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  • As one of the people behind the Sliver (damn, the first notion of that idea and first version of the name (Spear of the Blazing Dawn) were mine) I can say that spear was made as means to see on foot princes in the game. It was envisioned as a bandaid to patch the on foot prince chassis until such a time as the whole book could be redesigned and the on foot prince problem solved. I think that I can say with high degree of confidence that "breaking" the spear or making it overly expensive would al…

  • Highborns in the OCHO

    ArchangelusM - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    @matrim Could I ask you for the aforementioned list? Much obliged!

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “Coffin was already at the bottom of a bay inside a block of cement. Dropping nails into the water isn't making it worse. XD But seriously, though. This was DEFINITELY one that anyone could have seen coming. Until/unless the upgrade drops DOWN massively, it's not getting play. Heck, the Infernal Dwarf book's designers figured out that "Not Optional Flaming" is a downside because all their "Not Optional Always On" flaming units get Divine Attacks pretty easily (and yes, acc…

  • Following.

  • So...I'm scared

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    Quote from ForsetisMuse: “Quote from Chronocide: “I live alone. I haven't had a hug in a month or so. I'm not sure that I need one, but ” 53d6c762df6b5d7b7e787993241619f6.gif ” The Queen of Hearts strikes again! Hugs, hugs for everyone!

  • Quote from Furion: “Perfect example for a game today vs mighty @Scrub. the game lasted 6.5 hours and was flawless. Should we be limited in time, mistakes would occur. And I believe - for the sake of sanity - that this is a good thing. ” Will there be a battle report?

  • Guys, it seems thst AoS got their own secret cow level!

  • @Eisenheinrich Please check upon @Furion post above.

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Quote from Peacemaker: “What's this? 4 posts with discussion and no memes? I think y'all need some inspiration! 90682280_2895830200484293_1048815938347991040_n.jpg ” 6d8.jpg

  • would it b3 too much to ask for your liata?

  • Quote from Feaynnewedd: “@Scrubmind sharing your list? ” @Scrub Seconded.

  • Quote from jaith1: “@ArchangelusM GW can comfortably charge with any of our infantry (except FW) considering they are equally as squishy before miasma is applied. ” Comfortably charge? Any combat where GW can comfortably charge in is a CC where Miasma is not a relevant factor. 2 S3 attacks (if you pay for paired weapons, rhat is) on a skirmish unit is a liability in any CC that Miasma would matter, and more often then not you would want a unit with a relevant damage output in the place that GW w…

  • @ALL Let me clarify: Proactive unit/ability is one that gives you options in your game turn, on your charge or CC phase, etc. Reactive unit/ability is one that gives you options in oponents turn. At least I would define it in such a way. Fae Miasma offers utility that is for the most part reactive -> if you use it with shooting it is reactive, if you use it in CC it can be proactive. The problem stems from the fact that GW wish to avoid charging anything tougher than tissue paper as they would g…

  • GW design is not a particularily good one, and this is coming from a guy that was part of the team that designed the unit. There were too many limits in the design phase that birthed the current GW design, it is not even the original proposed design. They are a reactive unit ( or better to say reactive defensive buff unit ) in an army that needs to be proactive to work. They have their uses, they are not utter garbage or completly trash design, but there is a very good reason why no top dog list…

  • @Aenarion43 My proposals would be something fit for next edition of T9A more then the current since it is more of a revolution than evolution, it would bring about great changes in how the game works, too great for current implementation. We would have to do a LOT of redesigning to solve all the issues such a change would bring about. @arwaker I agree that such a change is going too far for the current game, as it would change everything. But it is not meant for the current game, but as a possib…

  • @arwaker I was refering to your making 100pta comboa better and 100+ combos worse without touching the characters. Force concentration is a neccessity, and that very neccessity stems from the core rules of the game and the way core mechanics work. 2HP heroes/3HP lords worked pre-8th edition warhammer, when volume of attacks was smaller, there were no fight in two ranks or step up and not every Res5 character had the same or better access to defensive gear as T3 chars. For what you propose to wor…

  • Quote from arwaker: “I think the problem lies really deep. It is hidden in the inter-synergy of magic equipment. It's not directly linked to HE, but I fear they are affected more than others by the 'issue'. A strong magic weapon is not worth much when you don't live long enough to use it. And a super armour is not worth a lot when you can't put out enough damage to encourage your opponent to even attack you and not the unit. Having 200 points in magic equipment allows combining good magic weapon…

  • Quote from kompatybilijny: “So we are finally making the whole circle back to the 8th edition. ” I am not sure I follow your train of thought here... Elaborate please.

  • Oh, and Spear princw is not fixing the spers. He is fixing the on foot CC character slot which is non existant without him.

  • @Herminard Care to share your experiences of "overpriced" spearelves? @IntrigueAtCourt Where does your stance on Spearelves being trash come from? Mathhammer or personal experience playing them? What happened that you see them as teash? They are by no means the best unit in the game, but as far aa they are from that title, they are same or greater distance away from being as bad as you are painting them to be. I tagged @Herminard as he played a list with 300 spears spread in 15 units and only on…