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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Payment sent for Shaun Hughes and Kevin Bromley. Main event only.

  • All of B done. I'm note sure about the base cost entries, so there may be some issues there. I'll try to get C done over the next week.

  • UK Masters - done UK Masters Open - 0 Entries Krakow Masters - Link didnt work Sevilla Masters - Done Bellum Lacum - done Brighton Gaming Day - done Norwegian Masters - done

  • I've tried to do BeLaMa, please let me know if correct. If so will continue with the rest.

  • Have to disagree, big fan of hoarders. Yes they are pricey but they can hold the line. They will go through light armoured troops easily, and mirrored scales helps against more elite troops. Imps are quite situational bit S5 and 3+ against shooting is great against chaff and MSU. Spell options are good as well.

  • Hi all, I know some people are unhappy with the published guidelines and the feeling that the design teams have ignored previous thoughts and suggestions. These are just draft guidelines at the moment, although I'm not sure how much leeway there is in changing them, that's not info I'm privy too. All i can say is keep your feedback and suggestions comings, myself and valourunbound are reading the thread and valourunbound will be providing a report/summary to the design team (not sure when). I kn…

  • Greetings Citizens, With the release of the 1st version of the new ID book could you please post any feedback here. At the moment I know most feedback will just be based on reading the book, but if possible try to get some games played against them to get some more accurate feedback. Let's also try to get specific feedback that relates to Vermin Swarm. Thanks all

  • Not to pile on, as it been covered by yourself and others but the current way your group are playing doesn't really sound like it would lead to fun. I would go with; 1) stop worrying about the results, you can build up to winning games. 2) ask questions to opponents and others about things like chaff. Harder now with everyone being indoors, but most people are friendly on the table and willing to either discuss tactics during a game or after. 3)think about how you want to play the army and build…

  • I'm a big fan of randomness and personally would miss the random move and attacks of the abomination, along with randomness of the weapons teams. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing abominations lose a hp if they roll a double 6, or a triple anything when moving. (Which doesn't matter, as I'm not writing any rules). I think at the moment there is very little risk to the overcharging and weapons.

  • Quote from Eldan: “Quote from ukrocky: “ ” For example. Remember the old ratling gun? Where you could decide to keep on rolling, or to stop after a certain number of rolls? Wasn't that a great weapon? And isn't that much more interesting than later designs where you just rolled 2d6 and then sometimes it blew up and sometimes it didn't? The first involves a tactical decision, is veryy flavourful (rats are pushing their weapons beyond the safe limits because they think it might work) and can still…

  • I will join this. My plan to get rid of grey plastic has failed so far so this will help me sort my EoS.

  • CHARACTERS VERMIN DAEMON Good: Bad: Builds: TYRANT: Good: Bad: Builds: CHIEFTAIN: Good: Bad: Builds: MAGISTER: Good: Bad: Builds: RAKACHIT MACHINIST: Good: Bad: Builds: SICARRA ASSASSIN: Good: Bad: Builds: PLAGUE PATRIARCH: Good: Bad: Builds:

  • Hi all, After reading and providing some feedback to the topic How To Daemon Legions and listening to an episode of paired weapons podcast were people discussed all the vermin swarm unit entries, I thought it would be a good idea to have a similar thread for Vermin Swarm. My plan is to go through the various units in each section of the book and people to give a brief description of each units strengths, weaknesses and any interesting builds. I know the Vermin Swarm are due to be next in the LAB…

  • Vermin hulk

    Shugdaddy - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    I like the vermin Hulks, they can shred through some average foot troops. And if you get the charge can really damage elite elf units (mutual destruction usually), or some other units that will slice up our foot troops.

  • You could also just start introducing rules bit by bit. So for instance using the magic phase, maybe keeping the old spells and seeing how they like it.

  • Good Afternoon All, I'd like you introduce myself as your new ACS. I'm not a heavy poster on the forums but do read most topics relating to armies that I play. I've been playing Vermin Swarm since just before 1.3 and had played them under a different name for around 5 years prior to that. I've taken a bit of a break from playing them over the last year due to the Daemon Legions book which I wanted to use for something different and to get some painting done on minis i'd had for ages. On a person…

  • SlannRat Daily Podcast!

    Shugdaddy - - General Discussion


    Just to echo the above, I've been enjoying them. I like the rotation of guests and the varying topics.

  • Scourge

    Shugdaddy - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    And he can be challenged out and beaten on Res by big blocks of industry. He only has 5+ against non melee so can be shot or magiced off. Poison goes straight to his ward. Low agi so volumes of high (ISH) strength can kill him before he strikes. He's actually a pretty well balanced piece both price and stat wise imo.

  • How to Daemon Legions

    Shugdaddy - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    I believe wizard conclave gives the champ +1hp so unit has 6wds. I like them with conclave as you can potentially hit 1 unit with 3 missiles or spread your fire out. It also makes them a juicy target, which you can use to your advantage as it means other units get some freedom.