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  • Quote from Kaneador: “ BBS. Very different of flintlock, lees powerfull than i thought. Played in a bastión with slaves and they shoot one at 5+ then SS at 6+, and then they are charged. All those shoots with Battle Focus. I couldnt test Dart units, but The 25 Guy unit with shields is a bit overcosted. Titan mortar with sharpnell and The non kadaai ammo. Good, powerfull but you pay for It. The sharpnell is a bit meh becouse The opponent can choose The objetive. ” Battle focus don't work at Stand…

  • It is intended design to keep Vassal Cavalry something different than overcosted chaff, when guidelines are clear - no cheap dedicated chaff unit

  • He is more like EoS wizard not Goblin

  • Quote from Batcat: “ For 245 pts, you have an Imperial canon that ignore cover and have 60 inches range. With an engineer it hits a monster on 2+ in short range. . ” 72" so 36" is his short range

  • I think you can use any Bulky race: Beast. Saurians, Orcs. I use this models.

  • Quote from Zwei: “ They use arrows to do it. Wait what? How? The strenght of the hits is reduced, but they only need to HIT to apply the rule, so the lower strength doesn't matter anyways - Why? If they bind some kind of "oil flasks" to the arrows, to carry enough oil to make a whole unit of up to 60? people flammable, those Oil-Flask-Arrows should be extremly heavyand hard to aim. So - atleast for me - it would make much more sense if they drop their range to 12 instead of 18", and hit always o…

  • Agree. This is good lesson, I think two separate feedback threads are better, especially if book is only slim version. Also some issues are addressed only to concepts, because people don't know BG or designers vision.

  • KoE light cavalry have the same protection for 135pt, they are faster (18march) and have longer vanguard. In first turns can easy hide because most of army is also cavalry. Sure 170pts maybe is to low but I can't imagine price over 200pts

  • Great Khan [525pts]: Brace of Ogre Pistols, Trolleater, Rampager's Chain, Viper's Curse, Wrestler's Belt D3+1 stomps s6 with rerolls, should be enough scary for all Infantry characters (even with Res5) without high save.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “I think breath of the brass bull is a little to good on small bull and esspecially chariot. Make bearers model to bearer. ” small bull is TP so no chance to use it. Chariot with this breath is crazy good at grinding but with 6Mar opponent can easy avoid his fragile targets. 8hp is almost the same to 5hp/2+save/4++ ward on VS War platforms

  • this is main difference between DH and ID.

  • ID General Chat

    Odoamar - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from Minidudul: “Quote from Wesser: “Aw thats actually annoying, because Strider works against all other DT tests I can Think off (such as Break Spirit) and also because it trigger even when you dont march/charge And you only Roll 1 dice Per model even if large/Gigantic? ” Strider don't work when fleeing throught enemy unit, or thoses from the jungle swarm from SA (= it's not from a terrain piece).And, just follow the rules for DT, so large take 2, and gigantic take 3. ” and fearsome Scrap…

  • Quote from Jarec: “Quote from Odoamar: “Infernal Engine weapons 0-1 of each type. What's the reason behind this?only balance reasons , imagine two mobile rockets. This kind of unit is powerful against specific targets, then against some armies/lists one is painful, but two? ” Wouldn't that be more of a Rocket Battery problem? Why Crusher or Flamer Engine has to suffer from another weapon type deemed too powerful? ” Two flamers or crushers are also problem. This is similar problem to Two Doomwhee…

  • Quote from Jarec: “Infernal Brand (and Incendiary). The Brand has nothing for the Dwarfs, it makes Vassals angry and not the Dwarfs; It is really binary, see-through, forced and "gamey" synergy between units. The Incendiary forces to take Vassals and limits lists if you want to take advantage of the whole flaming thing ID supposed to have; and the Oil Skins make Vassals to be always useful, whereas Dwarfs can find themselves in a position where they can do nothing, yet again reinforcing the imag…

  • ID General Chat

    Odoamar - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from squalie_SK: “Those are suggestions, but still ignoring what he’s saying; the volley gun gunnery team is gone. And the models that fit perfect for that would, fairly enough, look different than something that shoots 4 st6 shots. would you even slightly concede that point? ” could you show this model?

  • Greetings Friends! One of our potential enemies has had a thorough internal restructuring and now we wish to know what you think about it. Please post here your feedback from our army perspective, thoughts and worries about the new ID slim book. Last call!

  • ID General Chat

    Odoamar - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    yes, no march and shoot on train.

  • Quote from berti: “You still need bows to stand and shoot with oil skins? I would fit way more if the oil skins were a throwing weapon (8", 1 shot, 4+ or 5+ not inflicting wounds, but just needing to hit) when hitting pouring the oponent in oil) rather than arrows with some drops of oil on them. Another background driven thing...why does regeneration work in ID book together with flaming aegis. Background driven the army should not be able to use regeneration at all with all this fire …

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Quote from Odoamar: “@Traumdieb bear in mind we don't have final prices and I'm totally sure they will change very soon. 25IW with BB - 575 25CG with FA - 635 Marginal difference, so probably something is wrong here but let's see. ” I would rather compare them to them with Spears & Pistols with 10 pts difference ;). IWs are simply a bad unit in the current book compared to Citadel Guards. To close to each other. ” or CG too good?

  • Quote from DanT: “Quote from Odoamar: “Quote from DanT: “Quote from Odoamar: “Our intention was create IW as support unit ” Can I ask you to clarify this remark please?What were the intended/aimed for uses/roles (and respective approx sizes of the unit)?Thanks ” I mean support unit if you use them as min size ( 12 cheap durable scoring, 12 support fire BB, they are quite effective at killing light cavalry or other no single model units without HT). We are not allowed to 10min size.20-25 can be e…