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  • Age of Single models?

    Cam - - General Discussion


    Quote from rolan: “I absolutely disagree with berti, the movement single models have is absolutely right. It's intuitive, and it fits the way light troops move, and single models can of course move as light troops do as they are the essence of non-formation. ” They have a rank so aren’t light troops.

  • Quote from CariadocThorne: “I think you are reading the guidelines too strictly. A quick comparison of the ID book and guidelines should tell you how flexible the guidelines are. ” While I get your point and as a DE player want to agree.... Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “I think Forge Wardens are a prime candidate to get March and Shoot. They have elite stats so shouldn't be shying away from combat. As for the gun, I'd really like to see Strength 4, AP0 on this cause it feels more like a typical flaming attack. Keeping Range 18" is fine. But then I would change the (Always hit on 2+) to just )Aim 2+). This helps compensate for the strength and March and Shoot. Second design suggestion for the gun: Range 12" Strength 4, AP0. Autohit. and u…

  • Why would you need to limit shooting if you have special deployment when we don’t currently?

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Quote from The Changing Constant: “@WhammeWhamme, Thank you for being so patience, providing insight to the internal process, and providing/exposing number based arguments. I think dropping clipped wings and bumping rocket artillery to 280 points will bring it much more in line with other artillery(slightly low but within 10% which is not uncommon to see for other army books). To reiterate some of the static rocket battery(RB)/organ gun(OG) comparison: - +6 inches range an…

  • Models for the Dwarven Holds

    Cam - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Quote from Darguth: “Kyoushuneko's July Release: 1.png 1.png ” Came on to share these. Look brilliant. Shame I already own more seekers than I can field!

  • Quote from The Changing Constant: “@Tyranno, ID have occultism with rot with in, Deceptive Glamour from Witchcraft and the rod of battle, all to buff hitting. So ID definitely have the ability to buff hitting, though I am not sure how often in practice it comes into play. ” Deceptive glamour is actually very good for ID.

  • Haha no worries didn’t think it was a plot! Like I said I asked about the engineer being included as I was trying to figure it out while being lazy and it seemed a little off. Very easily done. Accurate is huge, but given you almost always see organ guns with engineer all you’d do is move the ID wizards over to nezibkesh for 5 points if you remove it surely? In turn making the ID gun line static. Also people are going to be affected by remembering spikes against them when opining on them, which …

  • @WhammeWhamme, thanks for that (and sorry for opening a can of worms). As @Danrakh pointed out the 16% increase in damage is a misnomer as organ guns are not accurate and no account has been made for that so that is not really an accurate figure. It’s why I asked if the engineer was included. I have meant to do the maths for ages and never bothered so cheers. I think the 6” range is pretty big it given the distance between deployment zones it generally leads to an extra round of shooting at 30”v…

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “I did the math earlier this week. Assuming I made no mistakes and you're a target with 3+ HP (That is, if the d3 wounds is fully relevant), but don't have flying, the Rocket Battery does (on average) 16% less damage than a runed-up Organ Gun would do to you, ignoring the 14% chance of a misfire. Same S (more or less), same AP, and assuming same range modifiers (Emplaced RBT has an extra 6" range). It's a little swingier (better chances of getting 3 wounds if on average …

  • It’s not too bad nah. Obviously nobody wants to be last though! Table for those interested (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “if the lowest scoring army is averaging 10.75 per game then who is losing to them? ” Only 10.75 in the last round. 435 points over 12 players. Average points 36.25. Average per game 9.06.

  • It can also go on corners!

  • 9th Scroll update feedback

    Cam - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from berti: “I would change the rules for the leviathan, if a transport should even stay in the game...make it the intention of creating a mist area. No ambush, but coming out of the mist at will. Of course no charge, but the placement as in the description, but with no allowance to reform immediatly but just do a normal advance move. Perhaps even no placement if the leviathan did a charge. The thing that should not be there is a dice roll if the unit is able to leave the mist/transport. T…

  • Don’t see the issue with the assassin being the manslayer myself but I reckon I have less of an attachment to them than some in here.

  • Hold guardian character. Game/hobby wise = cool. Fluff wise = not. I’d like the anvil mount as a war platform and the current anvil as a non character choice (although wouldn’t massively bother me if it didn’t. Just doesn’t make sense). More importantly I’d like the anti magic to lose “runic smith only”.

  • 9th Scroll update feedback

    Cam - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from berti: “I would realy prefer a hereditary aura around a target unit that gives hard target/MR creating a magic mist around the target unit. (all units within 6" aura) I could even imagine this beeing the spell or ability of the medusa. ” I mean we have scrying. But that seems to be being removed. Or not. Don’t know, mixed messages.

  • 9th Scroll update feedback

    Cam - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Would be extremely difficult for EoS/DH as their small arms is unwieldy and warmachines are what are relied upon to take down these things.

  • Always liked that model for DE, glad to see someone with more ability than me is giving it a go!