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  • I used to play Warhammer so I know what rules you are referring to! T9A doesn’t have that unit (maybe an Infernal Engine with a Titan Mortar on top armed with gas would get you part of the way there?) but if you really miss it, you can probably dig up an old 6th edition WHFB book, convert that unit’s rules, and ask your friends to indulge your nastalgia

  • I love my Immortals. As a player I would want the the old Whispers of the mask back or, as a distant second choice, the slim book rule. Since most units are ST4 or less, the current rule does not affect 70% of enemies. It does find a sweet spot versus ST5 enemies but versus ST6 and above, armor has been eliminated because of the inherent Armour Penetration so at that point, Dwarfs are dying in droves. Mathematically the current Whispers of the Mask rule has extremely low impact and is not worthy…

  • My Army: Infernal Dwarfs Opponents Army: Warriors of the Dark Gods Score: 1-19 MVP: nothing LVP: Flamethrower Gunnery Team My Army: Infernal Dwarfs Opponents Army: Dread Elves Score: 17-3 MVP: Trial of Ashuruk LVP: Flamethrower Gunnery Team (these are terrible - I now understand why no one takes them)

  • You should be good to go! Check your email and let me know if you have any other issues

  • Covid really threw our artist's schedules around so hopefully we won't see these sorts of delays on future books. I believe one of the last artists submitted his work so LAB work should begin shortly

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Also pricing is not as simple as considering the upgrade or option only.That halberd does vastly different work in the hands of a Chosen than in does in the hands of a heavy infantry ” I actually find that part straight-forwards. If a halberd costs one point but a model has two attacks, they are essentially getting twice as much use out of it so double the price. Chosen have three attacks each so should pay triple the price. Of course that’s *my* math and probably not how t…

  • Pricing is ridiculously hard. To me, a halberd is a one point upgrade (+1 ST is +1 point, +1 AP is +1 point, being a two-handed weapon is -1 point) and that's generally how it is priced in various army books. A Flintlock Axe, commonly called a poor-man's halberd, swaps a point of strength for being two-handed so that seems like the points wash out against each other. The only other thing it provides is an extra 6" of range to its existing shooting attack (which I value at as a one point upgrade)…

  • Moderating the forums is IMHO the hardest job in the project and they get it right 99% of the time. If anyone thinks they can do it better, I encourage them to apply to the Moderators Team.

  • One area I think a lot of Infernal Dwarf players struggle with what I consider the most important phase of the game - deployment. When you have M3 troops, a bad deployment can really hamper your chances of winning. If you have ideas about effective deployments, I'd love to hear them!

  • I'm seeing a lot of folks spinning their wheels against our volunteers who are taking time out of their day to answer questions. But I'm seeing almost no productive discussions in all of this. While I appreciate the passion people are putting into their posts, I would like to remind people our last patch is merely one step on the path the book will take and ask people to stop beating up on our team members. They are just as passionate as all of you, they are creative, they understand the challen…

  • Ten years of playing all kinds of Infernal Dwarfs and not once in all that time has that army ever taken an even a single Aegis save for a Flaming Attack. Just say'n..

  • Check your email and you should be good to go!

  • Actually the bastion replaces 9 ST5 attacks with 6 ST3 attacks and a crush attack. It is debatable if the extra combat resolution will out-weigh chopping down enemies.

  • Speaking as a player, I really love the concept of the Commissioner but I find him utterly lackluster. I've tried very hard to make him work but with only four attacks, he's failed too many times. And I'm not a fan of his new special rule; *if* he brings along five of his buddies and *if* they all die in close combat and *if* the Commissioner is still alive, he gets five extra attacks. If I lost 15 wounds, those five extra attacks (which is actually just two or three wounds) isn't swinging the c…

  • Characters can leave a unit during the movement phase. If the unit has been shot out from under him, the character has no unit to leave in his future movement phases.

  • I've tried for years to pull off the Flaming Breath of Corruption trick and I've not made it happen even once. Perhaps my opponents are clever and see the combination coming so they dispel it but from my perspective, it's there on paper only

  • I don't have any issues with releasing the data so long as it isn't taking the DA folks away from their current workload. These guys are already busy and I don't want to just pile more work on them.

  • Forgive me for being out of the loop on this. You're asking for data about what specifically?

  • Quote from Shino: “1) it does not need magic 2) it does so from safe distance of 27" shooting 3) many units behave similarily when ancountered with bb area shooting 4) it is 1 turn, and not "that" optimised circumstances. People shoot units in the open all the time, as units that want to charge cannot always afford to hide behinde cover, when they need to get in range. These are normal circumstances ” It doesn't "need" magic but he had it which gave him a double-Flaming Attacks which I'm sure he…

  • Because of my tag, I try not to comment on these kinds of discussions too often. But as an ID player, I think it's worth pointing out that the situation presented involves 900ish points buffed by magic in what sounds like an ideal situation for maximum effect. 900 points of just about anything can shred 600 points of something else under optimized circumstances. Let's not raise our pitchforks quite yet.