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  • Petition to have all units with Stomp and Flaming Attacks go to Off/Def 1 and double their Stomp attacks as their feet are on fire and they frantically dance around in pain.

  • Quote from 20phoenix: “What's the definition of large? ” 19.A.a Height Large size models have Stomp Attacks (1) 3 is the Minimum number of models required to form Full Rank 3 is the Maximum number of Supporting Attacks 2 is the Number of D6 rolled when performing Dangerous Terrain Tests Jokes aside, the difference is quite significant: Mars: 11.5 x 6.5 x 15 cm Saturn: 19 x 12 x 20 cm

  • Aycubic Photon (/S) and the Elegoo Mars (/Pro) are widely regarded as the best entry level SLA printers due to being the best in the categories of bang for buck and community support. If you think you're gonna want to print large models, the Elegoo Saturn is coming out later this year. In addition, it also boast an impressive print speed compared to other printers but we'll see how the final product holds up when it launches - previews look promising.

  • Most cheese are more or less the same. (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from MyrdWyrlyrck: “It's probably the only thing in the game using this base, even if any alternative model would better fit on the 50x75mm base. (Some even 50x50mm) I just don't understand how a game that tries to support smaller model-companies is supporting a GW Product so hard, that it even adopts the thought of turning a "standard" base-size by 90° to create a whole new base-size. (Just wanted to get this off my chest...) ” I think the big trees of SE also use this base size. Maybe an…

  • Quote from Nerocrossius: “the imperial giant will never have more than 13 attacks with big brother and big fan of sunna. ” fe978afc2859e66ae305473a5ab91c4b.gif

  • Looking pretty good

  • Yeah, looks like a solid start. Depending on what kind of models you wanna get you may want to start with less Militia and more Heavy infantry (40 would be enough for one big unit or two support units). You can also probably start with 10 Electoral. 15 is quite a bit for starting IMO. I'd instead boost Imperial Guards or Flaggies to 25. Likewise, you can start with 5 Reiters. Having 10 is fine too but again, not necessary a starting size IMO. I'd make sure to get a buff wagon of some kind. Eithe…

  • Quote from JimMorr: “Why linking this topic on FB I get this icon...?…f84596b4f7b10486d011d91e4 ” giphy.gif

  • mmmm depending on how it's done. What nobody appreciates is people going into a group about Game A to tell them about Game B. However, when discussing rules or models, throwing in a reference to how company X does their models or how T9A does their rules, that's productive.

  • ^ That's a good point. You might be able to fit smaller giants on 50x75mm bases and use them as chariots.

  • There is a Giant Supplement that introduces a variety of Giants to many armies that haven't had access to them before. As far as an army consisting entirely of Giants is very unlikely. The entire reason we have army categories is to prevent things like monster mash and an all-giant faction would just break that. Ogres is probably the closest you'll get. That being said, there's nothing stopping you or anyone else from making a Homebrew Book and post it, see what people think

  • Fantasy.....

    Hombre de Mundo - - General Discussion


    Overall, T9A's setting and philosophy on this works because technology isn't a game changer in this universe. In real life, new tech changes the way wars are fought. You started with sticks and stones. Then, someone attached a rock to a stick to make a heavy club, dealing a lot more damage than sticks! Then, someone made a shield which offered a huge advantage against clubs! Etc and so on... Basically, you had to keep up with the arms race or be left in the dust. T9A doesn't work like that becau…

  • Fantasy.....

    Hombre de Mundo - - General Discussion


    Historically speaking, crossbows are waaay older than most people think they are.

  • Quote from Empire AB: “Death Warrant Enchantment: Hand Weapon. ” So yeah, can't use this with paired weapons.

  • T9A @ Spiel 2020

    Hombre de Mundo - - General Discussion


    What was the level of experience/knowledge of the general crowd last year? I'd imagine that in this kind of event, saying something like "spiritual successor to Warhammer Fantasy" would be enough to get the message across effectively in a single sentence. Basically, if you were ever interested in that thing you already know, you will probably like our thing.

  • Quote from fjugin: “ Quote from skipschnit: “Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “Quote from Cosmology Spell Command of Continuity: “Choose a spell with duration One Turn that wassuccessfully cast during this Magic Phase and for which the target of Command of Continuity was a target. The effect of the chosen spell lasts until the start of the next friendly Magic Phase. ” I, ehm... what? ” Casting the Command spell allows you to copy another spell that you have already successfully cast that magic phase.…

  • Quote from Cosmology Spell Command of Continuity: “Choose a spell with duration One Turn that wassuccessfully cast during this Magic Phase and for which the target of Command of Continuity was a target. The effect of the chosen spell lasts until the start of the next friendly Magic Phase. ” I, ehm... what?

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “ He can be a good caster and fighter. Adept is not bad! Ogre Khans are not bad! He just can't be top tier in both, because VS aren't supposed to be a super-elite army. ” I think that's fair, although I'd very much like for there to be some sort of customization to the entry. Not necessarily having access to a range of weapons and magic items like other character but at least something.

  • I posted this in a previous thread but since it came up: Please put the Dux on a normal base like 50x100 (gigantic) or 50x75 (large). No more silly 75x50. It's really hard to fit a larger model onto a base like that unless you have the GW Vermin Lord.