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  • Quote from 20phoenix: “A fear causing unit breaks from combat with a non-fearless unit. Does the non-fearless unit suffer -1 discipline on the restrain test? ” Yes. At that point, the two units are still in base contact with each other, so Fear still applies.

  • Quote from yaqb: “Acid blood vs flaming attacks. Does flaming attacks block acid blood effect by ignoring fortitude save or ignoring in flaming attacks means that fortitude save is automatically failed and acid blood goes off? ” You don't take any fortitude saves against flaming attacks, so flaming attacks circumvent acid blood.

  • Quote from Adam: “I understand that it might not be useful 99% of the time but I want to know whether this is legal ” It is legal.

  • Da hat vermutlich jemand das falsche Datum für die Ankündigung eingestellt (13 statt 23?). Dauert noch 10 Tage .

  • Correct, no panic but rally tests at half discipline (and the opponent gets half points for the model, or, if fleeing, full points).

  • Quote from 2Cats1Tuna: “Hi. My Opponent casts boosted 'Chilling Howl' on one of my units (eg a Monster) and the spell hits everything in my army (ie my army is all within 12"). If I cast 'Drain Magic' on literally any of the units in my army, does it completely dispel this 'Chilling Howl' on all my units? Drain Magic Range 18″, Type Universal, Duration Instant. All spells with duration One Turn for which the target of Drain Magic was the spell’s target immediatelycome to an end. Note that if any…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “@Eisenheinrich Don't you think the next Errata should integrate a new Model Rule « Shoot in Extra Rank » in the BRB ? ” If we were to write the BRB right now, such a rule might make it into the BRB. But as we are limited to errata regarding BRB changes at this point, this will not be possible as stated by the others above (after all, it's not an error).

  • Quote from deejwii: “is it correct... unit of 30 skeletons 2 files 15 ranks (dark model on picture) facing up doing reform.... A -180 degree reform and chang to 5 files 6 ranks, first two model from dark unit front rank become two opposite models i front rank of the light unit with its center 8" legal march value all correct B - but if they reform and angle (champion mark shows direction) to lets say run.... far front rank model is outside 8" march move restriction so invalid reform? C- reform 1…

  • Quote from matrim: “Does this mean any conditional item like, wyrd stone (WotDG), lucky charm (arcane compadium) cannot be utilised by the pan of protection pinching? ” Correct, neither affects the armour value or the special save of the bearer.

  • Quote from youngseward: “If an Orc model with Pan of Protection Pinchin is wounded by a Vamp model with Eternity Gem that has not suffered a wound, in what circumstances does the Orc get the 2+ save? From my reading, until the Vamp model has used the 2+, any wound the Orc takes from the Vamp he can use the 2+ save? Or is that incorrect because until the Vamp has actually failed its own armour save the 2+ doesnt come into existence... ” I'd say the orc model cannot use the vampire's aegis as the …

  • Jemand noch kurzfristig Zeit/Lust morgen ab 14 Uhr?

  • There is a difference between "allocating attacks" and "distributing hits". The former refers to close combat attacks and is not affected by bound in death. The latter refers to things like shooting attacks, other ranged attacks, special attacks like impact hits or grind attacks, which are not directed at specific models but the unit as a whole. And this is what bound in death refers to (also see 21.B.e Distributing Hits onto Combined Units).

  • Quote from Ir3k: “Hey guys, so was wondering if there is any rule saying how small an SE forest can be. I now its capped at maximum size, but is there any rule indicating how small it can be? ” No, there isn't. Technically you could have a forest that is one square millimeter - but then again, why would you ? Edit: should have refreshed before answering

  • Quote from Wesser: “Okay? So you'd just put the Chimera in the unit's front after is has reformed its flank to the warriors as the Chimera could make a legal charge before the reform? ” The chimera still needs to follow the normal rules for charge moves (i.e. only max one 90° wheel etc.). If the model cannot reach the charged facing anymore, it will fail the charge.

  • Quote from Casas: “The throne of overwhelming splendour in the Daemon Legion armybook has the rule Rising Star, defined as: Quote from Rising Star: “Each time attacks made by the model kill an enemy model in a Duel, the model gains a +1 Combat Score modifier for the rest of the game. ” From a streamlining point of view, is it correct to say 'kill' in here? Shouldn't it be something like 'attacks made by the model cause an enemy model in a Duel to lose its last Health Point', or to be 'removed as…

  • Quote from Firthunands91: “One more, not my game but was allowed to post it.…cc1b364d199830087660fad0b What cover applies for the SGR if shooting to the Elk Unit? I believe it's hard target, since Hard Cover applies if more than half of the Target Facing or the Target Point is obscured by either: - Covering Terrain that contributes to Hard Cover - Models that do block Line of Sight So the flank he's shooting at has blocked LOS (completely blocked is still more than…

  • Quote from Casas: “Again, not an error but a formatting thing Shouldn't the text for Death is only the begining (UD hereditary) and Arise! (VC covenant) be the same and in the same format? Most likely we will update the spanish books to look both like the VC version in case you confirm it is the same bur for the targets. I think I also saw differences in the description of ashes to ashes and dust to dust, but I would need to go again over them to check ” Yeah, might be something worth streamlini…

  • Quote from Wesser: “He insisted on reading your ruling on page 65 like he was right though ” The difference to the previous example is that it was a single model unit there.

  • Quote from Wesser: “Who is right ” You are . See 4.B Line of Sight: < A unit is considered to have Line of Sight to a target if one or more models in the unit have Line of Sight. > Besides, the chariot doesn't even seem to be in the unit's front arc.

  • Quote from Razon: “Is there any rule preventing a character to join a unit that has just rallied this turn? ” No, that's fine.