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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • I really don’t see separate books happening. 16 main army books is already a huge workload to update, plus the supplementary ones. Also, it would have a significant impact on the versatility of each army if one faction were stripped out. For me the main appeal of O&G (other than the background) is that I can have so many different play styles, all within the same book. I would fear that both the standalone factions would become quite restricted in how they could be played.

  • Quote from Dahnasj: “I would love to see line formation goblins keeping their rank bonuses. This would really help with the horde feel of goblins. ” This is a great idea. Not at all making them over powered but but a little boost that will make them a bit better in combat.

  • I’ll start on the B’s. B1 - B3 for the time being

  • Do scouts count when determining who vanguards first? Ie if you drop all your non scouting units first to get first turn but also have a scouting unit do you get to vanguard first as well?

  • Had my first game against the new ID on Sunday. He was playing a very shooting and magic heavy list including 2 prophets of Nezibkesh (one on the bastion in a unit of blunderbuses), a rocket battery, citadel guard with flintlocks, infernal engine and giant amongst other things. I had 2 gargantulas (one was a king), 2 big hordes (one goblin, one orc), 2 wrecking teams and then some other less important stuff. I got lucky in that boosted Chilling Howl went off turn 1 and more less neutered his fir…

  • If you charge a war machine in the rear or flank do you get the +1/2 combat res bonus?

  • I prefer the BSB option for a couple of reasons. Firstly the 18” bubble is really useful, secondly it frees up character points and we have so many options here that being able to pick more cowboys or monster riding characters is great. I’m running a BSB idol at the moment and you do have to play quite risk averse with him early in the game. He is great at supporting gnashers though with the reroll 1’s

  • Really looking forward to tomorrow. Thom, your list is mental so can’t wait to see how you get on.

  • They’re available on the US site and presumably its exactly the same book??

  • Is there a reason that the daemons and warriors book is the only one not available on the UK Amazon site?

  • I’m up for the curry.

  • I don’t think Ben C is able to come any more.

  • OnG 2.2 update

    sgu97bjd - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Quote from arwaker: “I think crossbow orcs 7 wide are an option for Shaman transporter. ” only if you don’t want your shaman to move. If you need combat buffs then you have to be mobile which means sacrificing their shooting.

  • OnG 2.2 update

    sgu97bjd - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Overall it seems like a sensible update. I’m particularly pleased to see the Wyverns come down in price, although the bigwing still doesn’t seem worth it. And whilst the crossbow orcs are still in min units of 20 which I don’t agree with at least their points have come down. The best thing though is that at long last the common goblin king is the same price as the cave goblin king. That’s been bugging me for ages

  • Quote from Firthunands91: “ I have yet to find a unit under 400 points that is a terrible match-up for them. ” 30 gnashers should do it, sorry for derailling but you did ask.

  • Quote from Ctuchik: “ I actually don't bother with partials when I write the totals. They didn't seem that useful, when I validated them 90% were false positives anyway. A better way of handling them might be to go through tournaments with a lot of partials manually and change any true hits in the actual list to the full name. Doubt it's worth the time though. ” Is there an easy way to turn on the partials just to see what it looks like with them as well?

  • Quote from WAARGHammer: “I have the 3dartdigital orc warlord, if you want to buy it i'll sell it to you, I don't plan on painting or playing him ever because i don't play OnG anymore. @sgu97bjd ” Thanks for the offer but I imagine that shipping him from the states to the UK (plus customs) will cost too much. Actually I’ve just noticed all their deliveries are from the US so it may not be a practical option even buying it online.

  • Quote from Little Joe: “I had to check, but that plastic miniature is more expensive than a larger resin boutique miniature (orc queen) of much higher sculpt quality. Of course it is much easier to build, but that just looks wrong. I only point it out because when I made my reply prices were not cheap, I must have had my head in the sand too long. That is just shocking that it can't compete in my opinion. If you want a big orc, check out Avatars of war: aow107_1.jpg A lot less then half the pric…

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Quote from sgu97bjd: “Does anyone know any models for a larger scale orc? I want something to use as a sort of orc daemon prince on a 50mm base. ” 3Dartdigital has large orcs, but for a 50mm base you would be looking at the Goblin. Yedharo Models has an Orc Queen. You will find more orcs when searching for 70/75/80mm orcs or 1/24 for something that nicely fits a 50mm base. ” I love the 3dartdigital orc warlord. It’s probably too big for what I need but I might have to get…

  • Does anyone know any models for a larger scale orc? I want something to use as a sort of orc daemon prince on a 50mm base.