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  • Quote from Dragon's Lake Miniaturas: “We are still active and we start a new project. Dread elves with a pirate theme. We will be showing previews and new miniatures in a very short time. Pirata.jpg ” Quote from Dragon's Lake Miniaturas: “We also have to give you two news The first is that we already have a store in myminifactory where we will upload all our miniatures. The second and very interesting one has to do with a contest that we are going to do, in which you can paint one of our figures…

  • Quote from Zyv: “one has probably only have to complain long enough:…afa81ed4c1f043e934c1ecfa1 The next print session can start ” You could check if the models is made up of joined parts and then scale up the horse. In real life most horses are not destrier sized.

  • Quote from sifonero: “hi! today starts an stl for wotdg i hope u enjoy!…stl-edition?ref=user_menu ” Will it be possible to get resin miniatures again in the future? Let's add some images : 497b5ca6fd654b439da333e933eabb85_original.png 8c89574b682a79c4cc975a4e115ceb66_original.png 1b2928f4e7a96784227ffed8c3f45d68_original.png 5bad1b3b5f5862c418340cbe8ca2918e_original.png 01767bbdcc1d233d8c9433bc05fdd8ed_original.png

  • Kickstarter for ehm deers, might be interesting to you: 1f4cbc9da6ddd50dcaa6487d42778503_original.jpg

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  • digital Ghamak Miniatures Berserker Leader berserk-leader.jpg Berserk Guard Bundle berserk-guard-bundle.jpg

  • Txarli has some daemons, some printed from Ghamak STL files and some more The Great Demon by Ghamak Miniatures THEDEMON_01_1024x1024.jpg THEDEMON_02_1024x1024.jpg Already added it to the Courtesan library and added the latest from creature caster while at it. These still need a check The Hag TXFA_WEB_PRODUCTHAG1_03_1024x1024.jpg TXFA_WEB_PRODUCT_HAG_3_1024x1024.jpg 105mm tall, 50mm base Souls Devourer TXFA_WEB_PRODUCTSOULS1_03_1024x1024.jpg TXFA_WEB_PRODUCT_SOULS_3_1024x1024.jpg 83mm tall, 50mm …

  • Elf mage sold by Txarli Factory TXFA_WEB_ELF_MAGE_01_1024x1024.jpg

  • 75mm means 75mm to the eyes for a normal human. Of course impossible to say what it means when the miniature is not human. Skulls make it out of scale, but it could be an ogre hunter.

  • Quote from invellocet: “good copter models but not too pricey... suggestions? ” Nothing here for you? Norba is cheap if you want actual copters. Some alteratives might be cheaper.

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    Little Joe - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Ogre by HH Fantasy Miniatures ogre-hh-fantasy-miniatures.jpg

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Needs stars. The stripes are done great, especially the white. Never seen this model before, what is it and what is it for?

  • Wood Axe

    Little Joe - - Supporting Companies


    Supposing you mean this with monoplane, for DH a Forge Repeater seems to be the common theme. Forge Repeater : Shooting Weapon. Range 18", Shots 4, Str 5, AP 2, Flaming Attacks, Quick to Fire. Second armament is grenades or bombs, monoplanes are a tech stage after most of that. You can't put a flamethrower on a monoplane. Maybe some hammer like device that shoots lighting, Thor style. Or maybe underslung bolt throwers that have magazines of something that stick out on top. A mini turret mounted …

  • Nice variation, could you double it by inverting the dollies or is that too much work. How does the unit building work with these? You prepare them off screen?

  • Yay 50!

  • The GW family were the only named games, which was weird, so we are somehow fantasy players, but the not first choice ones. Must have been an intentional choice to see market share, but still weird when ignoring it for all other types of gaming.

  • It is always hard to say, so far I did not like any board game plastic I got my hands on (Bones). Same for all early restic (PP/Mantic). Very hard to clean and in case of Bones way too floppy (black might have solved that). Did not see anything I liked last SPIEL when at their booth or I would have gotten a miniature to test the material. I am very interested to test their D&D plastics myself. From what I understand China made some huge steps in improving quality and remains doing so. I do not f…

  • link Who participated and what did you think of these year's questions? I found it a bit insulting how Anglo centered it is set up. Where are you from has 3 English options and then throws anyone else into big groups. The second thing I noticed is how it has become a lot less about historical wargaming. I missed the what specific games do you play question, which made it feel more like a consumer type survey. And finally there was some science where I sometimes was confused by the options. All i…

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Nice, looks great.

  • Quote from The Beninator: “They burn out?! What the heck! I have not seen a single YouTube video that mentions that. Though, they also dont mention how expensive 99% IPA is. ” They will burn out through burned pixels that in time ruin your resolution. Of course they sell replacement screens ... Monochromatic UV screens will be a thing for all resin printers in time, longer life expectancy and faster printing with more cure control. Some of those videos also show hands just grabbing uncured resin…