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  • This is something i dont understand. The choice of how the army looks is on the player only. I know a guy who loves wdtg, but he only wants to use humans, because he just sees the army as corrupted humans. He just uses the book with the entries he likes, barbarians, warriors, chosens, knights and characters. He just ignores everything else, is not for him. If others players enjoy it kudos for them, for him its not. As long as his playstyle is avaible theres nothing wrong. Free the restrictions, …

  • Armored Giants for KoE

    Kratos - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    could be ignored if it was in the book aswell....personal opinion

  • are dark goods = Father chaos? Maybe dark gods want chaos, butnthey still want chaos their way, not the chaos way Is the lady = Mother cosmos? The lady prefer order rather tham chaos, but it want his order, for whom he believe is worthy for the reasons she thinks, not a perfect ordered cosmos where theres no chamce to prove and test oneself because everything is where everything should be. Lady needs chaos to make people with faith able to beat and "order" it. He just want specific things just l…

  • and imo, Might, renown or botlc are only options. Our only viable options i currently play without botlc. Changes some matchups but is viable. Nerf those 3 and we get into tier uncompetitive as they carry the army.

  • Quote from Klexe: “Btw i am playing a static combat rezz block since 2 years. 9 grails+bsb grail+ drudismn damsel. It is freaking stronk. Not many enemies can head charge it. I even win if i get flanked and front charged at the same time more often then not. So personally i am torn between gaining more dmg and static CR. I still think having both is an option. ID has 3 typs of ammonition Why cant we have 3 typs of formations? Heck 2 are enough Lance formation: The unit forms full ranks with 3 mo…

  • without ranks of 3 minis...we would end up like a copy paste of wdtg...with poor shooting and less monsters. I think cavalry breaking stradfast is a feature of koe. Our most powerful feature, one that limits us because it is very powerul. This does not mean it cannot we tweaked, but for me is part of koe identity.( 4 ranks, maybe but i dont approve, not adding combat bonus, sure, remove it completely for damage, no way)

  • i support +1offense -1 deffense across the field. Lets see if they allow plain stats to be offense 5 and defense 3 for our core or we need a special rule for it like: Jousting On first round of combat, the model part gains +1 Offense and -1 Defense. If it is using a Lance it also gains Devastating Charge( Ignore Parry )

  • Devastating charge( stomps(X) ) where X is the number of Rank Bonus after the unit had at the start of the Combat Round. Makes more sense than impact hits. But the stomps should be s4 at least. So s4 ap0 horses? Is basically a tonned down botlc but for all units. Dont worry about price of knights. Will they become more expensive? Yes, but It will get corrected after testing. Make rules that make sense, thematically! On the charge, First the knight strikes, then if the enemy is small enough it ge…

  • impact hits as banner of the last charge, bit they only work vs infantry. We dont need extra rules vs monsters or opposijg cavalrys, lance formation is already good vs them

  • Imo Pure defense and inmobile units are not good for koe. So no a unit with spears and stakes will not be desirable because you cannot force the enemy to come to you with s3 ap0 shooting and 2 warmachines. We need peasants to vanguard. We need them to put preasure on the enemy ( not to kill it, but to hold it ) Peasants with Hatred and Vanguard(6). This can push and does not get behind. We dont care if they bleed when knights not in combat. When knights charge in combat their defense should impr…

  • because then it doesnt combo with distracting from walls or divination for example. And what @Klexe proposed was quite simple also.

  • even with off3 def3 and heavy armour would be bad, is sad but true. Same why s3 ap0 shooting is useless Thats what several years of power creep has done to the game.

  • ok maybe the blessing is enough or just the defense bonus. Also it only works on combat, theres where they need help.

  • What about more simple rules? What are peasants good for? Being steadfast. what are knights good for? Combo charge to kill enemies So something like this: Knightly vigor Check if the engaged enemy is steadfast or disrupted at the start of the combat round. If the enemy is disrupted or is not steadfast the model can reroll 1s to hit and to wound. Peasant mob When steadfast gain The Blessing and +1 Def for each rank to a max of +3.

  • imo Longbows need Accurate + a special rule like Battlefocus that combos with divination Brigands just need Poison.. i know someone would say that knights should kill the monsters, not the brigands, but those brigands are not killing ( unless extremly lucky )them just softening them.

  • Longbows are not in a good spot right now sadly, but try them and come and tell us your experience. I just cant imagine a list where they fit. Theres always a better option than them.

  • oook. Now i found whats to be done. Yikes. Will work on it when i got some spare time...which will not be sooner than this weekend

  • and an all knight army should be viable. Making peasants mandatory is not the way, they should be support. Nice to have but not a must.

  • Double duke is the solution for our book for everything :D. Just adjust their equipment to current meta. The more tests the new book has, the more arguments we will have to adjust later. There are powerhorses on ID just as they were on previous beta books. If anything is less broken than DL when it came out. So everything is fine, the project is improving! Just keep playing to find faster the things that have to be tuned down. I know that reading it seems everything is good, but also everything …

  • Peasant bowmen with accurate and ap arrows, poison arrows, flaming arrows, even blessed arrows. Levy with that gains blessing and + defense when in same combat as a knight Knights with 3 diferent formation Light pegasus, medium pegasus, heavy pegasus Green knight, red knight, black knight, white knight, blue knight Etc... Its not the complexity i would like for the game, but if others books complexity is following that trend, we should just do it the best we can.