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  • Yeah some of that was very confusing to answer. I put at the end for comments to them too, not sure if they perceive T9A as being "Non Warhammer" or not the way they have worded things... I don't see why AoS would get lumped with Warhammer either, it's a very different game.

  • Quote from Baldin: “@WhammeWhamme do you know where I can find the officially released lore for O&G? I have read the Internal parts of it, but I have no clue what is already out. So I have no clue what I can and cannot say ”

  • Interesting, thank you Little Joe! I've never heard of that DAS clay but I can find it in the UK it seems I've also done rope like that with 2 wires but not 3 before, I will have to try that. Maybe my metal wire is too thick though as I found it pretty hard to bend into the positions I wanted later - managed it, but it was difficult. (also memorably, buying that wire was my last time doing a "normal" shop before Covid 'lockdown'.. wow). Anyway, if you've followed my stuff on CollectingGreen, you…

  • Quote from Little Joe: “I prefer clay for fixes ” What clay do you use btw? Also intrigued how you made the red rope bits in one of the photos above?

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “@Remy77077 so I've read your whole blog article about your WH4th childhood army, TNA and KoW. That was a long but interesting (and cute) read. ” D'aww thank you But yeah, only on topic for the point that over the years, not every model is always going to match up perfectly as things change, but it's great that T9A gives a 'closer' home for a lot of older models though still. ..Except for that big wolf block atm

  • All very good points! Quote from Gingersmali: “I may as we’ll just sell/shelve all bar my favourite looking faction, so my army would be consistent. ” Quote from Gingersmali: “Basically the pool system isn’t the worst idea, but I don’t think it reduces complexity, it probs has about the same number of viable options as we see atm, and it reduces the readability /useablity of existing players collections. ” Yeah, I was about to say it quite likely wouldn't be any worse than it appears to be now, …

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “What I don’t like this the idea my cave goblins with spears, forest goblins with spears and common goblin with spears (which look pretty different, and have had unique rules in T9A) will end up representing the exact same thing after the FAB. Especially when I haven’t seen a good reason stated outside of complexity. I don’t see why goblin races could just be implemented in a simpler way. If the races are combined It would basically render 2/3 of my goblin models useless …

  • Now they are all available to buy individually, I think I've got all of the OnG Mini Library fully up to date now with all of the Shieldwolf Forest Goblin releases... so if you're after some alternative Gargantulas, Cave Gnashers or Huntsmen spiders, check them out! (along with all the Forest Goblin troops and characters on foot ofc! )

  • Age of Single models?

    Remy77077 - - General Discussion


    Yeah I was really shocked by the command group pricing in T9A actually when I realised how it worked last year. Back when I last played WFB much the cost of command group upgrades was based on the base cost of the unit model being upgraded to a standard or musician. I've never understood why a fixed cost one makes much sense!

  • Yeah I think that rule just clarifies that the Gargantula can shoot it's Web Launcher at all.

  • Quote from Arturiki: “Solved. ” I still suspect that's wrong. I'd wait for an official rules team answer before I'd be 100% sure though!

  • I've mentioned Goblin units I'd like to see a bunch of times before, but yeah, I don't mind if they have scoring or not, but I'd like some kind of "medium cav" option for Goblins - a reason to play a big block of wolves (or spiders) basically, that can actually be a reasonable combat threat, cav with some static CR too, and have a reason to take banners and musicians on wolves. Without light troops too, I don't see why they shouldn't have scoring though, they wouldn't be that manoeuvrable really…

  • Quote from jgetsi: “Or 2 throwing weapon attacks per base? ” This is correct I'm pretty sure. The Attack value of the base is used for close combat attacks only, so each base only has "one" Throwing Weapon, but this weapon always has 2 shots, so it's 2 shots per base.

  • Age of Single models?

    Remy77077 - - General Discussion


    One thing I like to consider is the extremes... if anyone else has watched piteglio's Veil of Ages batreps with crazy small armies going up against a ridiculous sized Goblin horde in Table Top Simulator... It's interesting as to what this says about the core rules design and what is viable and what isn't.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Please could we avoid anything like WH animosity tests, this is basically the number one reason 8th Ed OnG played as Green Dwarfs, you cant build a game plan about movement And positioning if you can’t Be sure your troops will move. ” This x100. I detested the WFB animosity rules and one of the things that appealed to me about T9A when I found it was the fact this was gone. Also note that KoW got rid of even the (much lesser) movement affecting rules on Goblins that LeVi…

  • I mentioned I was working on something on wolves in the O&G Workbench thread, and you might have also noticed that a new Wolf Mount page appeared... Well, that was all a part of writing all of this! So if you want to know a LOT more about many of the wolf models in the T9A miniature library, we got you covered coverdsc_0247.jpg…lf-mounts-part-1-reviews/

  • Quote from Giladis: “There is no such thing as a feral chariot in the existing T9A rules set ” Quote from arwaker: “Quote from Remy77077: “Hmm, you can't currently take a Feral Orc on a Chariot though in the current army list, so these models are currently invalidated already though? ” I can. Check the character section. ” Ok I'm really confused where you're getting this from @arwaker !? No Feral Orc characters can ride Chariots either, that was the first place I checked when I saw this comment.…

  • Quote from arwaker: “But on the other hand, there are models for feral Orc chariots, which should not be invalidated. What do you guys think? ” Hmm, you can't currently take a Feral Orc on a Chariot though in the current army list, so these models are currently invalidated already though?

  • Hi @eyedigapony and welcome to the forums Have fun! I checked all the Shooting rules out (pg.61 in the Core rules) and I read this differently to Arturiki. I should note, am no expert though at all on the core rules and I've only played T9A Quick Starter games to date! So I could definitely be wrong here. However, from my reading of the shooting rules, I am pretty sure Multipart models with different shooting attacks (like a Gargantula with Web Launcher, which is taken in addition to the bows, n…

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Maybe it just my dice, but I don’t think I’d miss the 6++ ” My currently painted Feral Orcs unit pre-dates them ever getting a fixed save! Back in the older editions their warpaint basically just gave them a pip of armour like it was light armour, & so adding Shields used to make more sense back then! So I've yet to even play them with this fixed save rule anyway!