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  • Yeah I guess the only “fantasy” games left for people like us is such historical ones like Oathmark and Lord of the Rings

  • Of course it exists

  • also, my main beef with the giant supplement was more so giving something that was previously rare to all armies

  • A giant in a full on peasant army could look cool, sure. It’s the opening of the flood gates I’m most worried about. I rather squash every bug I see than wait till it’s an infestation and then try and fix it

  • @SirVelinn @AEnoriel those are fine, and I expect even more stuff. And @skipschnit It’s the overall character of the army. I’ll remind you guys that I argued in favor of Hippogriff knights.. though for the sake of adding variety to the fly circus lists, not because I want them and now I just don’t think we’d ever get them. I use Pegasus knights too. It’s the overall character of the army. Pegasus knights are still just horses with wings, and they fly. And a Hippogriff is... a bit further than th…

  • Quote from Bretboy84: “Anyway, you must understand that army which includes more variations, makes the army more interesting to play. When designing these units, use common sense! ” That is not true, that’s your opinion. To me an army with no clear theme or too many themes and too many units just doesn’t appeal to me and instead looks like a mish mash of random stuff thrown in and mixed together with no direction. That can somewhat be fixed by painting everything so it looks more cohesive. Howev…

  • And for the record there are more fantasy units coming, I know that for fact, and that’s ok. But the concern I have is how many and what happens to the human units and their relevance to the main character of the army. And how necessary those fantasy units will be to be competitive, and how “fantastic” they’ll be

  • If Warcraft was a tabletop game, I would only play as Azeroth/Stormwind AND only if the setting was the strategy games, mainly Warcraft 1, but inwoildnt was ouch the game if the setting was World of Warcraft.

  • Quote from Palmu: “This is the first time ever I've seen a Quadruple Post on this forum, @Marcos24. This, I assume, is a sign of your passion for this subject. Now, I want to understand your thinking on this - Is there a loss if the faction includes both fantastic and mundane elements? Does the addition of such things mean that you cannot ignore them in your own playstyle, even if nothing else changes? Does their very EXISTENCE change the way you see the book? ” Well I’ve gotten better but I’m g…

  • @skipschnit we’ll just see what happens when the KoE LAB is done. I really dislike renaissance/gunpowder themes, but if that’s what’s left, well I still don’t think I’d play as them. Look, I don’t know how to make it clearer, I’m not attracted to T9A or it’s brand specifically, or the rules. I like KoE as a western European medieval human faction, If that changes too much then there’s nothing holding me here. So why should I not voice my opinions? And also on supplements, I think because officia…

  • Very good point, but try it and see what you think

  • Look, I’ll fully admit that in the end, if this faction just becomes weird and not what I like then I’ll accept and leave it be for those the do like it. But until then I’ll constantly voice my opinions on the changes. It’s not the end of the world and there’s plenty of other games out there

  • No they have their own rank and file rule set and it’s pretty cool, the rules are super straightforward. And there’s only 5 factions so it’s not super cluttered. But there you can mix any faction which I don’t like necessarily it you still have a primary faction. But there’s no real story or official factions other than “humans” and “elves” etc so it doesn’t really matter

  • @Palmu you want growth?? Better marketing and this game easier to get started with a lower model count, simpler rules and offer factions for all interests, don’t remove the last one left for the low fantasy guys. There’s far more serious considerations to “growth” than adding giants and dragons to one freaking faction. Doing that sure as heck isnt going to save the game

  • And that “growth” game can be played both ways . There are plenty of players who don’t want to play the high fantasy army or that would be turned away or plain leave this game if there were no regular-ish armies left in the game. I don’t play age of Sigmar because the rules are bad, in fact I think they’re fine. I don’t play it because there’s no faction for me. But oathmark is looking pretty good and so far I’ve been enjoying GW’s Lord of the Rings a lot

  • the biggest irritation I see is the argument “ehh why not play historical ehh”” because I want to play in a fantasy world. I just don’t want those fantasy monsters to be my friends or allies. Again... Rohan and Gondor are awesome purely human factions with no “non-fantasy” units (except one wizard, which at least looks human) in a high fantasy world.

  • Quote from Palmu: “Quote from Marcos24: “@Palmu through magic! Which can be present without being seen. Such as the blessing or magic buffs and special rules. ” So essentially a faction of superhumans. Which is absolutely not high fantasy. And in other ways, also a faction of nothing but knights. Which is interesting to a niche base, certainly. Good for playerbase growth, however? ” pure knights?? What about the peasants? No. Pure humans is what I’m asking for. And as for super humans, that’s su…

  • @Palmu through magic! Which can be present without being seen. Such as the blessing or magic buffs and special rules.

  • @The Beninator once you wash your model in alcohol or simple green (that’s what I use right now since I can’t seem to find 95%+ alcohol either), then dip it or run it under really hot water, (which also helps rid the excess resin that didn’t come off during the initial wash, you’ll see the supports soften up even more and separate easily but pulling them off without even trying, and then afterwards let the model fully cure outside. And there’s hardly any cleaning up you have to do afterwards as …

  • also one thing I just recently learned that I heard no video mention, remove the supports in hot water before you cure it in the sun or a UV light source. They practically fall off