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  • well i am an old lead head. i do like the kit bashing options that plastic provides and I appreciate resin for big things but I think Finecrap scarred me for life. Those minis look great and kudos for avoiding purple (mine are purple - i have gone with “traditional” colours because it makes integrating 2nd hand finds easier with minimal touch ups) part of my problem loving old and new minis is integrating them into the same army, but a strong and unifying theme like you have will really reduce t…

  • Sylvan Lance

    Vulgarsty - - Rules Questions & Answers


    which re-ignites the whole “why dont lances/cavalry spears just grant impact hits” debate. Ok its an end to complete rubber lancing but it is also scalable - a basic lance is 1 impact hit +2S, -2AP, but different characters could just buy different versions appropriate to their rank eg for a Paladin, the lance would cost more but be Impact hits (D3, +2S, -2AP) and for a duke cost more again, but be D3+1, +2S, -2AP) then normal attacks. The lance is paid for and accounted for and there is no conf…

  • big slaves and little slaves. why not just have 2 entries for slaves. 20mm based poorer quality off/def2 slaves for fodder and 25mm based, better, tougher slaves who are some use in combat. that way everybodies slave models are valid and it reflects the fact that a tiny dwarf raj is wholly reliant on slaves to bolster their society

  • ah thats it. Thanks. It might be worth amending the impassible terrain rule to reflect that models can “bounce” through it. Because reading the dt rules in isolation it looks like they cant

  • Sylvan Lance

    Vulgarsty - - Rules Questions & Answers


    yes, i think it works rather well and makes sense.

  • Sylvan Lance

    Vulgarsty - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Yes, this is an interesting one. Unlike legacy games, one does not discard the lance after charging and fight subsequent rounds of a combat with a hand weapon but the wielder continues to fight with the lance (but as they are no longer considered charging in subsequent rounds of the combat the +2 S and AP modifiers don’t apply

  • Mission Impassible Models cannot move into or through Impassable Terrain. I don’t think whether they have Strider or not matters. The above statement isn’t qualified. Models (ie everything we play with) cannot move into or through it. I assume they stop just short and if contacted by any enemy unit until they rally, they are destroyed?

  • Updated lexicons

    Vulgarsty - - General Discussion


    just wanted to say thanks for a great idea and a great job - having links to pdfs for units in the lexicon is so much more useful than the old entries which were a chore to read. well done. awesome work.

  • maybe toxic attacks are a little underused in the game - they could feature in more spells and items perhaps?

  • that is a pretty cool idea. In fact you could adjust the power levels of shots to balance against veil tokens and “buy” shots. Might be particularly iseful early game when spells are out of range

  • Ok - Sins. Its not a bad idea to move is from Marks and is an understandable and logical concept. Now I had 5 (large) Chaos Armies (undivided, wrath, lust, pestilence and change) They are not going to turn into 7 but I have ported them to Wrath, Lust, Pride (undivided), My Change army is now Envy & Avarice (much more specific a term than “greed” in my book) combined, and Sloth & Gluttony combine to take the Pestilence army. I do think there is a thematic case for my Change army to go from gold (…

  • I would like my hellcannon back. Now I understand the need to move on from legacy games - and yes the Hellmaw is a creative way not to invalidate all the (quite expensive IIRC) models that people had, and yes I also know in the (now abandoned I inderstand) ASAW that shooting is not a WotDG speciality, but just one. Something to gob some forsaken bile at an enemy in the shooting phase would be lovely. Please

  • I would love to have Sin themed armies as a stronger thing. Something that makes me really want to feed an army of all one sin. id also like a basic flavour of knight to make it into core (eg unbarded) then special could have chosen foot/chosen knights (ie must be marked, knights are barded) Special would also host “exalted” warriors and knights - ie the “large” marked versions. Similarly characters chould be “chosen” ie marked and “exalted” both marked and “large”

  • If we get a slot for a ground “Behemoth” to compliment our aerial Grudge Buster, I thought this might do it…21_222_45&products_id=297 Or this…21_222_45&products_id=290 I wouldn't want us to have the rues for just another steam tank, but some large ground based construct feels fairy dwarven and fluffy.

  • They aint going to win any golden demons but putting a wrath army of 200+ minis on the table in a fortnight from today is my goal...

  • Sick of batch painting red for my new wrath army project....

  • Quote from Raven Twin Miniatures: “Finished Giant!! Its just an assembly example. The final model is going to include several hands with a lot of different weapons and several heads!! If you want to get this modem you must be a Patron on June and July, its the Loyalty Gift!! Hope you like it!! Support us on Patreon:…27b3bf1b3b10de74dc8575901 ” Isn’t a Dwarf giant a bit of an oxymoron....

  • both sets of minis. Are either these pegged to sins? I mean there’s certainly a temptation to imagine st Barbara’s are wrath (red) or is that just a legacy assumption?

  • Doom lord of Lust or Pride? Any thoughts?

  • On the Sloth/Gluttony side of the fence, I wanted to do a model based on some artwork in the The Lost and the Damned...