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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • WOAH, mate - that's already looking amazing! I'm pretty vanilla when it comes to modelling (Kraken was my first go at something that wasn't out of the box) so I'm always inspired by super unique armies like this. Love the guys riding wolves - very cool. That dragon is going to look incredible - will be keeping a look out for WIPs.

  • @Boomvalk I've got a really simple recipe for the 'blue-black' look. 1) Base colour - abbadon black 2) Highlight - Incubui darkness 3) Glaze - 1x part incubui darkness + 1x part abbadon black 4) Finer Highlight - incubui darkness You can add another super fine edge highlight of a brighter grey blue if you want it to feel more reflective. I decided to use as few colours as possible in this project as a bit of a challenge (I normally go all over the colour wheel), so to get different materials, I …

  • Quote from Boomvalk: “I'd love your recipe for the blue-highlighted black btw. Did smth similar on my acolyte steeds but this looks damn good. Same on the outside of the shades cloaks! ” No problem, I'll post up my recipe as soon as I get a chance!

  • Thanks @Giladis - was trying to really limit my palette for this army. The kraken is a bit of a kitbash / sculpt mongrel. I've got a bit of a wip series here: It's a mashup of the chaos vortex beast, some old metal hydra bits, troll fin and a few bits and pieces lying around.

  • Been chipping away at my DE (been my burgeoning EoS army). Here's my latest WIP (added the new pics to the old ones I had taken). Tried to get a similar background to make them consistent, but they're taken at different times so - meh. I'm also still yet to do the snow bases - I'm tinkering around with recipes at the moment, but I figure I can do it all in one go once I have the army painted. Next up is a unit of Tower Guard.

  • Daeb Hereditary Spell

    Crafty - - Dread Elves (DE)


    This might be a bit late to the party, but I'll just leave this here anyway... The idea is that the shadows can either hurry your forces towards the enemy - or - sow confusion, forcing them to break their battle lines or flee in terror... Fleeting Shadows Type: universal Casting cost: 8/12 Duration: one turn Range: 18” Target must make a 2D6 Magical Move. Boosted: Target gains Fearless - - - I know units with Random Movement can't make magical moves, but this is a Random Magical Move - so an exc…

  • Having watch a couple of games with beta1 and watching a couple games with beta2, it was a pity to see the tower lose so much of its character in the latest update. I'm not a fan of complex rules bloat, but I think centre piece models like this deserve some interesting rules. What if (instead of 360 LOS), it had 180 LOS from the front edge of the base? That would give it tremendous board control, but can still be out manoeuvred if played badly. Also fixes the issue of the unit turning around and…

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “It's an enchantment that makes the Flintlock move three times as fast and has the number 3 appear on it multiple times. What's the issue? ” It's perhaps an accurate name, but it seems a little lacklustre to me. It's like calling a shield enchantment "Block Better" or a melee weapon enchantment "Hit Harder". I was hoping the final name might have a little more imagination to it. There seems to be so much thought that goes into the construction of various languages for T9…

  • Any chance we'll get an update on the name "Triple Speed"? Or could someone provide a rationale for that decision?

  • DE LAB updates

    Crafty - - Dread Elves (DE)


    I fully appreciate the effort that people have put into defining actual language structures for various races and I'm not a linguist, but I think for a 'dreaded' faction, it doesn't have a very dread sound. It's likely this is WAY too late to be up for discussion, but it's a interesting topic. Perhaps something like Draecr? It's a quick suggestion - not a great one. Where there's more of a 'rrr' sound included in the name could make it sound more appropriate at a very surface level. I also don't…

  • ID General Chat

    Crafty - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Slight tangent: Had an idea to tweak the Bastion but not sure if this is the best place to put it (or if ideas are welcomed). What if it can shoot 360, but only shoot and cast spells from a nominated side of the model (player chooses at the start of the turn)? The Bastion can change its firing arc but sacrifices shooting that turn. Could make it that it can Stand & Fire from the nominated arc, (even if the enemy charger is charging the flank / rear of the unit but is in LOS of the bastion). This…

  • ID General Chat

    Crafty - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from saint_barbara: “Though I still think semi slim like Makhar would work even better, but that's also a very desirable direction, meaning some of the ExB could be persuaded. @Crafty ” @saint_barbara Totally mate - I think this would be a good time to revisit that discussion and see where people are at

  • Quote from Arkmut: “Because it's a completely different job to produce a model for sculpting/ printing/ producing real miniatures and a model compatible with a video game. ” Thanks for the reply @Arkmut - I guess these are all suggestions so you’re welcome to take or leave whatever is helpful (Hidden Content) What I like about this game concept is that you have the potential to create something much nicer, more engaging and more intuitive than UB.

  • @Marcos24 @Ghiznuk Completely agree - that’s why I’d didn’t include DO and SotHR in that comment. But those games also aren’t 100% warhammer copy and pasted. Unlike TW:WH, they are interpretations of the WH game into a digital space, but aren’t exactly the same game. I don’t remember them well enough to comment specifically, but I don’t ever remember people using it as a substitute for WH - felt more like a fun “this is kinda like Warhammer” sort of game.

  • To @'Scylla''s point about monetisation... totally agree that KS would be a really really long short. From what I understand, it's perhaps better to see it as a "pre-ordering platform" than crowd funding. Your product (or MVP at least) would need to be 99% complete or be finished. If the game is going to play EXACTLY like T9A, you might find that you're appealing to a very niche within a niche market - so getting a lot of funding will be tough I'd imagine. Quote from Ghiznuk: “There were many ga…

  • I agree on the unit models - the visual look of UB is what is off putting for me - but I reckon you could get away with representational static models in your game and that would be more than enough in my opinion. Individual character animation would just be a bonus.

  • That’s super cool dude!! Just on your 4. I realize this is still an early test - but do you think it would be possible for the player to ‘test’ where they’d like their unit to go and get feedback as to whether the move is possible before committing the unit to move there? This is for later on, but maybe there’s a preview of the units pathfinding so that the player understands how it’s going to move? It might give the player the control to adjust the target end location to help the unit to avoid …

  • Thanks for the great response - will keep a look out for updates

  • Very cool idea! I'm super interested as well I know it's early days, but I've got a few questions: 1) Have you made or released a digital game before? 2) Assuming this is turn-based, dice based, card based etc... would it be exactly the same game as T9A, but in digital form? 3) In the way players might use it, is it more of a tool - essentially 3D Universal Battle? Or more like a game where movement / LOS restrictions will be handled by the game rather than player decisions? 4) In your screensho…

  • @Nanatoo thanks mate - it's a custom sculpt + kit bash. It's the tentacles from the GW Vortex beast, fin from a GW river troll, extra metal hydra parts etc... and I sculpted the head + eye.