general. started some Protectorate for warmahordes, but my game loyalties are mixed, so here's a mortar crew in progress:……12275c3b32c4b71a901394953