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  • I haven't read every post. But I fear the racism card being played. I don't see how people link primitive Orcs to racism. Every race in the real world has been primitive. Saying feral Orcs are racist because they resamble or hint to African primitive tribes is very wrong in my eyes. Why can't beferal Orcs be build around them? There are plenty of cool reasons to resamble them, or any other primitive race that ever existed on this earth. Also if saying Feral Orcs are racist due to them hinting to…

  • Quote from Arturiki: “What is the difference between being more primitive and being young i.e. more inexperience and chaotic? ” you can be very experienced and slold and still primitive.

  • I dont mind young vs older Orcs. But Feral Orcs are way different to regular Orcs to me. Feral and thus much more primitive makes the fluff very strong to me

  • I think King and something non monarchy related suits fine with Goblins. A Goblin King, to me, is not necessarily a functional King, but a name Goblins give to their leader. Warlord, Chief makes sense for Orcs though.

  • A9) Done. Means all A's are done. I'll take B4

  • It is a very powerful item. I often use it for cheap defenses on my (Iron) Orc BSB or to protect my Feral Orc shaman. Feral Orc shaman of Shamanism with this item is very hard to kill. Specialy if the opponent can't overcome its own armor. Do note that killy characters will still kill you. Some of the more scary killy lords penetrate their own armor and have no special save. These lords will take you down.

  • A7 and A8 done. @Just_Flo I noticed Bigwing option is not in the excel sheet. I have uploaded A8) Norwegian Masters Jan - Helge Eliassen's list. But it has a Bigwing which I have not put in there atm. Cheers

  • @sgu97bjd Thanks! A7) Done Will start A8)

  • Done and uploaded A1) beLaMa2020, will start on A3)UK Masters. @Shako I noticed I missed out on 1 Green Tide Banner in Hendrik Stahn's list. How can I adjust this? Also uploaded A3) UK Masters Also uploaded A4) UK Masters Open 2020 Wanted to start on A5) but the link is dead. Starting on A6) Litas 2 Masters Sevilla

  • @Shako, Sorry I'm late! I want to take it on to fill the files. If I understand it correctly: If 1 tournament, named TournamentA has 3 O&G lists by PlayerA, PlayerB and PlayerC, this means I would have 3 different files, each with 1 of the lists. I would end up with 3 files: TournamentA.PlayerA.xls TournamentA.PlayerB.xls TournamentA.PlayerC.xls Is this correct? Should I post here if I am working on a tournament and when it is done, so other don't do double work? For now I will take on A1) b…

  • Hi there, So I just started KoE and noticed that the Sacred Reliquary has the rule "Not a Leader". Not a leader rule states: "The model cannot be the General", however the reliquary is not a character model. Am I correct that this rule does nothing?

  • Quote from Gingasmite: “I can't find 9th Age data on the list of sources for battlescribe. Anyone else having trouble? ” I have the same problem. It is not visible to me.

  • Infernal Dwarves LAB FAQ

    Baldin - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from berti: “Question: Can the overlord take the same weapon enchantment than another charakter in the army? ” This rule would still apply: 8.B.c.2 One of a KindItems (units, upgrades, equipment, etc.) marked as One of a Kind may only be taken once per army. This is notchanged for Warbands or Grand Armies.

  • Infernal Dwarves LAB FAQ

    Baldin - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    oes Alchemical Fire make it so that the hereditary are made with DT(2)? Even though Alchemical Fire is only vs melee attacks, the target would still be flammable.

  • Quote from Squigkikka: “No, the unit only has flammable if the attack is melee. If the attack isn't melee, it is as if the flammable is not there. I don't know the wording on Godslayer so can't comment. ” Godslayer 75 ptsEnchantment: Great Weapon.The wielder gains +1 Attack Value when using thisweapon. Attacks made with this weapon become Divine Attacks and Magical Attacks, and gain Multiple Wounds (2, against Aegis) (note that the latteralso applies against models with Aegis Saves withCondition…

  • Quote from Squigkikka: “The hereditary isn't a melee attack, so they aren't flammable against it. ” Technically, the unit has flammable. Since the hereditary doesn't use flammable further. It would look at the unit and say "Yes it is flammable". Compare it to items such as Godslayer. If Godslayer attacks a unit that has aegis 4+ vs ranged only, Godslayer still gains multiwound.

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Baldin: “Am I wrong or should the text be clarified for each model in said unit, or each model within 2d6+x range? ” Technically, the following rule applies: < 3.B Units Whenever a rule, ability, spell, and so on affects a unit, all models in the unit are affected. > So if the unit has to take a DTT, every model in the unit has to take a DTT. That being said, we usually specify that the models in the affected unit have to take a DTT, so we'll fix that once t…

  • Hi there, I have a question. Fury of Nezibkesh states "If 4–6 is rolled, eachunit within 2D6+X″, where X is equal to the number ofcounters, must take a Dangerous Terrain (1) Test". As written, if my unit of 50 goblins is affected by the spell I roll dice for the test, since it affects the unit, not each model. Comparing it to Break the Spirit the wording of this spell makes the entire unit treat terrain as dangerous terrain, and thus each model must make the save. Am I wrong or should the text b…

  • The book as a whole looks awesome. Very well made and well written. As with any book balance will need to be found. Some of the overpowered/underpowered entries can be fixed by points, but some are inherently strong. What I love: - No more orcs/goblins in other books - Fitting rules - New game mechanics - Hereditary looks very good, although 7 is way to cheap - Special Items has some real unique entries (some a bit to strong imo) What I dislike - Immortals: They look way to powerful to me - Cita…