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  • Quote from Just_Flo: “Eine Battlescribe Pflicht heißt dass man mich selbst wenn Corona durch ist nicht sehen wird ” Ein kampf gegen Windmühlen?:D verstehe nicht so ganz was du gegen BS hast

  • Quote from Kreln: “I dont know. Giants for KoE or DH are just not my thing. I think they are great and both army benefit a lot from them but... I dont know fluff wise. I think 9th age is moving towards AoS/skirmish game style with all armies using tons of monsters amd cowboys ” It is a supplement. It is not an forced addition. It is more like. Hey some guys had free time and made this fun addition. Perhaps SOME will like it and some will hate it. Feel free to use IF you want^^

  • Quote from AEnoriel: “Quote from Marcos24: “But it’s just a supplement so thankfully we can ignore it if we choose ” It started as a supplement and April Fool prank on April 1st and was made official on April 2nd.You may choose not to play a Giant, but I'm afraid you can't ignore it anymore. @Discoqing & @Klexe : Any picture of your giants ? ” Just orderd it. Still dont have it

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Between Lightning Reflexes, Hatred and bespoke AWSRs, it is very common for armies to be able to make their elite combat units/models hite reliably. ” What is this "hit reliably" you are talking about?:D

  • I also orderd one giant. Will hopefully try it soon

  • Quote from Giladis: “@Klexe and the rest in T9A Chaos is not chaotic as is the case in some other settings. Thos has been repeatedly stated for nigh 5 years now yet I keep reading such statements. Chaos in T9A is the mythological/cosmological Chaos since we drew inspiration from there to create the two principal opposing forces in the setting both theologically and phisically. ” I cant follow you here

  • Viel spaß euch! Vorschlag: Name in BBC umbennen. Bavaria Bellum Cup?:D kleiner scherz zum Tag

  • Don't get me wrong. Nice discussion feel free to discuss this in the gernal thread or make a new one dopey

  • Btw it is weird for me right now to say this.. but this is not a discussion topic. Plz refrain from talking I will delete all of this tomorrow

  • Quote from Dopey: “Because claiming to be the anti-force to an army specifically devoted to Father Chaos puts you in the camp of Mother Cosmos ” how about no?^^ Quote from Dopey: “but it makes little sense with the structure of the army. The Kingdoms and Kings, knights and damsels, seem like they're living for their own sakes, being flawed and virtuous here and there, committed to chivalry and adultery in the same breath. I'm telling you, defining The Lady as Mother Cosmos (or some aspect of her…

  • Quote from Dopey: “The whole point I've been trying to highlight, and indeed the whole point of me even being here, is that the only divider we have in 9th age is: - Mother Cosmos - Father Chaos That's it. There is no Good vs Evil. Raven is right: everyone is grey. So in regards to KoE, my questions revolved around this: why are people assuming that KoE is inherently oriented around Mother Cosmos? Because claiming to be the anti-force to an army specifically devoted to Father Chaos puts you in t…

  • Yes...there are no good and bad guys? well i am the good guys. Thats my personal opinion. Good: - EoS - SE - HBE - KoE - DH Bad: - WDG - DL - ID - VC Rest neutral

  • Btw i fear the day when we get convulated and weird background for the new KoE book when most people dont really want that. KoE players are one of the most modest players around. We want old stuff, we want low fantasy, we dont want to reinvented the wheel. If you get what i mean. We could be called oldschool. We like DnD, heroes of might and magic, conan, arthurian legends and other historic stuff. These things where never a spark of creativity. Well that is my PERSONAL opinion and nothing else

  • Imo you dont see it simple enough. They are called warrios of the DARK gods. Not chaos? They are dark. Most people just see that => they are dark, evil, chaos whatever you name it. Then we have grail knights in our book and the whole army is around the grail and praying. The grail is THE symbol of the light! It is called the holy grail. A relic of the good vs the evil I dont care about cosmos and whatsoever and for me WDG = evil and KoE = good. Quote from Dopey: “thought they were a bunch of kni…

  • Quote from Dopey: “Why is KoE/The Lady seen as the opposite of the Dark Gods? IMO, they're not. It's a regional kingdom with a strong belief in a local goddess. Meta talk here: why are posters so bent on setting up a light/dark duality specifying the Kingdom of Equitaine as the standard bearers of a polar opposite to Chaos? The opposite to Chaos is Cosmos: is the Lady 'Mother Cosmos" herself? Does the KoE faction strike you as ordered? Look at the magic available to Equitaine- this doesn't strik…

  • Quote from Little Joe: “75mm miniatures, great KoE giants. ” Galahead is only a Big brother giant. He is bigger then the others i think. They are 75mm. A GW normal giant is about 4inch = 101,6 So they are 3/4 of a normal Giant. They are perfect for that imo

  • Ich feier am Freitag. Werde Samstag also wohl auser gefecht sein^^ viel spaß euch! Falls Sonntag aber einer will wäre das was

  • 10e594799f0d26e449c46051be6a6e83_original.jpg There is a Kickstarter for 75mm figures from Arthurian legends. Perfect for giant supplement. I think this model could be very interesting for EoS. There are also some models in heavy plate armor Go check it out.…urian-legends/description

  • f8494dcab64572a143707e109fc9e100_original.jpg c69a289abf887d78e92c9d5d6c32be70_original.jpg 8303dd3204e323848d535d0bbe94643f_original.jpg

  • Hey guys. We have currently perfect option to get some very very nice giants for KoE in a Kickstarter. Kickstarter link You can get the green knight, the lady, Arthur pendragon and many more. Even one on horse galahead but he is too big imo. Perhaps as big brother option? I personally will buy the green knight as giant for my army