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  • Hey sexy mummy ! I like your wraps :p (Shaggy parody) Very nice model, but she took Arkhan staff

  • Quote from wombat: “You could make a reasonable argument for a Barrow Legion Chariot unit which has been upgraded with Legion Charioteers equipped with Full Lance.The Impact hits takes second Place to the 33 x Stgh 6 AP 2 Lethal Strike attacks from the Crew. ( plus the Pharoahs attacks of course ) The concentration of the Attacks on a narrower frontage does have some appeal !!! ” I would agree but with 4 horses or not, the number of attacks of the crew remains the same (7 charioteers + 1 charact…

  • Quote from wombat: “Quote from setepenmentou: “to have a 3x3 means you have 2 characters on chariot since our max unit size is 7 chariots ^^. ” Just pointing out that you always have the option of just the One Character if said character takes the option of taking extra Horses.This gives a similar footprint as a 3 x 3 unit. ” Fun option isn't it ? But who would take it? @Wulfgart I don't understand what KG is ? It is the Offensive value ?

  • Yeah finally. I'll gonna take them. Edit: I'm glad you removed the Zweilhander style for classical greatswords

  • Same remark than questing knights, the parrying hooks are too big IMHO, you shall halve their length

  • Yes, this is from giant supplement

  • I saw the choice Nomarch : no weapon bought is missing. For colossus what is the difference between base cost and no upgrade ? Shall we include Bone giant ?

  • I remembered when the Hierotitan was a transposition to TK special character (the priest lich in a bone giant) I always thought a Soulossus shall be a mount for Hierarch (with a special rule Entombed which make the Hierarch offensive statline not usable because he is modified inside ^^) or add the option colossus to add an entombed hierarch giving him wizard conclave

  • very unusual list, archers as chaff and monsters as damage dealers ? No bunker for Hierarchs ?

  • to have a 3x3 means you have 2 characters on chariot since our max unit size is 7 chariots ^^. It would make 3d3+8 impacts hits

  • Quote from Norbaminiatures: “Quote from Ludaman: “How varied are the heads/helmets in the questing knight set? Will we get a good mix of bear heads, helmeted heads, coifed heads, or similar helms to the champion for the whole unit? ” For questin knights there will be 8 different models, totally. Then we will decide if we give the option of a variety of weapons and helmets (something possible in rewards) ” 8 different models including the lord or not ? The reason I like Questing Knights is these …

  • In my opinion, the UD armies shall be more elite skeleton than a standard undead. Being entombed with its master is an honour a soldier gain by showing prowesses or becoming his bodyguards. Auxiliaries may be entombed too for their courage.

  • Nice horse, I can' wait to see your questing knights :p This Winged Hussar is very nice.

  • The heights of the mini are indicated. The Warriors are too big to fit as Skeleton or NG, but maybe to small for Shabtis (44mm) But the gods would make incredible Colossus/Soulossus. I hope they would sell the mini in detail

  • Wow awesome Some riders are coming with ?

  • About new giant, he has big issues. Only T5, Rsr1 (2W max/turn), Arm 1 and crumble. If only he had Stubborn but he has 7W, this is could help, need to test. IMHO the best option is to add the skeleton crew, he doesn't benefit form UW since he is harnessed, but the crew does and the impact hits could help to deal more damages. 3 giants with skeleton crew cost 945pts (15 less than 2 battlesphinxes) Sphinxes have clearly more res (8vs5) and armour (3vs1) but the wound pool is clearly lower (10vs21)…

  • Pharaoh on sha

    setepenmentou - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Another idea if you don't want to use the crown of wizard king is to use the book of dead. It's still useful to have a 12" DiotB aura even if it's a bound spell.

  • Pharaoh on sha

    setepenmentou - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Yeah it is. I though it was only available path for the army. But may also get intesting spells. (best if we have Healing Waters ^^)

  • Pharaoh on sha

    setepenmentou - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Well you pay 35-40pts for bounds spells which are much easier to dispel. Unless you have casting issues it's better to have the crown and our base spells (because me randomize the path) aren't that sad : - Cosmology : Altered Sight : +1 Off/Def/Aim or -1, low casting value (5+) - Divination : Know Thine Enemy : +2Off/Def/Agility, Aura mode hard to cast (12+), but suitable for a frontline model. - Evocation : Spectral Blades : reroll failed to wound, if the target is the same as Undying Will, the…

  • Quote from Norbaminiatures: “@setepenmentou: oh, that is an important question and I really like that you asked. Three sculptors have intervened but I have never been completely satisfied with the final result. So, finally, our chief sculptor has taken the project (the same as the machines), and we plan to make 6 cavalry products from March 8th, three probably for Bretonia that may be on sale on pre-orders possibly in April. I know that we have delayed it a lot but I need you to understand that …