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  • I mean if he’s got enough space for a horse and attempting to flail someone, I think I’d like an invitation to that property!

  • Awesome!!!!

  • No, hand weapons cannot be chosen if you have any other CC weapon

  • Hmm, I was looking at an older version of Tristan’s wording. I’d say I’m back to my original statement. While “ignoring” effects means you don’t use them, the enchanted weapons don’t cease to be enchanted, so my guess is you’d still have to use them, but I think it’s a ruling someone with a higher pay grade than my own would have to make. I say those that play in ETC level competitions should go forth and try to make the scenario happen so we can get rulings from judges

  • Well actually... both entropic aura and ring of the pearl throne “ignore” the effects of the enchantment, but you are still technically using an enchanted weapon so I think you’d be forced to use it still, Tristan however says the enchantments can’t be used for the rest of the battle... It’s a good question for the rules guys, not for the Ludaman’s acting silly edit: @Just_Flo you’re a ninja!

  • Quote from The Beninator: “Quote from Ludaman: “You may never ever, not ever, never ever, use your Bastard sword. If you have an enchanted Lance then that is all you’re allowed to use, people take it for the +1 to hit against fear ” What if you got hit by an enemy Tristan's resolve and also, for some weird reason, had a friendly weapon master Castilian in the same unit? ” well the duke has to be insignificant to join a unit with a castellan so it would have to use Humility, but yeah. Assuming yo…

  • You may never ever, not ever, never ever, use your Bastard sword. If you have an enchanted Lance then that is all you’re allowed to use, people take it for the +1 to hit against fear

  • KS makes sense for a lot of companies for a number of reasons. First, initial sales tend to be far better than long term regular sales, so a platform that tells you exactly how many initial sales you’ll be making is very helpful for keeping expenses down/maximizing profit. Second, the player base of T9A is not gigantic, the percent that keep up with website updates/mini releases is even smaller. One of the most important aspects of KS is the free advertising to a much larger audience. The good n…

  • Quote from Klexe: “I also don't really like Renown. Even blessed inscription + Renown feels sometimes very useless it's weird. And sometimes it is the best stuff you can find ” It really is more about the fear factor than the in game effects. Case in point, 2 games ago my Renown Duke on hippogryph had to fight a unit of chosen knights and warrior knights. He failed to do any meaningful damage, lost combat and was run down. I played the same opponent a week later, charged the same chosen knights,…

  • Nice! They look great

  • Quote from Klexe: “As long as the hawk has a drive by attack from above which does a huge white splosh on the ground ” I’ve always thought that hippogryphs should have this. The wings and diet of a giant eagle, the bowel tract of an enormous horse... it’s a good reason to bring back the 3” pie template

  • Gives distracting to attacks allocated against the character as the hawk harasses the Knights enemy

  • @Norbaminiatures any plans for Vampire Knights? There are a few good options for skeleton knights right now (although I really do love yours!) but there are almost no good minis for Vampire Knights.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “NICE!!! Not sure how those visors are going to work though lol ” clearly the animals on top are a separate crown-style piece... The number 1 job of squires is to run around affixing their crown-heraldry after they drop their visors.

  • I like them a lot. I think these may be the best Plate-Armored cavalry sculpts on the market. Are they the finished sculpts though or WIP? The tails look a little rough.

  • Free the fluff Gil, free the fluff.

  • Quote from 87axia: “Thank you for the quote Marcos! As a bretonnian player, I'm all ears for suggestions about possible new models! P.s some of you may not like the animal visors on my knights, I've already prepared an historical set to make everybody happy! ” Will this be a possible reward for the KS? I love everything about your entire range of minis except the visors. If you just make the heads separate pieces so I can use my own I’ll definitely become a backer

  • Quote from Taki: “I think those 75 mils would make great statues and terrain ” Yeah the green knight painted bronze and covered in verdigris and vines would be a pretty awesome terrain piece/objective marker

  • Those look great, September is too far away!

  • Dangit, nothing good happens in 2020