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  • Models for Daemon Legions

    Irondaemon - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    I have those Hex Beasts from Wild West Exodus. I use them as Harbingers. The bigger one, Juiced Beast(further down) might be hard to fit on a 25-base, but otherwise it’s no problem. And the Legendary Marie Laveau comes on a round 80-base I think. Not impossible to fit on a 50-base, but it will have a bit of an overhang. I’m thinking of using mine as a Maw. Although It’s on the small side for that, I really like the model and want to use it for something.…f902b289bd…

  • Regarding the Infernal Brand: I like the name and understand the fluff behind it. But it would be nice if the branded dwarfs got something directly for themselves as well. A long time ago I proposed somewhere that a rule (maybe called Fear the Slavers) was to be considered for the dwarfs themselves. My suggestion for that rule was that if the ID-unit (with infernal brand as it is) win a combat, then the following break test would be with an additional -1 for the losing side. However, if the test…

  • Quote from TobiasP: “Truly awesome models and such splendid paintjobs! Where are they from? ” Thanks! The Scourge and the Miser is from Creature Caster, as is the Courtsan shown earlier. The Engine of Damnation is Reaper Bones. The first Blazing Glory is from the board game The Others - Seven Sins, and the other one is...I actually don’t remember. I’ll look it up!

  • Quote from Asurnil: “Great work irondaemon! Just... Seems to me you will have some problems moving that engine of damnation around the table ” Thanks! Haha, yeah, I might need to do something about the height of the model. Or try and swing it around on the base maybe, but still not looking in the wrong direction. Thankfully though, the model is easy to remove from the base, as it’s not glued on the stones beneath.* So if it needs to, it’s just to remove it before removing the horrible enemies tr…

  •…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9 Also my Hope Harvester; Engine of Damnation is done.

  •…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9 New Miser. The old one looked to actual be able to kill stuff, so figured I needed a new one.

  •…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9 New guy in the legion - Vanadra’s Scourge! Now I have (at least) one of each Greater Daemon. Also, did two smaller brothers - Blazing Glories! (No base...yet)…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9

  •…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9 My ID have a Yellow/Black theme. Check them out, and maybe i can help if you like them. It’s not as smooth as your Chaos Warrior pic, but I highly suspect that being airbrushed.

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    Irondaemon - - Daemon Legions (DL)

    Post…f902b289bd2580932957b4ac9 I use them ”bone worms” from Runewars as brazen beasts, with GW plaguebearers on top. The base doesn’t need to be clipped off, as it’s easy to just remove them. Very nice models. Sad to see them go, but I have more than enough of what I want from them, so...

  • Hail Zhanta Claws A question that for long haunts my brain Is will I ever be allowed more than one train? I remember days long past I remember them as a blast How I laughed and thrived with glee Seeing one, and two, and three Relentlessly lumbering, wrecking, shooting left for the hobgoblins only the looting The infernal machine, the pride of our race Fearing nothing, parked in our enemy’s face Oh, please jolly Father of Fire and Dice give them to me - I promise to be nice.

  • DL 2.3 Feedback thread

    Irondaemon - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    I was thinking about ways to make the GDs not able to hide in units become a little more popular to take. One idea I think seems quite ok, as it would mean both a bit more customisation/protection is to allow them 50p more in manifestations - if they are General. That would allow Iron Husk being taken (even with the extremely high price) for the ones needing it, as well as a couple of other gifts. Or for those not needing it, there would be room for hard target, living shield, etc, as well as wh…

  • “Karkadraks” eh?

    Irondaemon - - General Discussion


    Well, isn’t the Karkadan[n] a mythological creature already? (Not saying GW didn’t take a look at t9A here, of course.)

  • Quote from VonSonGoku: “Why don't I read anything about the greatest combat weapon sent to the world? The most destructive and combative envoy among all the great demons seen on this side of the veil, does not deserve a single comment from that drunk soldier?That is because until now he never saw him on the battlefield ... If his rules do not change, we will still not see him at the tables: is that his goal? ” All that have seen it has died soon after. That's why no one knows anything about it.

  • I play with Fire all the time with my ID. Two Volcannons, two Flamethrowers, two kadim units, a Pyromaster. It’s devestating and fun. Or complete crap - but still fun! So really liking this. More Fire!

  • Hoarders

    Irondaemon - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Mirrored Scales seem to me to be the perfect fit for these guys. Drop the +agility one, and lower the overall cost. And yes, a 40mm character would be lovely.

  • I’d love a Besitial Bulk type upgrade to the Harbingers, as well as a reason to field them mounted. And I got plenty of models for it, just sitting there, not knowing if they’ll forever be some kind of unit fillers or actually play a bigger part.

  • I like the church thing. A lot. But I am also not a fan of making everything so simple and streamlined. I want more cool options.

  • Well, the initial attacks does gain +1 strength aswell.

  • Really like where this seems to be going. Feels very ID. More choices - and even cooler trains! Also, churches sounds nice. Very excited!

  • A fair part of my army is “cyborgs” or similar robot style things. The Dwarfs themselves are not (except a prophet with mechanical legs), but then I have Annointeds that are Minotaur torsos, Ogre heads, and Juggernaught-bodies, building the ordinary Taurukhs in the same way (smaller though, of course), the Titan is part robot (mechanical legs and here and there), the Incarnates are a strange fusion between machine and dwarf, my Weapon teams is a Dwarf with its robotic war machine, my Hobgoblin c…