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  • Models for the Åsklanders

    infamousme - - Asklanders


    Quote from jirga: “Mierce has these on pre-order. They have 40mm bases so their size should be big enough for vargs shop mrm_dkl_ang_mrc_bst_050_000_01_medium.png ” I have the current ones and these dont look too much larger, if at all. They're a bit small for wargs except the leader wolf Reoc.

  • That's not a standar, it's just a long spear

  • very interested... I backed the forest goblins and you guys delivered. So I am definitely down to back this one.

  • Mad 'At's EoS Blog

    infamousme - - User Blogs


    Quote from Mad 'At: “Quote from Henrypmiller: “Did you like the front cover? ” I did, thank you! It's a great honour :)Quote from infamousme: “Everytime I look at your thread I go into my extra room and pull out my masses of unpainted empire models (at least 300 state troops and 50 greatswords) and look at them.... ” Better get that brush out then too :PBut dude, that's an insane number of bodies. What edition are they from? ” 5th, 6th, 7th. I had a sizable Empire army that I played in 6th ed an…

  • Quote from CaptainChaos: “molds can be made with silicone used for plumbing. Very cheap, and easy to find even in lockdown times. ” If you use silicone caulk for molds you need to empty it into cold water with dawn dish soap in it. The glycerin in the soap will make the silicone caulk into a moldable silicone putty and the soap in general will help it not adhere to your hands when working with it. DO NOT use latex gloves otherwise the silicon will just stick to your hands.

  • Mad 'At's EoS Blog

    infamousme - - User Blogs


    Everytime I look at your thread I go into my extra room and pull out my masses of unpainted empire models (at least 300 state troops and 50 greatswords) and look at them....

  • have you taken a look at Green stuff world and their cobble stone rolling pins?

  • Quote from Arturiki: “I just finished my Tiger Goblin Chief, am almost ready with my self-made Splatterer (no picture/video at the moment, unfortunately), and I am thinking of creative designs for my 25 Iron Orcs (suggestions gladly accepted). ” I half expected the "tiger chief" to have a curly bleached mullet.

  • Quote from Ludaman: “Quote from WastelandWarrior: “I dont know anything about swords but it looks like a very nice sword. Might come in handy in the upcoming zombie apocalypse ” Yeah I like it, I teach martial arts and have quite a bit of experience with Chinese Swords and Japanese swords and wanted a nice one to practice with for cutting drills, but I decided I didn’t want to be another white guy with a katana hanging on his mantle, so I did some research about my family’s history (goes way bac…

  • Quote from Stygian: “I like your attitude definitely management material. And Dan your a machine! As an aside have you (or anyone else here) ever successfully stripped finecast? ” DOT3 brake fluid will do the trick. Just throw it in a jar for a few hours and scrub it off with a toothbrush.

  • Quote from Kallstrom: “That High Elves had a banner that gave a unit a 2+ Ward Save against my whole Daemons of Chaos army. That Tomb Kings had to take their own Lore first on a Wizard before they could include yet another Lore on another WIzard in their army. That the Beastmen had to roll some dice before every round of combat (most of the time anyway, but every time I rolled it felt like I was slowing down the game a bit). That Dwarfs have no access to a fun magic phase (personal opinion). Cou…

  • silicone putty molds and sculpey clay are the way to go for this... I am really biased against blue stuff though. To answer your question though, brown stuff will work better than green stuff for this purpose. I really like miliput superfine white putty the most for blue stuff press molds.

  • the weapons should be the easiest thing to switch out.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Quote from Klexe: “ @Marcos24 could you print this one and sell it to me ?:) ” I could but if I print it big, for a giant, I imagine shipping would be pretty expensive. I’d look for someone on the forum that’s doing 3D printing that lives local to you or at least closer ” I really expected your answer to be a big "No" just because nobody needs an Equitainian Giant

  • MOM orcs would be a great candidate. They're affordable and have sufficient torso armor. Alternatively, make the whole kit?

  • Quote from Ludaman: “Be weary though, the new GW elf cavalry is on its way and looks quite good, also lastsword just released very nice core elf cavalary, I’d say the honest-to-god can’t get it anywhere, best choice is EoS heavy cavalry, they simply don’t make plastic horses with heavy barding anywhere else in the same heroic scale. You’d have the market cornered. ” For high elves yes, but we could still use some nice, affordable kestrel knights.

  • Wastes of Wasteland

    infamousme - - User Blogs


    Nice looking horsemen. I've had 6 of those sitting around, bare metal since 2003 (or so)

  • Elven cavalry, sylvan, highborn and dread of all sorts. In particular, Kestrel knights.

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from Reliquary: “Hey, I'm looking to get into the new Elder Scrolls miniature game. They'll be using this scale: fo-promo-scale-comparison-white-bg-low-res-1_orig.jpg The range keeps to realistic proportions. Would Mierce models fit in? ” The infantry scale in the pic you’ve shown looks huge, mierce infantry are on the small side. Their monstrous infantry and beasts are a lot beefier and would probably fit in well size wise ” Comp shots

  • man, I really want to do my rats yellow as well. I have no issue painting yellow though.