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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • This is a thing of beauty. I remember when those models came out! Absolutely fantastic matey.

  • I love this thread! Gentlemans, my latest pledge done:…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802 everything so far:…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802

  • Quote from Madsvg: “Quote from Chronocide: “Is the room for a Dread Elf unit that wears the freshly flayed skins of the race of the opposing army? Perhaps some sort of "only elves are charismatic enough to pull this off" infiltration via the fleshsuits? ” Not with how they are building the background so far. We're less scary and terrible now. Also regarding the MSU discussion - as a lover of everything corsair based, I don't see corsairs running around in packs of 20-30 peeps in a block. They ar…

  • Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “At this moment MSU is cancer of the project. Small specialist units should be available from special or other slots, while core should remain full of medium to large-sized blocks of infantry (there should be no possibility for MSU in core, this should apply to every army). ” Dude DE were the pioneers of MSU and it’s always been an intended play style, I’m not sure why this is such a shock to you. I’m personally not a fan of MSU because I’m a s*** player and I love bi…

  • Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “Quote from echoCTRL: “So as you know the team is taking turns sharing the lists we have been trying out. It is my turn to share and I hope this list s something that will generate great excitment for all of you. Army General on Foot (Captain) BSB on Foot (Captain) Warlock on Foot 6 units of 10 Corsairs with Musician 15 Elite Tower Guard with Full Command and Special Banner 2 units of 5 Knights on Raptors with Full Command and Special Banner 1 War Platform 3 Hunting C…

  • Quote from DarkSky: “@Lord Drakon Excellent points, but in Germany we'd say "Perlen vor die Säue". Just ignore him, his venting is abusive, inconstructive and honestly most of the time plain stupid. The exact type of poster the team as a whole should just ignore categorically unless the behaviour changes. ” I’ll second that. Toxic behaviour deserves a good stiff ignoring.

  • I quite like that chrono. Shenanigans are always good!

  • Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Let me simply @msu117, if dread knights went to 3+ Armour what stat change could we make to compensate it? IE: +1 Attack on the rider? 2HP per model? More movement? ” Better adv, 8 or even 9 but short march say 12. I really don’t know why 2+ AS on heavy cavalry is suddenly such a world ending problem? Yes I know elves are supposed to be squishy, we get that, but these are armoured knights. Mounted eadbashers can get Arm 5, which doesn’t seem right to me. It’s not even as if…

  • Quote from Lord Drakon: “It is still being designed but went from mechanical to internal playtesting phase. So ironed out to an even better state. Although art and full background will likely not be finished as soon as the slim army book, LAB and background will do its best to also provide community with background context of the new DE in T9A at around the same time of release. This should also help to understand the rules and designs in slim book better. But could still take months, so more pa…

  • @msu117 So S3 and 3+ armour but keeping advance 7? Are you serious? 2HP would compensate for that but they’d be way too expensive. They’re no where near OP or problematic in their current slim book state, they’re not even optimal. Why the massive nerf? Anyway my preference would be to keep the profile the same but increase adv, 8/12 instead of 7/14

  • Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Quote from Peacemaker: “50x50 manticore will make many of us happy. ” what if there was more? ” ...people don't like change. ” What about more “options” ” Then that would be superb.

  • Oooooh love those pikemen, would love a set of rules for pikes in T9A! Two more units done: 1st Support Company of the 48th Regt:…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802 And the second Section of The Imperial Corps of Rangers attached to the 48th:…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802…98e8ae8dc171dd09b1c7d3802 the-nin…

  • Here you go mate.

  • @Kain ooooooh what model is that bad boi?!

  • Christ I really want an Asklanders army!

  • Parry on paired weapons also makes sense.

  • 11 E.b. Charge Move

    Nemeroth - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Quote from Chronocide: “I'm off topic, but in a mood to correct tiny details...sorry in advance. Quote from Nemeroth: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “If you say model A may not come within 10" of model B, this means that A has to stay away more than 10" from B, correct? Yes, I’m absolutely baffled as to how this could be interpreted any other way. ” ” Strictly speaking, there is a space between "within 10 inches" and "Stay away more than 10 inches" That would be precisely at the 10" mark, you are ne…

  • Don’t get me wrong it’s an interesting discussion

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “:-) I expected a bit more nuanced discussion actually. @berti you are a sensible man. This is pretty smart: Quote from berti: “If anything in this ruleset should negate Parry it is having parry yourself. Why? If it’s from a purely rules POV then fine but it’s a little bit immersion breaking. There’s a reason shield walls were used for centuries. At least with paired weapons it’s readable that an axe in one hand can pull the shield down whilst striking with the other weapon…

  • There’s worse RPS stuff in the game then PW negating parry.