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  • This is the first time ever I've seen a Quadruple Post on this forum, @Marcos24. This, I assume, is a sign of your passion for this subject. Now, I want to understand your thinking on this - Is there a loss if the faction includes both fantastic and mundane elements? Does the addition of such things mean that you cannot ignore them in your own playstyle, even if nothing else changes? Does their very EXISTENCE change the way you see the book?

  • Quote from Marcos24: “@Palmu through magic! Which can be present without being seen. Such as the blessing or magic buffs and special rules. ” So essentially a faction of superhumans. Which is absolutely not high fantasy. And in other ways, also a faction of nothing but knights. Which is interesting to a niche base, certainly. Good for playerbase growth, however?

  • That's actually a question that on occasion eludes me - If both "advanced" elements and Fantasy elements are a no-go, how's a hypothetical KoE army LAB meant to oppose equivalent units in other armies? As far as I've understood, KoE largely lacks tools and has ended up having multiple units that effectively do the same thing, leaving the Characters having to do the heavy bulk of the lifting for the army, while choices made in other unit sections don't matter that much. In other words, five units…

  • You win this round, Shuk. For the life of me, I CAN'T recall foot Chosen lists without Hellmaw winning tourneys.

  • I'll actually have to retract my statement instead, I had a memory of ETC 2018 being heavily populated by Chosen, but misremembered - It was Chosen Knights that were very popular that year. And there's no way I'll start trawling though tourney archives for anything deeper than that. I assume my memory was wonked out due to watching the Netherlands WDG player in one of his matches, one of my clearer recollections of the tourney weekend. And Herminard's 30 GW Chosen! Think he did under average, th…

  • I'm pretty sure my very first sentence said it is a combination of good price in a suitable meta, Shuk. Price is the God Stat in these games after all, even a Zombie is overpowered if it costs a single point. Which is of course gross hyperbole but you're a smart dude, you get the point. Chosen being dependent on Hellmaw is also gross hyperbole, as we've had Chosen based lists do quite well in the past with no Hellmaw additions. Well enough that they were nerfed even, which ultimately lead us to …

  • Quote from Discoqing: “As such, I've just ordered 3 giant knights - for the T9A Lady! ” Oh man. That makes me wish our communication channels for book updates worked faster, so I really hope you didn't. And if you did, I'd try to cancel that down to two.

  • Good questions, no clue in either. But are Feldraks super good and the best thing since sliced bread, or are they simply in a great position meta-wise, with a good price tag attached to them? Because I remember them being decried as questionable and reliant on dice going their way a mere half a year ago, and nothing has changed since. I said it earlier, but WDG has multiple units that are very meta-dependent, that can be extremely good in one ecosystem and absolutely terrible in another. Like Fe…

  • Too expensive, certainly. Here, it's likely that price is the true point that decides whether Chosen are good or not, something that happens with most units in the game anyway. When day they're terrible, the next they cross this magical point cost boundary where suddenly stop being terrible. There ARE units that price can't fix in this game, but none of the Chosen units are in that group. I do still wish that we'd found that magical font of inspiration that we did with many other units in the bo…

  • @WhammeWhamme This is what you get for daring to speak your personal opinion while wearing a red tag. What happened to you, @Mercenary Armies? I remember when you were one of the foremost homebrewers, then it feels like you just flipped stances a full 180 one day and became the staunchest opposer of T9A, or at least the internal staff of T9A.

  • I wish I remembered what that was about, and in what patch it happened. I tried to dig through the archives, but there's a LOT of stuff in there. Had a laugh reading through the Scarab Swarm debacle topics again, though.

  • Arena Doomlord

    Palmu - - Warriors of the Dark Gods (WDG)


    Berserk Lord "strike me if you dare" Replace Shield with Spiked Shield (50), Dusk Forged (55), Symbol of Slaughter (35), Alchemists Alloy (15) 515 OverLord Trophy Rack (25), Great Weapon (40), Death Cheater (100) 525 Crusher Lord Replace Shield with Spiked Shield (50), Halberd (25), Dusk Forged (55), Gladiator's Spirit (35) 525

  • It's pretty annoying, isn't it? The resurrection numbers were originally balanced to be at around 75p per resurrection, some a bit higher, some a bit lower. (This was of course a poor idea, nobody really considered the fact that the tougher the model, the more value their resurrection valur really is) So when NG had their value dropped from 4 to 3, they essentially went from 80p to 60p resurrection, a massive nerf, while the likes of Shabti and Cataphracts stayed at around 75p. Why was this done…

  • Assumably, speaking of Forsaken One as the unit without weaknesses, and thinking of Wretches Ones as one of the units he never sees.

  • Wasn't it just last year that Hellmaws and Chosen blocks were ubiquituous and in the majority of tourney lists? WDG lists seem to change in pretty major ways whenever the meta shifts or points get changed. Though Chosen are going to need quite a bit of help to make up for being Infantry and all the shortcomings of it. Same goes for every elite infantry unit that's fieldable in small numbers though.

  • Well...Personally, when considering characters I always ask myself 'does this model bring me more than buying another unit instead'. Usually, just getting some extra hitting power isn't really worth it. Utility and buffs however, can be. Death Mask combined with UW means that OS3 units or below will only hit the NG on +5's, and given that the majority of units in the game are WS3 or below, it's not a bad proposition at all.

  • Quote from Clangeddin Silverbeard: “Only 2 units of chosen and 3 units of CKs is a disgrace. I feel like chosen and CKs should be the iconic flagships in the army (and not 25 freaking feldrak elders). Keep not fielding chosen and CKs, so that they will hopefully get some kind of discount in december... ” The Feldraks don't have a huge showing because they're POPULAR, (or so I'd assume from previous data and all the complaints about them)but because there's a new book out, the new book is powerfu…

  • UD tournaments 2.2

    Palmu - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    I suppose the nerfs to Divination are finally paying dividends, unsurprisingly the army that suffers most from its popularity would rise in numbers when Diviners fall in popularity. UD's fall in numbers may have something to do with it as well, having been a pretty horrible match-up for Daemons beforehand.

  • UD tournaments 2.2

    Palmu - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Huh, didn't expect DL to have such high numbers, actually. Pretty interesting.

  • There's been enough feedback and testing for the first round of changes to get underway. The first round is always undertaken quickly, especially if there are obvious contenders to work on.