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  • If chaff will break this rule, maybe this rule should only be allowed when considering R&F unit of a certain size. For example, you can apply this rule when moving with 50 R@A through a unit with at least X full ranks. Meaning that it might work if only R&F with X full rank could use the rule on units with at least X full ranks so that you can't chaff with a weapon team and "abuse" the rule.

  • Quote from JimMorr: “To be constructive: let's try to identify some abuses and check if the rule can be made abuse-free and how costly it would be. The first one is connected with abuse of a conga as a pivoting screen. Hence adding "min 5 wide" is probably a must...…23898fbab3c2d70db4e967813 ” Great approach! You already give the solution here indeed, it should only apply to units that have at least 1 full rank. Quote from Fnarrr: “Abusive setup number 2: <pic dele…

  • Quote from Razon: “Why couldn't you have written something along the lines: ''VS army will have a special movement rule, something along the lines of Tiny, but army wide.'' Nothing more, nothing less. That would have been great. Or invent something that actually promotes big block: ''VS will get new army rule called Feeding Frenzy, where they get re-roll to wound if they outnumber the opponent greatly (say, 4to1 at the start of combat round).'' Now every VS will want huge cheap blocks, because e…

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “Quote from marcema: “Generally speaking, the aspect of VC is completely irrelevant because of this. VC are hordes because you are allowed to raise them which creates masses. This doesn't mean that they naturally don't care about one another. A swarming nest of rats is crawling over, under, "through" each other all the time. This rule makes sense that they ignore eachother for movement purposes if they would momentarily collide during their movement. ” That's a really creative…

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “ I don't understand a bunch of things, which should be clarified: - why is this a VS-specific problem to the extent a solution should be implemented as a special rule? ” It's not a VS specific rule when i look at this. It is a VS specific solution because the background and flavour of VS allows a rule like this to exist. Generally speaking, the aspect of VC is completely irrelevant because of this. VC are hordes because you are allowed to raise them which creates masses. This…

  • Quote from Razon: “I'll try to be constructive. AWSR 01 [name pending] - Universal Rule Units consisting entirely of models with this rule unit may ignore friendly Standard Sized models during Advance, March, and Charge Moves, with the following conditions and restrictions: The moving unit's Front Facing can never overlap another units' Unit Boundary. At the end of the move the unit must follow the Unit Spacing Rule. At the end of the move, any unit that had its Unit Boundary overlap with anothe…

  • Really like the idea andthe ability to potentially kill your units by doing it too much i like a lot as well. Its really what you expect vermin to do. Hordes of vermin crawling over each other, biting and snapping at those filthy rats that step on their tails. Hope that this theme of "stupidly damaging themselves" becomes more of a theme than it currently is.

  • 1+/ lucky charm for 1 reroll

  • Dusk forged Quote from alehl: “Quote from marcema: “It got expensive because we all remember the 4 cowboy lists that still had place for a druidism mage to heal all of them.. 1+/1+, 1+/5++, 1+, 1+/1rr ” 1+/1+? ”

  • Quote from Eymuster: “1+ rr and 1+5++ is still possible. But they cost as much as a taurosor. ” I'm not saying that they aren't possible anymore, but you won't fit 4 in with a skink priest adept on palanquin

  • It got expensive because we all remember the 4 cowboy lists that still had place for a druidism mage to heal all of them.. 1+/1+, 1+/5++, 1+, 1+/1rr

  • Collecting this kind of info will improve the speed of LAB processes. When this info is already acquired for all armies, this doesn't have to be done when the LAB is actually started and if a year or 2 has passed it is good to update the info to ensure that the information is still accurate.

  • I think any thread that contains suggestions for 2.0 are suitable. Feel free to comment on this thread and elaborate on why you maybe dislike units by giving suggestions.

  • Quote from Arturiki: “Last poll is 1 choice only. ” Fixed. Quote from sonny1086: “Is this poll intended to create a basis for SA fluff? Otherwise it feels like the mighty ancients are throwing a red herring to SA forum Nothing wrong with that, but it may be more appreciated, if the resources would be focussed into a "hot fix patch" with realy minor changes (no design changes) like +1Ld for Taurosaur mounts or possibility of Totem and non Totem Saurian Warriors. I know Pandaroas Box would be wide…

  • Liked unit names

  • Disliked item names

  • Liked unit names

  • Hi, About 2 years ago we ran the same poll and we are really curious how your opinion is after of two years. There are 4 different polls, so we'd appreciate if you fill out all 4 of them. You can pick up to 3 options on every poll. - Liked unit names - Disliked unit names - Liked item names - Disliked item names Thank you on behalf of the whole SA ACS team.

  • Kadim Chariot Mount points are supposed to be 65p inatead of 70p

  • Tournament Lists - V2.2

    marcema - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Makes me a sad Saurian.. Compared to all UB tournaments which have been held for so far, any info on how SA is doing there? I have some info from 2 dutch tournaments held at UB if you want to have them:) Both were before the new ID. War against the Plague 1: Lists and Rulespack War against the Plague 1: Scoresheet War against the Plague 2: Lists and Rulespack War against the Plague 2: Scoresheet In case of a 10-10 result without battlepoints, the game hasn't been played and a 10-10 was put down …