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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Empire at The Ocho Greeting, imperial folks, brave soldiers and fellow Marschals. Recently one of the biggest team tournaments happened online(UB2) due to corona precautions. Like at the ETC 8 men-teams battled for 9th Age supremacy, even some regular national teams. Here is an overview of the Empire roosters and their results, hopefully the names match the correct players(sometimes different nicks on tourney keeper and the organizer´s pdf). So one list is missing and dunno if Vvalor is Heraklio…

  • Great stuff, though you put in some heretic norse (No 4) and even elves by the look of it(No 5-6). Our troops could use these for targeting practice, so all is well.

  • @Little Joe You bring me close to bankruptcy with these new miniature ranges

  • Quote from youngseward: “What happened to the revolver? ” That´s what I was thinking. Why do we waste time with miniatures when we can have a colt that was witness or deciding factor in the american civil war Maybe I am a bit distracted since watching this last sunday :

  • KoE at OCHO

    greentide - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Happy to see also other lores and not only druidism. KOE players are truly brave and daring, fielding hippogriff dukes without meatshields(like peg knights). If none out of 12 players takes a trebuchet, it´s probably too expensive. And don´t give me the meta argument, trebs are good vs a lot of targets

  • The mortar and the volley gun equivalent look fine, the steel cannon is just so WWI- for me it would never fit into renaissance style empire gun emplacements.

  • Quote from spicybarbecue: “I am just extremely curious as to what the thought process behind this was, seems odd they lost pretty much everything 8th gave them whilst everyone else kept their stuf ” No one kept "his stuff". I barely know where to start but just if we look at OnG and Empire: foot of gork gone, shrinken head gone, steam tank with 10 wounds gone, light council gone, griffons with 1+ AS... I could go on forever. OP stuff was removed, probably from most armies. Quote from spicybarbec…

  • If I only could field more than three goblin gitz on huntsman spider, it´s really a shame

  • Your last trip to bavaria affected you somehow but apparently the blue ran out and you had to switch to red on the shields.

  • @ipanemalex Gucci was just a random example of someone who is fine with the pricing of the 5 or 6 knightley orders since he just wrote in his blog about that. Thanks for the feedback, I keep "better cheaper but in special" in mind. If that's what most EOS players preferred, we could forward this to the FAB EOS Design team for example.

  • If I play 5 men darts just for scoring, they just get great weapon and muso, no additional shields, no lance, no KO upgrade. Thus they are cheap and reliable enough. @YeahGucciFrisur seems happy with his small troops of knightley Orders though. What I find too expensive are medium or big sized units of electoral cav without the upgrade. They are mediocre at fighting and barely worth the prelat riding with them.

  • Mad 'At's EoS Blog

    greentide - - User Blogs


    Have to agree to the streak comments, they somewhat spoil otherwise proper and well-worn shields. But the main thing is- you have to like them, not us Colours, uniform and detail are just great once again

  • My home head is my castle comes to mind

  • Mad 'At's EoS Blog

    greentide - - User Blogs


    At first I thought, the ogre was standing there alone. But the big guy did not only block the sun but also a fellow swordsman

  • Quote from Remy77077: “5 wide would be a bit of a shame when paying for all the poison, spears & maybe a banner enchantment etc - but to make the best of a bad situation where you wish they were just "normal" Goblins that would make sense to do sometimes as well. ” Right, 10 wide wouldn´t be totally useless. Like 5 wide. With spears and greentide banner that´s 20+ attacks with poison. 8 wide or 10 wide means no ranks, which can be a bummer. I guess 7 wide w/spears and greentide banner brings the…

  • Quote from Remy77077: “But I have that metalised 10-wide tray for a KoW "Infantry Horde" unit size for now ” I got those too In a wonky way, they work now for my equitannian lances though. Quote from Remy77077: “One of the downsides to T9A for me is that offering so much flexibility with unit numbers and formations means I'm not really sure what model counts and formations I will want to use ” Yeah, I see. For the forest Gobbo horde I´d use just two variatons: a five wide regiments base(bus) and…

  • What Wasteland Warrior says, they look awesome Why ten wide, isn't horde formation unwieldy enough?

  • Maybe it´s just an excuse to field fancy pike models? I could see them with even higher Agi than spears though less AP or something like that. Since there is no mercenary supplement in sight, pikemen could be an option for future EOS supplements if not for the FAB.

  • "Don´t charge those pointy ears. They are our trustworthy allies and we can rely on them!"

  • We´re collecting ideas, but the EOS FAB will be done after some other books with higher priority (due to worse internal balance like Vermin Swarm and Kingdom of Equitainne).