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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Good to know that it's possible for VC players! Bookmark this page on your phone if you want to do it in a tournament though :p

  • Hey flammy`, There is something off with how shooting Mercenary Veterans from Ogres are counted in Powder Keg. Sometimes they are counted more than they should sometimes less. Way to recreate (at least a part of) the bug: - Create a 4500 pts army list with Ogre Khans - Create a unit of Mercenary Veterans (basic 3 man-unit) and select the Brace of Pistols option. Expected behaviour: all their cost should be added to Powder Keg. What actually happens: it adds 360 to Powder Keg instead of 315.

  • Quote from Casas: “You dont have to be a dryad ” (Hidden Content) Sorry

  • Any flying horse for vampire planned? The main build of VC at the moment is two flying steed blood dragon lord, yet only conversions allows to field them to my knowledge!

  • Bonsoir, Les livres font foi. N'hésite pas à faire remonter les erreurs constatées sur 9th builder !

  • How many hits do Blunderbusses?

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    Quote from Nicreap: “If you are trying to determine the number of hits why are you rolling dice? Why not just calculate the expected value? ” Estimating probabilities is easier than calculating true probabilities, even is far less fun

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Wesser: “He insisted on reading your ruling on page 65 like he was right though ” The difference to the previous example is that it was a single model unit there. ” It took me time to notice it was a single model unit and hence understand your ruling. You had me shaken for a few seconds (was I playing everything wrong until now?! :p) It might be Rules Illustrated material. Careful, you'll end up main author of a PhD-thick book :p

  • Quote from flammy`: “I also still need to implement all the Spells data for Spell Selection in the app ” We've updated the Arcane Compendium to a much more easier to parse version, ping me if you need it. Also, DH, DE and VS are joining the LaTeX party, it's a matter of days. Only OnG left.

  • Thanks guys for the feedback. I've updated the link in OP with a new version of the book with internal and community feedback. I'm commenting below what I'm not implementing now. The rest should be in the new doc; else, feel free to poke me. Quote from theunwantedbeing: “Army model rule The bigger they are... is on a separate page. Columns might potentially solve that, it would look better and no need to worry about alphabetical order since the rules aren't long enough to require that. The spaci…

  • Quote from LeVil1: “Bonjour bonjour. Toujours au niveau L.A. Légions Démoniaques, et plus particulièrement de la manifestation poing marteleur de Père Chaos : Quote from L.A. Légions Démoniaques: “Poing marteleur 40 pts La figurine gagne +1 en valeur d’Attaque. ” Que devient cette manifestation lorsqu'elle s'applique aux sirènes par exemple ? Je demande parce que j'ai lu sur le fofo international que certains considéraient que le cavalier ET la monture gagnaient chacun une attaque supplémentaire…

  • Do shooty Ogre List work?

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    Quote from emilemil: “I have been using some version of this list for the past year now Khan Battle Standard Bearer, Brace of Ogre Pistols , Cult Leader , Light Armour Potion of Strength, Talisman of Shielding, Viper's Curse mammoth hunter. PW, trolleater, Mammoth-Hide Cloak Shield Breaker Shaman General, Iron Fist, Light Armour, Thaumaturgy, Wizard Master Obsidian Rock 11x Bruiser, Champion, Musician, Pennant of the Great Grass Sky, Standard Bearer 24 Scraplings Bow Musician,Standard Bearer 6 M…

  • Do shooty Ogre List work?

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    Quote from Clangeddin Silverbeard: “Quote from Jomppexx: “I would use shamanism to buff the mercs and bombardiers once CC is needed. I think pyro in a list like this is maybe overkill. Does anyone think playing an army with something like 3*6 or 2*8 bombardiers? I'm not sure how they fit but max out on bombardiers anyway. ” Some dude won an event with 3x6 bombardiers a year or two ago. I forget who, where and event size, but he wrote about it in this forum. If you're lucky with your search, you …

  • I think the Character needs to stay in the unit to keep the upgrades to keep the pricing low. Else you can get very juicy upgrades for a Khan / Great Khan at deployment and then move it to gutstar / solo. Plate + devastating (Hoardsplitter? :p), swiftstride + devastating? Else yeah it's a good idea.

  • Quote from Druchii Anointed: “Does the last model of a unit (eg: chosen knights) count as "single model unit" for the purpose of movement (especially: can it pivot lilke a single model unit)? ” Yes, for the good reason that it has become a... single model unit Quote from Sabious: “How are the hits distributed? ” The owner of the catapult distributes the hits as evenly as possible. Most of the times you'll have one hit for the Character, and one hit for each RnF model, as Catapults have a large A…

  • Quote from Targ Ironfist: “As a whole, the book is more compact and rules clearances are fine. But to place a mere Runesmith (not a runelord) before the dwarven king in the character section, is a terrible blasphemy! How could have You?! ” Aha I was expecting this one It was to save a page. Would you rather have one more page in the book?

  • < Hello guys, We're finally done editing the DH book into the newer format (with a Quick Reference Sheet!). We've used this opportunity to edit some wording, mostly to uniformise with other books, and to implement the erratas and cosmetic patches. We'd appreciate your help in checking that no rules were changed in the process; no copy-paste mistake, no Resilience 1 on the King, this kind of things. The profiles in the Quick Reference Sheet are automatically generated, so there shouldn't be any d…

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Why is the cost of musicians for Light Troops not reduced? ” @Just_Flo Just a quick question: has the possibility of including Command Group options costs into the balancing algorithm been considered?

  • Quote from Nesro: “As stated a few post above, scrapling foreman cannot buy spear, ” Scrapling Foreman is a Champion and therefore is equipped as the rest of the unit, so he should have his spear.

  • Quote from edjuh2.0: “I am pretty sure it means you only get the 3d3 impact hits.. but when you say gains it can also be read as it gains the 3d3 on top of the 2d3 impact hits. Just to be certain it is 3d3 right? And is it because its not my native language that I am reading this wrong? ” It gains it on top of the 2d3 impact hits, but you can only use one instance of impact hits, so you use 3d3.

  • Languages of T9A

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    Quote from Ghiznuk: “I'm a bit surprised that noone's been interested in making a Portuguese version so far. ” We did have a Portuguese version at the very beginning, but it was quickly abandoned