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  • How could they be similar in durability with def 3 compare to 5 No parry, No wound max on 4+ Armor 0 compare to armor 3 ? seems like a lot of difference.

  • Do somebody try immortal spam ? I just read the new book today ^^, and i discover immortal rules. Ouch this is pretty incredible. I play EoS and often with a death star of Imperial guard with great weapon. for 23pts per model. they do an incredible work. But here for only 26pts you got an unit bodyguard and great weapon, but far more better than IG. Move faster, wounded max on 4+, leadership 9, parry, aegis against fire. If i was playing ID and got model i would definitly try something like 2 or…

  • Bolt trower could be destroyed by your own artillery and crossbow easily. EoS have a strong Shoot power. I dont play Marshall on griffon, too costy for me. But if i was playing him, i would hide him 3 turn, time to destroy main threat with my gunline. Then i will move out and charge quickly.

  • Quote from saint_barbara: “I've advocated for this 2 years ago Check out my threads in (m) internal. Fluff only in books like circling the abyss. ” Our lobbying will pay one day !

  • Si tu es prêt à payer, tu peux faire des recherche d'artistes faisant du character design, sur des plateforme plus spécialisé. La team art de T9A n'est pas très étoffé, ni très active sur le forum. Je te recommande de fouiller par exemple sur artstation, platforme internationale avec de nombreux artiste talentueux. Sinon passer par Giladis ou Thorsen pour avoir le mail perso de l'artiste T9A que tu veux contacter.

  • Fluff in The 9th Age

    Casp - - Background & Stories


    A simple solution to solve this, would be to continue to make only in-world official publication. Its the line from T9A since the beginning, there is no reason to change it. But give also a public access to internal wiki for people interested, maybe on resquest. Not like a publication, but just for curious people who want to get same information than team. with a warning, that inform those informaitons are work material, and not an official publication, that coud potentially see some change if t…

  • Fluff in The 9th Age

    Casp - - Background & Stories


    Quote from Giladis: “I would rather dispel expectations than leave people in false hope. ” But then could people hope that BGT release those information in futur ? (in a way that respect narrative choice, but satisfy the ask of the community)

  • Fluff in The 9th Age

    Casp - - Background & Stories


    Quote from Giladis: “The closest thing to a timeline we have published so far is the World Hymn. We have developed the internal timeline but publishing anything beyond the portion dealing with the 9th age would be against our chosen narrative style and setting. ” You realized that community dont really like to hear that kind of information ? I understand the reason, but i beleive its better to not say nothing, than BGT know it, but community is not allow to know... What would be cool to hear is …

  • Personally I would remove forest ranger, and make great weapon an option for Forest guard. I never liked this unit create to sell model. It make the army too similar to other elves factions. For elite close combat we have tree , kurnous & blade it’s enough.

  • About recruit; you can see on the website, the stat of all team: As you can see 6 team really need help: HR support, PR, Layout, Art, Translation, PT About time line for my own team task: for Art team i would say. - Finish ID LAB. - Start DE illustration. for website team - Add some fluff module on the website - Long terme pass from SPIP to WP.

  • This image has been uploaded in Post #2 of this topic. Thats why.

  • Never promote T9A on a groupe dedicaced to an other game. Will automaticly create the reverse effect. BUT ! When it is justify to just quote T9A into a conversation already existing, not to promote the game, but because it is consistant with the conversation. This is great. Just to remember people that T9A exist, and some people do some cool stuff with it like awseome conversion etc.. (i do it sometimes with success.. I throw some line, and sometimes, somebody react, and then if i am in an answe…

  • SE archers should be the best of all T9a I my opinion. they deserve a real special bow. at long range choose between Multiple shoot (2) s3 - or just s3 with +6 range At short range choose between Multiple shoot (2) s3 - or s4 ap1 would each represent the choice to pull the arc at maximum strength or shoot fast.

  • #48 / Retreat

    Casp - - Secondary Objectives Proposals


    I dont know i think it should be tested to see really how it impact game. Center would be weird. But all side could be good . A specific hole to escape, could be good too, but seems a bit complex. I think about something really more simple. You play the game, but more you come close to the 6 turn, the more you think to escape your unit, and colme close of the board edge ^^..

  • Quote from DanT: “Interesting. So it seems whilst there is some support for the "tree anvil and elf shooting" amongst the early responses, there is also a strong contingent of something like "run around quickly, make the enemy try to run in every direction and then pounce on isolated parts". One further flavour question: What should be the circumstances under which SE lose? (From a flavour/big picture perspective still; e.g. for EoS my answer would be something like "when the battleline gets dis…

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “I just saw this post. ...recent insights into the Dread Elf design process show that Dread Elves use "shadow mists" for close ranges shenanigans. No details yet on those shenanigans. --------------------------------------- Well no reason for SE to not have same kind of magic, after all it’s same people. Just related the more to natural element for SE because it’s how they see the world. I don't want to see gimmicky army widerules tacked onto the elf books just to deal wit…

  • @DanT magical forest and fog appearS on the battle field. And then just wait during archer shoot to the enemy. When enemy enter into forest they are slaughter by elves and strange wood spirit. Or enter into fog and loose direction. sometime a deadly cavalry should go out of the fog to strike an unit then des appear again once the fight is a success. a fight against SE should be something really disturbing and confunsing. As long battle go in the right direction for SE, you should have the sensat…

  • Quote from Shino: “but model only has one set of defenwsive stats, so there is no "bearer toughness" RAW if a wizard is in combat with daemon they will swap their stats, so wizard will be r6, while daemon will get only r5 out of curiosity. since focused spells also apply to mdel part, does sniper spell doing 3 wounds to wizard on said mount remove whole model, as wixzard is reduced to 0 hp (he has 3 in his own profile, while 5 is from combined profile with mount)? ” Humm..You make me doubt. Neve…

  • Quote from Shino: “mount is not a special item, so check rather 19.B.3 than 22.B.b ” Locket of Sunna is a special item. The rules clearly write, that it apply to the bearer and not to his mount. The locket specify, it apply to the bearer. It also specify, that you swap with a model part with neither Harnessed nor Inanimate. Mount arent take in consideration when using a locket. Rules 22.B.b: • The wielder, wearer, or bearer: these terms mean the same thing for rules purposes and refer to the mod…

  • Quote from AEnoriel: “The difficulty comes from the part "Line of Sight cannot be drawn to targets outside the unit’s Front Arc..." which doesn't consider the Damsel as a "single fig" unit inside another big unit. ” I agree.. RAW it look like the damsel would not be allowed to cast a spell outside of the unit frotn arc, wich is weird. Quote from Shino: “bearer stat is 5 when mounted on the mount ” No See rules 22.B.b