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  • I am Belgian. The cartoon was available in French on French TV

  • I have Thundercats bedsheets

  • Quote from IntrigueAtCourt: “May I ask why chosen do not count? ” Because Chosen Knights are Mounstrous Cavalry, not Standard Cavalry

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Alos, what kind of medieval European army? ” I would describe its foundation as a mix of Medieval (1300-1400s) France and England mashed together (imagine there is no Channel sea), with a stronger Celtic underculture than historically (like, imagine Britanny, Wales and Ireland are stitched up together also, and influence the rest of the country a lot). That's where the main source of inspiration and general style comes from, but in the end, it will be its own thing with i…

  • Quote from Kreln: “Why cant we have just a9th age army based on Medieval European armies full of knights, some peasants and a little bit of fantasy( creatures and magic) Obviously it has to be competitive but I don't think it has to be "the best" ” Well, because all polls conducted with KoE players indicate that while some of them want a historical army with just a little bit of fantasy, the majority wants a 50/50 historical/fantasy army or a high fantasy knights army.

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    Quote from Chronocide: “Quote from Lich King: “…16f32a3b8dba1e61cf6340add ” I really like that idea. Put the Brotherhood of the Dragon in the KoE book. That would be awesome. Like a UD Monarchs of Undeath army upgrade. ” Hello ? It's already been done !! The Mallobaude

  • Quote from Konrad von Richtmark: “Quote from Ghiznuk: “Quote from oreogolem: “a slave could very potentially incite violence on you and their skill level/intelligence/deadliness is not the same distance from say me-human to a cow-animal ” Except the gap between Celt slave and Roman slaveowner is much narrower than the huge gap between human and elf, like, your master has had the time to see six generations of your family be born and die. ” This, so much this. Real-world human slaves won't be foo…

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “I would just specific the regions based on cultural similarities like we do with other parts of large continents. Because Berber Horsemen next to Zulu infantry just doesn't fit. ” Sure. But so, the African Vampire faction imagined by Calisson and me is based on the vodoo cultures of the Guinean coast. We did not imagine another African Vampire faction, that's why those are our African Vampire faction. We imagined other African factions, which are based on other African cu…

  • All I can tell for now is that the Background team has made a significant effort to make Équitaine be its own thing. It will still have the same familiar look from afar, but elements will be added to give it a different inner structure, beliefs, morality… With a more complex religion, too. As well as a more complex history. Definitely not « grimdark » anymore.

  • Quote from Casp: “Yes there was on French Facebook for exemple , ask @Ghiznuk For result ” That poll was organized on the « Pour la Bretonnie et le Royaume d'Équitaine » Facebook group. Results indicated a clear will to see Équitaine be a good balance of fantasy and historical elements, with many people wishing it lean more towards the high-fantasy, but as many people being against it. The option to have it « more grounded in historical facts » got almost zero votes. Also, in the reactions towar…

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    Quote from Chronocide: “…16f32a3b8dba1e61cf6340add EDIT: It finally started raining . ” There's a village there called « Woodburn »…

  • OK, effectivement, on parle bien de « une figurine », donc ça concerne tous les éléments de la figurine. Soit tu fais les touches d'impact du châssis, soit tu laisses et tu as les attaques de broyage à la fin, mais tu ne peux pas faire les deux à la fois.

  • Fair dinkum

  • But was Morocco as part of an « African » setting ?

  • Quote from Monsieur Ramior: “Like it's already said, homebrew aren't official. So I din't need to take it account. ” They are not, but better take into account the work that has been already made by others Actually, in hindsight, I think the Asanbosam is just a local version of the Strigoi vampire. Quote from Peacemaker: “I don't really get the draw of the generic "African" theme. ...too me that's like saying "european". ” As the name « vodoo » implies, we based ourselves on the Yoruba, Ashanti,…

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    You are amazing, as always !

  • Don't forget that a lot of diseases that affect humans do not affect elves, and vice-versa. For example, leprosy does not affect elves (well, did not until some Envy cultist created a new brand of it), see Daemon Legions book

  • With this in mind, the temples could have been the ones who devised the new, easier writing script for democratic learning and spread of propaganda

  • Quote from Eldan: “the lizardmen are mostly seen as passive and not much of a threat, as long as one doesn't invade their territory ” The Lizardmen are absolute weirdos, they attack or not with no reason, because as I understand, they've been following, for millenias, some kind of greater plan taht nobody understands except them. Quote from Eldan: “That leaves Vampires and Orcs as the truly terrifying forces. Both will kill you, the vampires will then also enslave you. ” Except Orcs do it for fu…

  • lol !!! Yeah, i also give more likes than others. But, then, everyone would just scouring the whole forum giving out « likes », and it wouldn't make any sense anymore, plus clogging your notifications with « x, y, z, w and twenty other people like your post »