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  • Quote from baldargent: “I would give him the ability to take a veil token to thé opponementif it is around 24" enemy sorcer. ” You could even lower that to 18" and it would still be good. I'd be happy with losing the special cast (which is good, despite what some think) if we got the old stealing veil tokens.

  • I'll be the dissenting voice and say that I like it as is. Maybe change Breath of Corruption to The Rot Within and just giving the Lamassu a toxic breath at base. Breath is quite powerful at the moment but the other spells are all solid choices too. I like vegemite.

  • My Army: ID Opponents Army: DE Score: 20-0 MVP: Everything LVP: None

  • Flavour wise, I like them and they have a definite place in the army. With the price drop they will see more usage (they are basically elite trolls now) but they are missing what made them fun. They lost a lot with tunnelling/fly gone. They need to be either stealthed over through terrain now or kept right on the battle line or they don't get to shine. Points wise I'd like them to get a big increase and a special ability back. My personal preference would be to get some kind of ground based flyi…

  • ID General Chat

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Also, can you explain why it is bad rather than just bagging it. Immortals should do something different from other units in the army and not just be a slightly better unit of dwarfs. They need something different. I get the criticism of Lemures but I don't think Lemures are flat broken or anything like that (they aren't a must take by any stretch of the imagination). R5 isn't that much more than 4+ to wound or 1/2 str and AP which they had before. If Lugars have the offensive infantry role then…

  • ID General Chat

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    I was not suggesting Immortals should be core, I think that is a silly idea. They should be our elite troops. I want them to be a solid anvil, like it says on the box, immortal. DS6 OS4/5 is still a good idea that needs another look. Res5 would be fine without supporting attacks because they would rarely win combats (and they aren't unbreakable). That was an attempttto do it without special rules, just stats. What about bringing mechanism back just for Immortals? Have a way of recovering wounds.

  • ID General Chat

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Could we remove the special rules from Immortals and boost with only stats? I liked DanT's idea of DS6 on Immortals, but why stop there? Make them res5 and 2+ armour save and you have a very tough brick. Bodyguard fits and should stay but the to wound modifier could be swapped with just toughness and defensive skill. Immortals should be an immovable brick that doesn't just melt away. The other way to go with them would be to bring back the mechanism for them and give them a bound spell that reco…

  • Is the harnessed part of Seat of Authority meant to have Battle Focus? It probably should as those vassals are going to be the most keen to impress their overlord (and the only reason I can see that it doesn't is that Bound and Broken isn't on that model part). It probably should also get reroll failed charges as well to ensure consistency.

  • My Army: ID Opponents Army: EoS Score: 16:4 MVP: Infernal Warriors w/ blunderbuss and shields, Disciples of Lugar LVP: Overlord on Bull of Shamut, Prophet on Infernal Bastion

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Quote from Tsagadai: “Quote from Jomppexx: “Yes, cool idea but ghost step does not allow moving through enemy units. ” Ditch ghost step and just go strider then. It still fits that lava balls are not going to be stopped by a forest or some rocks. ” Neither Ghost Step nor Strider allows you to make a Sweeping Attack. Only Fly and Reaper (the specific rule from the VC book) allow for that; well, that and that one unit that can make "sweeping attacks" against units they pa…

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Yes, cool idea but ghost step does not allow moving through enemy units. ” Ditch ghost step and just go strider then. It still fits that lava balls are not going to be stopped by a forest or some rocks.

  • Any talk of slaves being strong is pretty laughable, now they are battlefocused R4 zombies. Occasionally, they do a wound but usually they are just a liability in combat or a speed bump.

  • Seriously, Sweeping Attack and ghost step is just awesome and fits perfectly. It doesn't need to be huge, 1 or 1D3 per Kadim of S4 AP0 would fit the idea of a fire literally blowing through your unit. They are light troops so the can reform after so it fixes them being chaffed (and 'fixes' the chaff too). I would expect a definite price increase with a sweeping attack but it wouldn't be huge as they cannot charge with a sweep and it means that the ID players troops still block them. It would giv…

  • You know what would be better thematically and generally than fly on Kadim Incarnates, Sweeping Attacks.

  • I am mostly happy with the changes but I think some things were over adjusted, namely Vassal Cav, Immortals and Citadel Guard. Vassal cavalry got an ability nerf, lost a point of agility and then they get a points increase on top of that. Immortals lose parry and take a major mask penalty and then also get a points increase on top of that. CG get nerfed hard by the bastion changes and the FiER removal and then get a price increase on top of that. It seems completely overkill to increase the pric…

  • You can play with 10mm scale if you want. We are/have been deliberately doing things differently.

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Sidenote: the Infernal Warrior is the ultimate illistration of how 9th Age didn't handle the powerbloat / core-none-core / scoring-not-scoring issue. A core unit, with platemail, Tougness 4, and build in option to march and shoot. An option for a great weapon and fight in extra ranks (3 pt per model). And it costs 12 pt per model. Which is 6 "old" points. The ruleset is now officially broken. ” It is a different game. That is a good thing.

  • Opponents Army: BH Score: 10:10 MVP: Disciples of Lugar LVP: Titan Mortar Opponents Army: OnG Score: 1:19 MVP: Disciples of Lugar LVP: Gunnery Teams and Artillery

  • My army: ID Opponents army: WDG Score: 9-11 MVP: Vassal Cavalry LVP: Everything else My army: ID Opponents army: HBE Score: 2-18 MVP: Disciples of Lugar LVP: Prophet on Chariot, Infernal Bastion

  • My army: ID Opponents army: DL Score: 7-13 MVP: Lugars, CG with spear and pistol LVP: Kadim Titan