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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Sir_Joker: “What’s still missing in your collection? ” Not that much! Scraplings, a second cannon and scratapult (on their way), giants (on their way), a few more sabretooths. Maybe a few more characters in future, but I am pretty close to having everything I need.

  • Continuing my drive to get as many ogres painted as possible during lockdown, here are my Yetis!…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6 Worked on a couple of difference ice effects, some of which I will use for the mammoth bases too.

  • My next batch of Ogre stuff: Some models nicely converted by @Falgrin!…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6 Another Falgrin conversion, which I finished off to make a BSB.…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6 Next step towards a full Merc Vet unit.…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6

  • Made a little more progress with a nice model from Mierce!…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6

  • Quote from Erethriel: “Thank you! So the patterns are indeed naturally random. Sounds pretty easy, I´ll look ´em up. Is the crackle paint resilient enough afterwards or does it tend to come off while not painted and/or sealed somehow? ” It takes quite a bit of effort to pick it off, it's pretty resilient!

  • Let's hope that actually happens sometime this year!

  • So after a bit of a delay, I have added to my Ogre tally! Mammoth has been done with magnetised riders so I can switch out for one I have created as a Hunter.…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6

  • Quote from Vulgarsty: “Ok. So i bought my HBE “giant” for a fiver off a mate. Acceptable? ” Reminds me of Skip from Angel. That giant is Fancy! Quote from ravenheart777: “So with having to work from home, while looking after a toddler meant that this took a bit of time to finish being built. That said I'm pretty happy with the result so far. It's also magnetized to make it easier to transport. Introducing "Glubglub the wrecking ball giant"! ” Love it. Always fun trying to create more points of c…

  • Couple more things finished off: Kin-Eater which I tried to make different by adding in a slightly gruesome prop. I may return later and add in the horse body.…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6 Mammoth Hunter model which was missing quite a few components, so I have improved a couple of bits. I am still waiting for a bird to arrive to put on his arm!…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6

  • Quote from Nemeroth: “Merc vets? You Filth merchant! ” Aren't all ogres filth? That's why I have them!

  • Quote from Sir_Joker: “@Scottish Knight you should really try the (by far) best metal acrylics on the market: Vallejo Metal Color - they would make the metal in your Ogres pop and put them on the next level with little effort. ” I actually use them for the darker metal - it's a good point, I hadn't thought about picking up any more!

  • Yeah, there's probably more variety in the weapons than that necessarily conveys, but there's not a perfect answer!

  • Battering along with my ogres, here's a new one, first of my Mercenary Veterans.…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6

  • Another day, another model pretty much done. This time I had to make an effort to try and fit him in with the work of @Falgrin who painted the rest of the unit before I purchased it from him! Don't think I succeeded in matching all the elements, but he can join his brothers in battle now!…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6

  • Quote from TTGH: “Really cool. What did you do for the basing? ” Crackle paint, with vallejo earth, agrax wash and khaki drybrush. Very simple and easy to replicate, which suits me!

  • Another week, another model!…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Quote from Cam: “They’ve changed the fighting and shagging for lawyer stuff. Sad times. ” Since when were those mutually exclusive?

  • Haven't been officially signed up, but thought I would post some pictures of my progress so far in the lockdown!…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6…eb5dc4d629d0186b990e9cfe6

  • Quote from Klexe: “@Scottish Knight Is it possible to write background for a KoE unit which excels at guarding one certain character or lets say the general? aka having bodyguard? If yes: great If no: why? People would like such a unit ” We aren't writing the background to the level of specificity that will decide each individual unit. Everyone wants Bodyguard units, it's a powerful tool - especially when you can make some incredibly powerful characters!